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& Zech. xiv. 5. ch. xvi. 27; & xix. 28. Mark viii. 38. Acts i. 11. 1 Thes. iv. 16. 2 Thes. i. 7. Jude 14. Rev.

XX. 38; & xxxiv. 17, 20,

ch. xiii. 49.-* Rom. viii. 17.

X. 40. 1 Cor. ii. 9.
xviii. 7 Jam. i. 27,-a Heb. xiii. 2.

3 John 5.- Jam.

ch. x. 42.

say also

38 When

saw thee a but the righteous into life eterstranger, and took thee in? or nal. naked, and clothed thee ?

39 Or when saw we thee 1.9.--Rom. xiv. 10. 2 Cor. 5. 10. Rev. xx. 12. -~ Eze. sick, or in prison and came 1 Pet. 1.4,9; & iii. 9. Rev. xxi. 7.-ych. xx. 23. Mark

Heb. xi. 16.- Is. Iviii. 7. Ezek. unto thee

il. 15, 16.-C 2 Tim. i. 16.-d Prov. xiv. 31; & xix. 17.

Mark ix. 41. Heb. vi. 10-e Ps. vi. 8. ch. 40 And the King shall an vii. 23. Luke xiii. 27.-f ch. xiii. 40, 42-8 2 Pet. ii. 4.

Jude 6.-h Prov. xiv. 31 ; & xvii. 5. Zech il. 8. Acts ix.

5.-i Dan. xii. 2. John v. 29. Hom ii. 7, &c. swer and say unto them, Verily I say unto you,“ Inasmuch as READER. Before him shall be gathye have done it unto one of the ered all nations.—When our bodies, least of these my brethren, ye by the word of the Almighty God, , have done it unto me.

shall have been called together

again, our souls will be all prepared 41 Then shall he

to meet them; and so both “appear unto them on the left hand, before the judgment-seat of Christ,” o Depart from me, ye cursed, to receive sentence according to into everlasting fire, prepared what they have done in the flesh, for 8 the devil and his angels :

whether it be good, or whether it 42 For I was an hungred, be evil

. And though it is very diffi

cult, or rather impossible, for me and ye gave me no meat : I was

to conceive or determine the parthirsty, and ye gave me no ticular circumstance of this grand drink

assize, or manner and method how 43 I was a stranger, and ye it shall be managed, yet, from the took me not in : naked, and ye light and intimations that God has clothed me not : sick, and in vouchsafed to give us of it, I have prison, and ye visited me not. ground to believe, it will be ordered

and carried on after this, or the 44 Then shall they also an

like, manner. swer him, saying, Lord, when

The day and place being appointsaw we thee an hungred, or ed by the King of kings, the gloriathirst, or a stranger, or naked, ous Majesty of heaven, and Saviour or sick, or in prison, and did of the world, Jesus Christ, who long not minister unto thee?

ago received his commission from 45 Then shall he answer the Father, to be the "judge of them, saying, Verily I say unto the quick and dead," "shall descend

from heaven with the shout of the you, "Inasmuch as ye did it not

archangel, and with the trump of to one of the least of these, ye God,” royally attended with ye did it not to me.

innumerable company of glorious 46 And 'these shall go away angels. These he shall send with into everlasting punishment: the great sound of a trumpet, and



they shall gather together his elect their sermons, their meditations, from the four winds, from the one their alms, and the like, to be found end of heaven to the other, yea, and there; the righteous judge, before the wicked too, from whatsoever whom they stand, turning himself place they shall be in; and then before them, with a

serene and shall he 'sever the wicked from the smiling countenance, will declare to just.' So that all nations, and them, before all the world, that every particular person, that ever their sins are pardoned, and their did, or ever shall, live upon the face persons accepted by him, as having of the earth, shall be gathered to believed in him; and therefore will gether before him, and he shall he immediately proceed to proseparate the one from the other, as nounce the happy sentence of eleca shepherd divideth the sheep from tion on them, saying,

, “Come, ye the goats, and he shall set the sheep blessed of my Father, inherit the on his right hand, and the goats kingdom prepared for you from the on the left.

