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earthly good from me, but take not away thy Holy Spirit. Nothing can supply his place; deprived of him, I am poor indeed, whatever else I may possess. If my earthly friends desert me; if my outward comforts disappear; if pain and anguish rack my frame; let him still remain as my friend, my comforter, and the soother of my sorrows. Did he not enlighten me to see my spiritual danger, and direct me to the true refuge ? Did he not instruct me in the divine will, and point out a plain path for my feet? Did he not show me the things of Christ and make them mine ? When I have been in trouble, has he not cheered me ? When in doubt, has he not given me his witness ? When in temptation, has he not imparted strength to over

come it? and in all the trials of the Christian conflict, has he not been my unfailing resort ? Wretched and undone should I be, were his blessed influences now withdrawn! O Lord, it would be equivalent to casting me away from thy presence, to take thy Holy Spirit from me. Vile and unworthy as I am, therefore, inflict not on me a judgment so fearful. O Holy Spirit, “ I hate the sins which. made thee mourn and drove thee from my breast ;” I am grieved, that I ever grieved thee by refusing thy instructions and disregarding thy kind warnings. Return and take possession of my heart. The throne is thine, expel from it every usurper. Refresh me with thy influences, transform me into the image of Jesus, and portray before me the scenes of endless glory. I am ignorant, in

struct me; helpless, support me; sinful, cleanse me; and train me up as an heir of salvation.

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“We would see Jesus.” John xii. 21.

In the days of his earthly sojourn, when “the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us,” many desired to see Jesus for the gratification of an idle curiosity; and many, it is to be feared, that gathered together to hear him and witness his miracles, went away unimpressed by what they had seen and heard. The wretched sought to see him from other motives. They had heard of his power and of his benevolence, and resorted to him as a physician for their physical ills. They were not disappointed. The eyes of the blind were opened, the lame walked, the deaf heard, and the lepers were cleansed. Some, too, sought him to hear the words of grace which fell from his lips; and to witness in him the evidences of his Messiahship, rejoicing that the consolation of Israel had come. Thus, would I desire to see Jesus, as the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth; clothed in the perfections of Deity, and mighty to save. With the eye of faith, and with the kindlings of sacred love, would I approach still nearer, and contemplate him as my Saviour, who hath loved me with an everlasting love, and redeemed me by his precious blood. O that intervening clouds were dissipated and the mists of earth withdrawn, that I might have a more distinct and satisfying view of my best Beloved. Could I see him as he is, I would love him as I ought. Now, however, I can obtain but a glimpse of his glory; but that awakens the longing desire for the day, when I shall no longer see him in a glass darkly, but face to face; and beholding him in his glory, shall be transformed into the saine image.


“ I will wait till my change come.” Job xiv. 14.

Since early infancy my life has been characterized by many changes. My person has undergone changes; my views and feelings, in many essential particulars, have changed; and often has my heart been imbittered by those sad changes,

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