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IV. O Lord, thou giver of life, enable me to feel that my life is even a vapour which appeareth for a little time and then vanisheth away. Thou art now in a very special manner admonishing me that I am but a sojourner on earth, and that I am hastening to an eternal state. May I learn the solemn lesson, and lay it seriously to heart, that I must soon die, whatever may be the issue of my present sickness. Lord, shouldest thou remove my disease and restore me again to health, still may I remember that it will be but a respite, and that the day of my departure is only for a season deferred. Far be it from me to return again to the pursuits of the world, with that eager desire, which I have once indulged;

but remembering the light in which these things now appear, may I use the world, but not abuse it. Mitigate my pains if it be for my good; jestore me to health if it be for thy glory; but in all events may I subniit my will to thy will, for thou knowest better what would be for my soul's welfare, than I know myself. Should I be appointed soon to die, be with me, thou gracious and merciful Lord. In the dark valley and shadow of death, let thy rod and staff support and comfort me. Ease the pains of a dissolving body; look in pity on my helplessness; speak peace to my soul, and put thine everlasting arms underneath and around me. O thou blessed Redeemer, who didst suffer the pains of a most agonizing death on the cross, sympathize with me in

my sufferings, and may I be encouraged to suffer patiently when I remember what tholl didst endure. More especially would I supplicate thee, that the sting of death, which is sin, may be extracted ; and that I may be delivered from the fears of falling under the power of the second death. O whatever I may suffer here, forbid that I should be cast out from thy presence at last, and be consigned to that state of hopeless torment, which is the reward of the impenitently wicked. Dear Saviour, reveal thy smiling face to me in my extremity. Say unto me, Peace! be still ! Sustain me with thy hand, and reveal to me those bright mansions, which thou hast prepared for them that love thee. Let me see that my name is written in thy book of life, and that death to me will prove the

entrance into life. O may I have that living faith in thee, that will enable me confidently to exclaim, “ for me to live is Christ, and to die is gain.” Into thy hands I would commend my spirit, and to the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, I would ascribe present and endless praises. Amen.



Most holy and ever blessed God, who art rich in mercy, and dost not willingly afflict the children of men, we would humbly approach thee in

every distress and affliction of life, in the confidence that thou art more willing to give than we are to ask relief. Thou hast been pleased to lay thy chastising hand on thy servant before thee, and to call him from the active duties of life to the retirement of the sick chamber. On his behalf, we earnestly implore thee that thou wouldst dispose his mind to serious reflection and to earnest prayer. As we know not what a day or an hour may bring forth, we pray, that he may with great ansiety examine his heart, and see whether, as a sinner deeply humbled, he has repented of the sins of his heart and life, and has with abhorrence renounced them, as offensive to God, as well as injurious to himself. Let him not deceive himself with a false repentance, arising from a mere fear

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