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and women

who know well the deeds of those who went out with the regiments. LieutenantColonel Hiram Appelman commanded the Eighth Connecticut at Antietam, Capt. John K. Bucklyn commanded a Rhode Island battery at Gettysburg, Colonel Warren W. Packer led

MEMORIAL ARCH, ELM GROVE CEMETERY. the Fifth Connecticut with Sherman on his march to the In the midst of transition it is hard to sea. The Soldier's Monument in the vil- estimate values, but the outlook brightens. lage, which was the gift of Mrs. Charles A new era has dawned : it is an era of H. Mallory, has upon its base the names,

romanticism and industrialism. Drury's Bluff, Port Hudson, Antietam, Artists have discovered that Mystic is Gettysburg.

picturesque. The drives are declared to But those days of war seem very remote be unsurpassed anywhere for natural now. Mystic has grown and prospered. beauty and diversity of view. There is

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and the deserted ship-yards. Mr. Charles H. Davis, an artist of national reputation, has conducted for several years a school of art in Mystic, and this has attracted many artists from all over the country. The pallet and easel have become familiar sights along the river, and the village streets, and among the hills. The paintings and sketches of the Roorbachs, and the artistic photographic views of Mr. George E. Tingley have done much, also, to develop appreciation of picturesque Mystic.

The village has six churches and two high schools; the Mystic Valley Institute, now entering upon its thirty-first year; and the Mystic Oral School, situated about a mile nërth of the village in the historic mansion once the home of Silas E. Burrows. On Great Hill is the Grove of the Universal Peace Union where annual meetings are held, and the sessions, also, of the Summer Peace Institute with courses of lectures in the arts and sciences. And The Mystic Press and the Mystic Journal together

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with New London and Westerly dailies gines, soap, twine velvets, and worsted gather and give the news.

goods. Some of these business interests The Mystic and Noank Library was have been identified with Mystic for many founded in 1892, by Captain Elihu Spicer. years. Among the merchants the business Upon a memorial tablet within the build- sign of I. W. Denison and Company has ing is inscribed—“Elihu Spicer gave this been over the store for fifty-one years. Library to the People. 'Large was his The Prospect Hill Farm is known for imbounty and his soul sincere !!” The build- porting and breeding Brown Swiss cattle. ing is beautiful ; in design, structure, and There are the Lantern Hill Silex Works, finish, it satisfies the taste, and it gives to Sutton's Spar Yard, Edgcomb's Telescope books—if one might say so- a modern Manufactory, the Wilcox Fertilizer Works

and the fishing business at Quiambaug, the Mystic Twine Company, and the Monumental Works of Trevena and of McGaughey. The iron industry, begun in the early forties, is carried on by the Stan

dard Machine Company, manufacturing bookbinders' and printers' machines.

The best advertised

and most widely STREET SCENE.

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background and a me-
diaeval atmosphere.
Sprigs of ivy were
gathered, some years
ago, by Mrs. Sarah MYSTIC RIVER,
Spicer Dickinson, sis-

ter of Captain Spicer,
from the church-yard of Gray's Elegy,
from Blarney Castle, from the home of
Gladstone, and from the home of Scott;

BUSINESS SECTION, and this ivy now grows upon the walls of

EAST MAIN STREET. the Library. The Librarian, Miss A. A. Murphy- a teacher for many years — has

known product of Mystic enterprise is, now in her charge a library of well selected doubtless, the "All Healing Pine Tar books for reference and .general reading, Soap" of the Packer Tar Soap Manufacan influence more subtile and not less turing Company; this company located in positive than that of the schools.

New York, has its manufacturing plant The last decade has been an era of here. Mr. Daniel F. Packer, inventor of industrial development. There are made the soap and founder of the business, is a here, spools and braid rolls, globes and Mystic man belonging to a family that has school supplies, spars, telescopes, ma- been prominent in the affairs of the valley chinery, monuments, boats, launch en- for nearly two hundred and fifty years.

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This company,

Germany. This business, started in May, 1898, now employs about one hundred hands operating seventy looms. The industry, comparatively new in the United States, is successful here and the goods of this company, have recognized excellence in the velvet trade. These velvets are blacks and a great variety of colors suitable for ladies' hats and dresses. The second of these new industries is the manufacture of

the finest quality of fancy THE CORDNER HOUSE, PEARL STREET.

worsted goods. The Mystic

Manufacturing Company was Mystic's representative in the ship-build- formed in November, 1898. Members of ing business to-day is Captain R. P. Wil

this company have mills in Huddersfield, bur, a member of the Robert Palmer and England. The finest worsteds in England Son Ship-building and Marine Railway are made in those mills, and the “Mystic Company of Noank.

Worsteds” are of the same quality. It is located at the mouth of the Mystic River, safe to say that the reputation which built twenty-six vessels last year aggre- Mystic has to win in these new mercantile gating 15,206 tons.

days may securely rest with the velvets Within the last few years have come

and the worsted suitings made by these accessions of business: the Allen Spool two companies. and Printing Co., Cheney Globo Co.,

The Mystic Board of Trade, of which Church's Boat and Repair Shop, Kidder's

C. D. Holmes is president and 0. D. Church Publishing House, Lathrop's Sherman secretary, has accomplished Naptha Launch Engine Works, Mallory's much for the prosperity of the valley : the Yacht Exchange, Mystic Electric and Gas

streets have been lighted, the river chanLight Co., Mystic Manufacturing Co.,

nel has been widened and deepened, and Mystic Distilling Co., the Clift Witch Hazel Distilling Co., and Rossie Brothers Velvet Mill.

The Mystic Industrial Company, composed largely of Mystic men, erected the Velvet Mill and leased it to its present occupants. National tariff legislation has given to Mystic two new industries. The first of these is the manufacture of velvets by Rossie Brothers of Suchteln,




dolphins have
been placed at
needed points
on the river, and
various new
business enter-
prises have been
brought into the

Mystic is fay-
orably located
for industrial
growth. Large
schooners and
barges bring car-
goes of lumber
and coal to its wharves. The Shore Line lights, telephone service, and the best
of the New York, New Haven and Hart- transit facilities, Mystic, with all its pic-
ford Railroad places Mystic within twenty turesque corners and historic associations,
minutes of New London, and four hours is a modern town.
of New York on the west, and within an Mystic is beautiful for situation. Walk
hour and a half of Providence, and three up the west hill to the Mason monument,
hours of Boston on the east. The Ston- and then a little farther north to the
ington and the New London steamers Pequot battle ground, and look to the
connect with New York. The valley is north-east, down into the valley and away
supplied with Mistuxet water, electric to the hills beyond. Just below is the
lights, and the telephone connections of river, a third of a mile in width, lying in
the Southern New England Telephone complete calm ; to the north it narrows
Company. Thus equipped with water, until it is lost among the trees and hills

that line its course. Across on its east bank is the plain of Elm Grove Cemetery. Among the elms and the firs granite and marble mark the dead. It is consecrated to sorrow, but nature and man have wrought together to give it peace; on two sides the river flows, and at the

east entrance is a RESIDENCE OF DR. J. K. BUCKLYN, JR.

granite memorial

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