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OUND of the surf filled the house. the shore, and in the evening watch the

In fair weather it breathed in all the moon rise out of the sea, and they would rooms, and in storms when the long swells talk till late at night of the thousand came in from the Atlantic it resounded things that will fill the thoughts and hearts hoarsely with echoes of reverberations. of young girls till the end of time. In the seventeenth century, Fishers Island “ Listen to the surf !” exclaimed Lucy was a solitary place ; birds and wild crea- as the old house seemed to sigh louder tures were in the woods, and bands of than before. “The rocks on Wicopesset Pequots sometimes wandered there, but must be white this morning, let us go only sea-faring folk would have settled down and see them.” This was quickly in such a land, for the soul of the place assented to and the three girls wandered was the sea. Master Jonathan Rose and down to the east end of the island. his good wife lived in the house. The There were white caps on the water as latch-string was always out, and Good- far as the gray horizon, and across Wicoman Rose was loved by all the fishermen pesset were windrows of foam where the along the coast who never failed, when in ebb tide met the ocean surges and rolled the vicinity, to sheer in towards the land them up in long white heaps. Returning, to exchange hails with him; and no they stood on a hill back of the house stranger ever came to the Island who did and watched with increasing agitation, a not go away his friend. He lived on the sail come up from the eastward. A sail farm and took care of it for the Winthrops, was not a common sight; they were acwho often visited at the old house.

quainted with the sailing craft of New It was a gray morning, and the wind London but this was not one of them. was east; the surf had grown heavier She came into the Sound by the Watch through the night, and the deepening Hill channel, a sloop of forty tons or so, pulses that stirred the house told the and her decks swarmed with men. change in the weather.”

Susannah tried to count them, “Thirty" It's blowing up a storm," said the old six, thirty-seven, thirty-eight," -- and her man to the three girls who were making voice trembled with excitement. Oh, their plans for the day. Lucy Winthrop girls, what do you suppose it can be?” had come only the day before from New A pirate !” exclaimed

exclaimed Christobel. London to visit at the old home, and “See the big gun on the deck?" with her were her kinswoman, Christobel “No," said Lucy positively,” she carGallop, and her friend Susannah Palmes. ries the English flag." They had planned this visit long before The stranger stood in towards East and had talked about it often; they Harbor until well inside the point and would wander over the hills and along opposite the house when she took in her

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jib and dropped anchor. Presently a the sun, his eyes were blue with a calm boat put out from the side of the sloop kindliness in them, and when he spoke and made towards the shore. The girls there was no more apprehension of him. with some apprehension watched Uncle * Have I the honor to meet Master Jonathan go down to the landing to meet Jonathan Rose?” asked the stranger with the visitors.

a smile as he approached the old man. The boat came swiftly in. “Way “Ay, friend that is my name," replied enough!” growled the bluff old boat. Jonathan. steerer who stood with a long oar in the “You have a good name on Long stern. In a moment the boat grated on Island, Master Rose, and I was told there

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You have not asked the name of your with deep feeling he added, “I'd be shot visitor, Master Rose, and it is proof of the to death before I would turn pirate !” hospitality I have been told to expect from Then he told them of his purpose in comyou. I am William Kidd, captain in His ing to Fishers Island. He had been Majesty's service."

chased by French pirates while coming “I have known of thee in time past, north from the West Indies, and he wished when New York did honor thee for thy to guard against the possibility of capture many good services done to the province." of certain valuables now aboard the San

" Ay, more than once they honored me, Antonio, by burying them on the Island, and I have friends among them yet, but This he hoped to accomplish that very enemies have been busy there and I know afternoon, not whether they would give me welcome Some two miles west of the house as now.” He spoke half sadly and like one the crow flies is Chocomount, the highest whose thoughts were far away.

point on the island, and Captain Kidd deThe kind heart of the older man noted termined to go to the top of the hill and the shadow that had fallen upon the mind from there select some place suitable for of his visitor, and he said, turning towards the burial of the treasure: Lucy proposed the girls who had ventured nearer, “ My that she and her two friends show the young friends here will be glad to meet Captain the way, and the offer was gladly one who has served the King and these accepted. Word was sent off to the San Colonies against the French. And the Antonio to get under way and sail around girls told him laughingly that they had the point to the little harbor under the thought him a pirate, and they all talked hill. Then with a parting word from together and went in to dinner while the Uncle Jonathan and a cherry assurance boat's crew returned to the sloop.

from Mother Rose that she would have During the meal the Captain told them supper waiting for them when they came of his ship the Quedah Merchant, richly back, they set out for Chocomount. laden, and left on the coast of Hispaniola, The girls were excited and happy with of the burning of the Adventure Galley on their romantic adventure. This captain the coast of Madagascar; he told of wild in the King's service was already their lands and savage men, of sea-fights and hero. They followed the winding path in rich toll taken from the French and the single file- the dark-haired Lucy, tall, reMoors. And then he came to speak of served, self-reliant; the sailor whom pohis native Scotland, and memories of child- litical intrigue and foul conspiracy united hood in Greenock, and of Robert Living- to destroy and leave to baleful memories, stone his lifelong friend in New York,and and Christobel and Susannah, in order of his wife whom he had not seen since named, gathering violets and may flowers he sailed away in the fall of '96.

and laughing and talking together as they The simplicity of the life in this island strode along. It was half-past one in the home, and the generous welcome he had afternoon when they started on their received touched the heart of the sailor, journey, and it was a long way through and he spoke very freely of his life as a the woods.