foundation of the world." Things being thus set in order, The sentence being thus pronounthe judge shall read his commission, ced, the righteous (and I hope myi. e. declare and manifest himself to self amongst the rest) shall go up be the judge of all the earth, sent with shouts of joy and triumph, to by the God of heaven to judge them sit with our blessed Redeemer, to that had condemned him, and in judge the other parts of the world, that very body that was once cru- who are at the left hand of the tricified upon the cross, at Jerusalem, bunal, with ghastly countenances for our sins. So that all the world and trembling hearts, to receive shall then behold him shining in all their last and dreadful doom. his glory and majesty, and shall Against these all the sins that they acknowledge him to be now, what committed, or were guilty of, shall they would not believe him to be be brought in judgment against before, even both God and man, them, as they are found on record and so the judge of all the world, in the book of God's remembrance, from whom there can be no appeal. and the indictments read against

And having thus declared his every particular person, high or low, commission, the first work he will for every particular sin, great or go upon, will be to open the book small, which they have committed. of God's remembrance, and to cause And the truth of this indictment all the indictments to be read, that shall be attested by their own conare there found on record against sciences, crying, guilty, guilty; I those on his right hand; but, behold, say, by their own consciences, which all the black lines of their sins are as a thousand witnesses; yea, being blotted out, with the red lines and by the omniscience of God too, of their Saviour's blood, and nothing which is as a thousand consciences. but their good works, their prayers, And, therefore, without any further

delay, shall the judge proceed to the other to the left. Men are very pronounce the sentence, the doleful apt to flatter themselves now that sentence, of condemnation upon they will fare the better for the them, “Depart ye cursed, into ever-company they keep; they hope not lasting fire prepared for the devil so much to be made better by their and his angels.” This, or such like, company, as to escape the better will be the method of Christ's pro- with them. But they should receeding with us in that great and member that the tares and the terrible day of trial and retribution. wheat grow together in the same Oh! may these awful thoughts and field, but yet have a very different ideas of it always accompany me, end; the one is gathered into the and strike such a deep and lively barn, the other is burnt: and that impression upon my heart, in every good and bad fish are taken in the action of life, as to deter me from same net, but they are separated at offending this just and Almighty the day of judgment. All our Being, in whose power it is to des- separations now will avail us nothing, troy both soul and body in hell, and unless we take care to be found in engage me in such a regular, strict the number of Christ's sheep, when and conscientious course of life, as we come to judgment-Sherlock. to be always ready, whenever he For I was an hungred, and ye gave shall please to summon me, to give me meat, &c.—Though we shall be in my accounts at the great audit, judged for all the good and evil we and with an holy assurance fly for have done, yet our Saviour, in mercy und succour into the hands describing the process of the last of my Redeemer, and be permitted judgment, makes no mention of anyto enter into the joys of his rest. thing but acts of charity.—It con-BEVERIDGE.

cerns us to take notice of this, and He shall separate them one from to enquire what the meaning of it another, as a shepherd divideth his is. sheep from the goats. And he shall Now, in the First place, there is no set the sheep on his right hand, but the doubt but our Saviour's intention goats on the left.This is the last in this was very powerfully to and final separation. Good and bad recommend all acts of charity to us. men will never meet and intermix - Secondly, He hereby signifies that with each other after this. They this divine charity is the perfection live together in this world, and con- of all other Christian graces and verse together; are united by relati- virtues, and comprehends them all ; on and interest; are members of the for it is certain that no man will be same church; and worship God to- saved without an universal rightgether in the same holy communion eousness, and yet our

