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were gathered together an in- also confess before the angels numerable multitude of people, of God : insomuch that they trode one

9 But he that denieth me upon another, he began to say before men shall be denied beunto his disciples first of all, fore the angels of God. • Beware ye of the leaven of the 10 And $ whosoever shall Pharisees, which is hypocrisy speak a word against the Son

2 For there is nothing co- of man, it shall be forgiven vered that shall not be revealed; him: but unto him that blasneither hid, that shall not be phemeth against the Holy Ghost known.

it shall not be forgiven. 3 Therefore whatsoever ye 11 And when they bring have spoken in darkness shall you unto the synagogues, and be heard in the light; and that unto magistrates, and powers, which ye have spoken in the take ye no thought how or what ear in closets shall be proclaim- thing ye shall answer, or what ed upon the housetops.

ye shall say : 4"

And I say unto you my 12 For the Holy Ghost shall friends, Be not afraid of them teach you in the same hour what that kill the body, and after that ye ought to say. have no more that they can do.

5 But I will forewarn you whom ye shall fear : Fear him, 12:- Mat. xii. 31,82. Mark iii

. 28., 1 John v. 16. which after he hath killed hath

See § § XXXV. XXXVI. power to cast into hell ; yea, I

Matthew X. 1933. say unto you, Fear him.

6 Are not five sparrows sold for two 'farthings, and not one of them is forgotten before

CXCVI. God ?

7 But even the very hairs of CHAP. XII. 13-34. your head are all numbered.

Christ warneth the people to beware of Fear not therefore : ye are of covetousness, by the parable of the rich more value than many spar man who set up greater barns : we must

not be over careful of earthly things, but 8 'Also I say unto you, Who- seek the kingdom of God: we must give

alms. soever shall confess me before men, him shall the Son of man 13 | And one of the com

a Mat. xvi. 6. Mark viii. 15,-6 Mat. xvi. 12.-c Mat. X. 26. Mark iv. 22. ch. viii. 17.-d Mat. x. 28. Is. li. 7, 8, 12, 13. Jer. 1.8.- John xv. 14, 15.- See Mat. x. 29.- Mat. x. 32. Mark viii. 28. 2 Tim. ii. 12. 1 John

h Mat. X. 19. Mark xiii. II. ch. xxi. 14.

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pany said unto him, Master, 22 | And he said unto his speak to my brother, that he disciples, Therefore I say unto divide the inheritance with me. you, "Take no thought for your

14 And he said unto him, life, what ye shall eat; neither Man, who made me a judge or for the body, what ye shall put a divider over you? 15 And he said unto them,

23 The life is more than Take heed, and beware of meat, and the body is more than covetousness : for a man's life raiment. consisteth not in the abundance 24 Consider the ravens : for of the things which he possess they neither sow nor reap; eth.

which neither have storehouse 16 And he spake a parable nor barn ; and 'God feedeth unto them, saying, The ground them : how much more are ye of a certain rich man brought better than the fowls ? forth plentifully :

25 And which of you with 17 And he thought within taking thought can add to his himself, saying, What shall I stature one cubit? do, because I have no room 26 If ye then be not able to where to bestow my fruits ? do that thing which is least,

18 And he said, This will I why take ye thought for the do : I will pull down my barns, rest! and build greater; and there 27 Consider the lilies, how will I bestow all my fruits and they grow : they toil not, they my goods.

spin not; and yet I say unto 19 And I will say to my soul, you, that Solomon in all his Soul, thou hast much goods glory was not arrayed like one laid up for many years ; take of these. thine ease, eat, drink, and be 28 If then God so clothe the merry.

grass, which is to day in the 20 But God said unto him, field, and to morrow is cast into Thou fool, this night in thy soul the oven ; how much more will shall be required of thee : "then he clothe you, O ye of little whose shall those things be, faith? which thou hast provided ? 29 And seek not

ye what

ye 21 So is he that layeth up shall eat, or what ye shall drink, treasure for himself, 'and is not "neither be ye of doubtful mind. rich toward God.