The wind, which had gone privateersman, and of his anxiety over down considerably since early morning, rumors that his enemies charged him with sighed drearily in the tops of the trees, piracy. “I hold the French passports of and now and then they could hear the far all the vessels I have taken,” said he, and

sound of the surf. It must have been


nearly three o'clock when they reached when an exclamation from the Captain the top of the hill.

caused them to turn. He was looking off
The summit of Chocomount was bare of to the southward. Over near Montauk
trees. The bleak winds had kept it clear four vessels were steering north towards
of vegetation, leaving an unobstructed Wicopesset; their rig could be seen—a
view of the whole island and the surround- ship, a catch and two sloops. “Trimming
ing waters of the Sound. Three miles is still on my track !” muttered Kidd to
north could be seen the Connecticut shore, himself, and then turning to Lucy he said,
a stretch of gloomy woodland, extending “ French pirates, Mistress Winthrop ! we
from Pequot river to the Narragansett have need to work quick, for they must
country. In the harbor to the north-east not find the San Antonio."
of the hill the San Antonio was already at They hastened down the hill to the

shore. The sloop's
boat was waiting at
a point of rocks
where there was
depth of water for
landing. Immedi-
ately, at the Cap-
tain's direction, sev-
eral heavy canvas
bags were taken out
and put upon the
beach together with
an iron box large
enough to hold the
treasure. Leaving
the girls with this
precious freight,
Kidd went off to the

sloop. In a short
In the harbor to the northeast of the hill—,"

time he returned in

the boat fitted out anchor. To the west the Island was with sail and compass and manned by two diversified with woods and ponds and

seamen. They were heavily bearded felhere and there a clearing. To the east of lows with a rolling gait and frank honest Chocomount a little valley reaches south voices of Scotch accent.

“Abel Owens from the harbor, widening into a plain and Richard Barlicorn are countrymen of which extends to the south shore. On mine," said Kidd. Many years we have the east of this plain a number of ponds, sailed together, against the French along with shallow outlet to the sea, lie just back the Jersey shore, and against the Moorish of the sand hills of the beach.

pirates in the Eastern seas. Ay, Balicorn Captain Kidd, after scanning the land and Owens have stood with me through very closely in this direction, waved a

sea-fight and through mutiny, and they signal to the sloop and immediately there would stand by me before the highest were signs of increased activity aboard. tribunal in the world." The girls were watching the San Antonio The San Antonio was now standing out



of the harbor. “The mate has orders,” “ Is Christobel a family name, Mistress explained Kidd, to sail up to the west- Gallop?" asked Captain Kidd. ward and to be on the lookout for us “It was my grandmother's name and it to-morrow at the west end of the is mine, but I don't like it,” said the girl. Island.”

“ It is a very good name," returned the “Now, my young friends,” said the Captain, “and it has been right fairly Captain with a frank kindliness that con- bestowed. But I have heard before of trolled, while it disappointed their the sloop Buck and of Captain Gallop's curiosity,“ I will ask you to stay by the sea-fight off here with the Indians in the boat while my men and I bury the early days before the Pequot War.” treasure. It would be a troublesome “ The old sloop lies up the Mystic secret for you to share. I trust you, but River yonder going to decay, and I have you would be asked about these things seen the marks of arrows in her mast and and it is easy to say “I don't know,' and the scars in her planking. But nothing hard to say “I must not tell.'" They happens now," sighed the girl ; "I wish knew that this was true, and very cheer- something would happen now-a-days." fully remained on the beach. Captain The sailor thought of the pirates and he Kidd, taking the compass from the boat laughed, saying, “I think something and his men taking shovels and as many would happen if William Trimming should of the canvas bags as they could carry, get hold of Captain Kidd.” Then turning started into the woods towards the south- to the helmsman he said, “You may put east. More than an hour passed and then about, Owens, and stand in towards East the two sailors returned for the iron box Harbor." and the rest of the treasure. It seemed a As they drew in under the shadow of long time to the girls before the party the land, Barlicorn, who was in the bow, came back. They feared mother Rose said in a low tone to the Captain, “ There would worry over their prolonged absence, is a small craft just ahead, sir.” for the sun had set and the east wind was Kidd peered into the darkness at the chill and cold. At last the party returned

time instinctively loosening the . and Captain Kidd, who had been to the pistol in his belt. “Keep off a little, top of Chocomount, reported that the Owens, and bring her into the wind along French vessels had tacked off shore and side of the fellow." were now well out to sea.

Ay, ay, sir,'' answered the sailor and It was already dark when they embarked in a moinent the boat brushed against a and stood out of the harbor. The wind row-boat in which were Jonathan and was northeast and was rising. Owens Mother Rose. took the helm, and the Captain, relieved “ I'm thankful to find ye,” exclaimed in mind that the San Antonio was out of the old man. “ There's a lot of ungodly reach of the French and the treasure Frenchmen at the house, and I fear it safely concealed, became communicative. bodes thee no good. The house is no He inquired about the old house.

safe place for thee to-night.” Fifty-three years ago, it was built,” “ What does their leader look like," said Lucy : “ I have seen the first letter inquired Kidd. that came to the Island. It was dated “A little man with round face, and October 28, 1646, and Christobel's grand- black hair, and black eyes, and a most father brought it in his sloop from Boston." profane swearer. They call him Trim


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