Saviour of prayers and sacraments : but they enquires only after charity, as the must part company at the day of judg- mark and criterion of an universal ment, the one to the right hand and I righteousness; for where that is in

sincerity, there is a combination of chariatble actions flow from a true all other graces. Our Saviour tells principle of divine charity, from the us that the Love of God and Men love of God and men.Thirdly, This is the sum of the Law and the is a manifest proof that the rewards Prophets; Matt. xxii. 36—40. He of good men at the day of judgment that loves his neighbour will do him are wholly owing to the grace of no hurt, but will do him all the God through our Lord Jesus Christ; good he can. And this divine love that the reward is of grace not of of men results from the love of God, debt.–Our Saviour bestows heaven whose creatures they are, and

upon good men as a reward of their whose image they bear, and there- kindness to himself; and we all know fore includes the love of God as its the difference between rewarding cause ; for there is no other princi- kindnesses and paying debts, or ple of universal love and charity, rewarding men according to their though of particular friendships deserts.—No works we can do can there is. And therefore St. John deserve such a reward ; but when makes this the trial of our love to Christ rewards our kindness, not our God; 1 John iv. 20, 21.-Divine works, the reward must bear proporcharity flows from the love of God tion to his own grace, not to our and Christ, when we love men for deserts. He may reward as liberally God's sake, and Christians as the as he pleases, for when the reward is members and the brethren of Christ. of grace, not of debt, no reward can This charity contains the exercise of be too great for infinite grace to all other Christian graces; where this bestow, though it may be too great is no other grace is wanting; it is the for our works to deserve.—Fourthly, universal habit of grace, the very We must consider mankind as sinners, nature of God; 1 John iv. 7–12. obnoxious to the judgments of God, But, on the other hand, an uncharitable who must be pardoned before they man can have no good in him, and he are rewarded. Now, when both the has the seeds and principles of all pardon and the reward is wholly of evil. Uncharitableness is owing to grace and mercy, has that man any self-love, and to the love of this title to either, who will show no world ; and, where these two are, mercy ?-If heaven be not given to a there can be no good, but there may sinner, he can never have it; if his be all the wickedness that human sins be not pardoned by grace, justice nature is capable of.—And though must lay hold on him, and sentence our Saviour only mentions the out- him to everlasting fire prepared for ward acts of charity, in feeding the the devil and his angels.—SHERLOCK. hungry, and clothing the naked, and

HYMN. visiting the sick and the prisoners, because he will not allow of the

Jesus, my Lord, how rich thy grace,

Thy bounties how complete ! pretence of charity without charitable

How can I count the matchless sum? actions, yet he supposes that these

How pay the mighty debt ?

and the elders of the people,
might take Jesus by subtlety,

High on a throne of radiant light in “Bethany, in the house of
Dost thou exalted shine ;

Simon the leper,
What can my poverty bestow,
When all the worlds are thine!

7 There came unto him a But thou hast brethren here below,

woman having an alabaster box The partners of thy grace;

of very precious ointment, and And wilt confess their humble names, Before thy Father's face.

poured it on his head, as he sat

at meat.
In them thou may'st be cloth'd and fed,
And visited, and cheer'd ;

8. But when his disciples saw And in their accents of distress,

it, they had indignation, saying, My Saviour's voice is heard !


To what purpose is this waste?

9 For this ointment might

have been sold for much, and ♡ LXXXII.

given to the poor.

10 When Jesus understood CHAP. XXVI. 1-16.

it, he said unto them, Why The rulers conspire against Christ. trouble ye the woman? for she The woman anointeth his head. Judas hath wrought a good work selleth him.

upon me. AND it came to pass, when 11 For ye have the poor Jesus had finished all these always with you ; but me ye sayings, he said unto his disci- have not always. . ples,

12 For in that she hath pour2 « Ye know that after two ed this ointment on my body, days is the feast of the passover, she did it for my

burial. and the Son of man is betrayed 13 Verily I say unto you, to be crucified.

Wheresoever this gospel shall * Then assembled together be preached in the whole world, the chief priests, and the scribes, there shall also this, that this unto the palace of the high memorial of her. priest, who was called Caiaphas. 14 Then

of the 4 And consulted that they twelve, called ' Judas Iscariot,

, and kill him.

15 And said unto them 5 But they said, Not on the What will ye give me, and I feast day, lest there be an up- will deliver him unto you? roar among the people. And they covenanted with them 6 C Now when Jesus was for thirty pieces of silver.




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