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69 the Holy Ghost the Comforter into my soul, that I may receive through him the consolation I so much need. I lie in thy hands; deal not with me as I deserve, reward me not according to my iniquities. Lord, I would be encouraged by thy kind invitation, and by the example of those who have found mercy, to lay my wants before thee, and to implore the gift of thy grace. I plead nothing but my misery, and my Saviour's merits; and whether I live or die, I would desire to be found in him, resting on his righteousness by faith.

Hear me in my unworthy petitions, and accept and bless me for the Redeemer's sake. Amen.

III. Great and glorious God, thou hast created me and endowed me with

an immortal spirit; and from my earliest days thou hast tenderly watched over me, and hast made my life thy care. Thou hast shielded me from innumerable dangers, and from thy fulness thou hast supplied my wants. More especially hast thou given me the means of religious instruction; thy sanctuary has been opened to me with all its privileges ; thy holy word has been placed in my hand, and the gospel has been preached to me. And yet, Lord, I have been unmindful of thy mercies, and have lightly esteemed the great blessings of thy salvation. How often have I turned away from thy tender invitations, and refused to hearken to thy voice! How stupid has been my conscience under all the means used to arouse it, and how hard has been my heart even

when hearing of a Saviour's sufferings! O holy God, I tremble when I remember how I have insulted thee, and provoked thy wrath, and I am ashamed and blush to lift up my face, when I recall to mind my ingratitude. Yet thou art long-suffering and kind. Thy thoughts are not as my thoughts, nor thy ways as my ways, or I would long since have been consumed by thy wrath. I thank thee for thy forbearance, and bless thee that while others have perished in their sins, my day of grace has been prolonged. Is not this still an accepted time? and is not this a day of salvation ? and may not the chief of sinners come to thee with the hope of obtaining mercy? Gracious God, subdue me into penitence, and may I weep over my sins at the feet of Jesus. To his cross I look, upon his atonement I fix my hope, and on his intercession at the throne of God I depend for acceptance. From this good hour may my heart belong entirely to thee, may its affections be weaned from every earthly attachment, and be fixed on things in heaven; may the things which charmed me once, charm me no more; may the objects which I once most highly esteemed and sought after, be regarded as worthless in comparison with thy love and favour. Thy favour is indeed life, and thy loving kindness better than life. Open thou mine eyes that I may behold the beauty and excellency of thy law. May I admire it for its holiness, and desire to be conformed to its precepts; and as I see that I do daily break it in each and every particular, incline

me to look for justification to a better righteousness than my own. Lord, I am helpless. In my season of sickness the world loses its charms, by which I have been ensnared; and whither shall I flee, but to thee? Let thy mighty arm be stretched forth for my deliverance, and let my heart rejoice in a salvation from sin, and a salvation from hell. Then can I bear the pains of a dissolving body; then can I exclaim with joyful triumph, 60 death! where is thy sting? O grave! where is thy victory ?” Into thy hands, most merciful Redeemer, I commit my body and spirit, and desire to have no will but thine. Condescend to my prayer, and send an answer of peace, only for the sake of the blessed Redeemer. Amen.

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