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L. M.

No Abiding Here.
1 “We've no abiding city here,"

This may distress the worldling's mind;
But should not cost the saint a tear,
Who hopes a better rest to find.

2 “We've no abiding city here,”

Sad truth, were this to be our home But let the thought our spirits cheer, “ We seek a city yet to come.”

3 “We've no abiding city here,”

Then let us live as pilgrims do;
Let not the world our rest appear,
But let us haste from all below.

4. “We've no abiding city here,”

We seek a city out of sight;
Zion its name; the Lord is there,
It shines with everlasting light.

6 O! sweet abode of peace and love,

Where pilgrims freed from toil are blest ; Had I the pinions of the dove,

I'd flee to thee and be at rest.
6 But hush, my soul, nor dare repine,

The time my God appoints is best ;
While here, to do his will be mine,

And his, to fix my time of rest.


L. M.

Home in view.
1 As when the weary traveller gains

The height of some o'erlooking hill,
His heart revives, if cross the plains

He eyes his home, though distant still. 2 While he surveys the much-loved spot,

He slights the space that lies between; His past fatigues are now forgot,

Because his journey's end is seen.

3 Thus when the Christian pilgrim views

By faith, his mansion in the skies,
The sight his fainting strength renews,

And wings his speed to reach the prize.

4 The thought of home his spirit cheers,

No more he grieves for troubles past; Nor any future trial fears,

So he may safe arrive at last.

5 'Tis there, he says, I am to dwell

With Jesus, in the realms of day;
Then I shall bid my cares farewell,

And he will wipe my tears away.

6 Jesus, on thee our hope depends,

To lead us on to thine abode;
Assured our home will make amends

For all our toil while on the road.


L. M.
Anticipation of Heaven.
1 The hour of my departure's come ;

I hear the voice that calls me home;
At last, O Lord! let trouble cease,
And let thy servant die in peace.

2 The race appointed I have run;

The combat's o'er, the prize is won;
And now my witness is on high,
And now my record's in the sky.

3 Not in mine innocence I trust;

I bow before thee in the dust;
And through my Saviour's blood alone

I look for mercy at thy throne.
4 I leave the world without a tear,

Save for the friends I held so dear ;
To heal their sorrows, Lord, descend,
And to the friendless prove a friend.

5 I come, I come, at thy command,

I give my spirit to thy hand;
Stretch forth thine everlasting arms,
And shield me in the last alarms.

6 The hour of my departure's come,

I hear the voice that calls me home;
Now, O my God! let trouble cease ;
Now let thy servant die in peace.


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