30 For all these things do

the nations of the world seek Christians should look upon as beafter : and your Father know-low their concern, carrying themeth that ye bave need of these selves as becometh those who expect,

ere long, to solace themselves in the things.

enjoyment of God himself. While 31 - But rather seek


David looked to his father's sheep, kingdom of God; and all these he carried himself as a shepherd; things shall be added unto you. but when he had mounted the throne,

32 Fear not, little flock; for majesty presently sat in his brows, • it is your Father's good plea- and he behaved himself like a king. sure to give you the kingdom. So you, although whilst you lived in

33 'Sell that ye have, and your sins, and so were strangers give alms ; “provide yourselves unto God, you then lived like earthly

creatures, conversing with nothing bags which wax not old, a trea- but dust and clay; yet, now that sure in the heavens that faileth you profess to have repented, and to not, where no thief approacheth believe in Christ, and so to be enneither moth corrupteth. titled to the kingdom of heaven, you

34 For where your treasure should live like yourselves, and scorn is, there will your heart be also. to stoop so low as to lick up the serEcclus. xi. 19. 1 Cor. xv. 32. James v. 5: -! Or do they those who every moment look to be i John xviii. 36.-* I Tim. vi. 7, &c.-! Eccles, xi, 9. pent's food ; deporting yourselves as

sent for, to go and take possession


thought whereof should make you READER.--He said unto them, Take disdain the highest enjoyments that heed and beware of covetousness ; for this world is able to afford you, as a man's life consisteth not in the abund- things not worthy to be compared ance of the things which he possesseth. with the glory that Christ hath pro-Are you Christians ? Then let cured for you. So that, let me tell me tell you, you are sons and you, so long as your thoughts and afdaughters of the eternal God, the fections are taken up with any thing only monarch of the whole world, upon earth, you act below yourselves. and so are heirs apparent to the You who expect ere long to bathe crown of glory. Tell me then, what yourselves in those rivers of pleasure an unseemly sight would it be to see which are at God's right hand for a prince doting upon a beggar, and evermore, can it become you to robes enamoured with rags! How drown yourselves in a deluge of carmuch more is it unseemly for you, nal pleasures and sensual delights ? who have nothing less than heaven You that have such a plenty of bread entailed upon you, to be doting and heavenly manna in your father's upon the beggarly vanities of this house; is it not below you to feed lower world! which certainly all true like the prodigal upon the husks, with

require thy soul.-m Job xx. 22; & xxvii. 8. Ps. lli. 7. Jam. iv. 14.- Ps. xxxix. 6. Jer. xvii. 11.-0 Mat. vi. 20 ver, 33. I Tim. vi. 18, 19. James ii.5.-p Mat. vi. 25.9 Job xxxviii. 41. Ps. clxvii. 9.-1 Or, live not in careful suspense. - Mat. vi. 33- Mat. xi. 25, 26 - Mat. xix. 21. Acts ii. 45; & iv. 34.- Mat. vi. 20. ch. xvi. 9. I Tim. vi. 19.

The very

the swine of this world? You that at the shadow, you lose the substance, hope ere long to trample upon the and exchange your future happiness moon, and to be advanced above the for present misery.—BEVERIDGE. stars themselves, is it fitting for you But God said unto him, Thou fool, to lie under a clod of earth? In a this night thy soul shall be required of word : you that expect ere long to be thee.—There is a foolish disposition invested with all the bliss and happi- in the hearts of men to think that ness that a creature is capable of, is they shall ever continue in that state it a comely thing for you, in the mean which they are once in. The proud while, to spend your time in running and wicked man hath said in his heart, after shadows, and in playing with "I shall never be moved, I shall childish gewgaws; in raking in the never be in adversity. God hath fordirt, or treading in the mire ? Is this gotten; he hideth his face; he will proper work for the heirs of heaven to never see it.” Psalm x. 6—11. And be employed in? Or is this to "walk David was overtaken with this gross worthy of the vocation wherewith you error, “I said in my prosperity, I are called ?" No, surely; and there shall never be moved.” This was the fore so long as you suffer your affec- vain conceit of the fool in the gospel. tions to be bent upon the things be- “ Thou hast much goods laid up for low, you act below yourselves as men, many years, take thine ease, eat, drink, much more as Christians. The things and be merry.” Luke xii, 19. This upon earth can never satisfy your de ever hath been the language of sires; for nothing can do that but secure and wicked

men ;

None evil what is better than yourselves; al can come upon us.” Micah iij. 11. though you may have too much of “I shall have peace, though I walk in them, you can never have enough of the imagination of mine heart,” Deut. them; never so much as to satisfy xxix. 19. “ To morrow shall be as your souls, and make you happy. this day, and much more abundant,"

Give me leave to mind you of the Isa. lvi. 12. If men would but conApostle's sayings, that "covetousness sider how easily God can break down is idolatry,” Col. iii. 5; and that all their cobwebs, and sweep away whosoever minds earthly things is a their refuge of lies; how easily he shame to the gospel, and an enemy to can spoil them of all the provisions of the cross of Christ, Phil. ii. 18–19; their lusts, they would be more fearand then, of consequence, in setting ful of him, and less dote upon things your affections upon them, you thwart that will not profit ; they would take God's intentions in giving of them; heed how they abuse their youth, who gave them not but that you strength, time, and abilities, as if they should improve them for his glory. had a spring of them all within themAnd, therefore, have a care lest your selves, and consider that their good is table become a snare, and your earthly not in their own hand ; that the wealth an occasion of your eternal scythe can get as well through the ruin. Have a care lest in catching | green grass as the dry stubble; that

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consuming fire can as well melt the that they are near unto cursing. His hardest metal as the softest wax. judgments are like lightning, and have What is the reason why men in sore wings suddenly to overtake a sinner. extremities make strong resolutions, He requires but a month, nay, but and vow much repentance and amend a morning, nay but a moment, to conment of life, and yet as soon as they sume his enemies, and bring desolaare off from the rack, return again to tion upon those who said they should their vomit, and wallow in their sit as a lady for ever, and did never wonted lusts, but because their sense remember the latter end.

“ Though made them feel that then, which if a sinner do evil a hundred times, and they had faith they might still perceive his days be prolonged," namely, by and so still continue in the same good the patience and permission of God, resolutions, namely, that God's hand in whose hands his days are, “yet was near unto them? But what, is it shall be well with them that fear not God a God far off as well as near God.Eccl. viii. 12-13.-REYat hand ? Jer. xxüi. 23. Doth not NOLDS. he say of wicked men, that in the And he said unto his disciples, Therefulness of their sufficiency they shall fore I say unto you, take no thought be in straits! Cannot he blast the for your life, &c. See Matthew vi. corn in the blade, in the harvest, in the 19—34, and the Commentary. barn, in the very mouth of the wicked ? Did he not cut off Belshazzar in his

HYMN. cups, and Herod in his robes, and Babylon and Tyrus in their pride, and Haman in his favour, and Jezebel

O happy soul that lives on high

While men lie groveling here, in her paint? Have but faith enough

Whose hopes are fix'd above the sky, I am a man, and therefore no And faith forbids his fear. human events should be strange unto

His conscience cleans'd from all his sins, me; and even that one consideration

Lore, peace, and joy combine may keep a man from outrage of sin To form a life whose holy springs ning. It may be I have abundance of Are hidden and divine. earthly things, yet am I still but a

No earthly wealth, nor joy, nor throne, gilded potsherd. It may be I have

Is his ambition here; excellent endowments, but I have Content and pleas'd to live unknown them all in an earthen vessel. And

Till Christ his life appear. shall the potsherd strive with the pot

He looks to heaven's eternal hill ter, and provoke him that made it?

To meet that glorious day; This would teach us to fear and trem But patient waits his Saviour's will ble at God's power. Though we look

To fetch his soul away.

WATTS. upon death and judgment as afar off, yet God can make them near when He will; for he hath said, that the damnation of wicked men is swift, and

to say,

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