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41 | Then Peter said unto SCXCVII.

him, Lord, speakest thou this

parable unto us, or even to all? CHAP. XII, 35-48.

42 And the Lord said, Who We must be ready at a knock to open to then is that faithful and wise our Lord whensoever he cometh. Christ's steward, whom his lord shall ministers are to see to their charge. make ruler over his houshold,

35 “Let your loins be girded to give them their portion of about, and "your lights burn. meat in due season ? ing;

43 Blessed is that servant 36 And ye yourselves like whom his lord when he cometh unto men that wait for their shall find so doing. lord, when he will return from 44 Of a truth I say unto the wedding ; that when he you, that he will make him cometh and knocketh, they ruler over all that he hath. may open unto him immediate. 45 But and if that servant ly.

say in his heart, My lord delay37 * Blessed are those serv- cth his coming: and shall ants, whom the lord when he begin to beat the men-servants cometh shall find watching : and maidens, and to eat and verily I say unto you, that he drink, and to be drunken ; shall gird himself, and make 46 The lord of that servant them to sit down to ineat, and will come in a day when he will come forth and serve them. looketh not for him, and at an

38 And if he shall come in hour when he is not aware, and the second watch, or come in will 'cut him in sunder, and the third watch, and find them will appoint him his portion so,

blessed are those servants. with the unbelievers. 39 « And this know, that if 47 And that servant, which the goodman of the house had knew his lord's will, and preknown what hour the thief pared not himself, neither did would come, he would have according to his will, shall be watched, and not have suffered beaten with many stripes. bis house to be broken through. 48 But he that knew not,

40 Be ye therefore ready and did commit things worthy also: for the Son of man com- of stripes, shall be beaten with eth at an hour when ye think few stripes. For unto whomnot.

soever much is given of him


Mark xli. 33. ch. xxi. 34, 36.
ill. 12.-c Mat, xxiv. 45; & xxv. 21. 1 Cor. iv. 2.- Mat.
51.- Num. xv. 30. Deut. xxv. 2. John ix.41; L xv.

1. 13.

shall be much required : and son against the father the to whom men have committed mother against the daughter, much, of him they will ask the and the daughter against the more.

mother; the mother in law * Eph; vi. 14. 1 Pet. 1. 13.–y Mat. xxv... &- against her daughter in law, 11. 10. Rev. ii. 3; & xvi1. Mat. xxiv. 44 vele and the daughter in law against xxiv. 47.-e Mat. xxiv. 48.-1

0r, cul him of. Mat. xxiv: her mother in law. 22. Acts xvii. 30. James iv. Lev. v. 17. I Tim. 54 | And he said also to See $ $ LXXVIII. LXXIX.

the people, "When ye see a

cloud rise out of the west, Matthew XXIV. 34-51.

straightway ye say, There comand XXV. 1-13.

eth a shower ; and so it is.

55 And when ye see the south

wind blow, ye say, There will CXCVIII.

be heat ; and it cometh to pass.

56 Ye hypocrites, ye can CHAP XII. 49–59.

discern the face of the sky and Skrist's ministers are to look for per

of the earth; but how is it secution. The people must take this time that ye do not discern this of grace, because it is a fearful thing to time? die without reconciliation.

57 Yea, and why even of 49 "I am come to send yourselves judge ye not what fire on the earth ; and what is right? will I if it be already kindled?

58 . When thou goest 50 But 'I have a baptism with thine adversary to the to be baptized with ; and how magistrate, 'as thou art in the am I 'straitened till it be ac-way, give diligence that thou complished !

mayest be delivered from him; 51 "Suppose ye that I am lest he hale thee to the judge, come to give peace on the and the judge deliver thee to earth? I tell you, Nay; 'but the officer, and the officer cast rather division :

thee into prison. 52 m For from henceforth 59 I tell thee, thou shalt not there shall be five in one house depart thence till thou hast divided, three against two, and paid the very last "mite. two against three.

53 The father shall be divided against the son, and the

h ver. 51.-i Mat. xx. 22. Mark x. 38.- Or, pained. - Mat. x. 84. ver. 49.-Mic. vii. 6. John vii. 43; & ix. 16; & X. 19.-m Mat. x. 35.-n Mat. xvi. 2.- Prov. XIV. 8. Mat. v. 25.--p See Ps. xxxii. 6. Is. lv. 6.- See Mark xil. 42,

READER.-Suppose ye that I am 5 I tell you, Nay: but, excome, 8c. See Matthew X. 34, in $cept ye repent, ye shall all likeXXXVI.

wise perish. The father shall be divided against the son, &c. See Matthew X. 21, in ble ; . A certain man had a fig

6 | He spake also this para$ XXXV.

tree planted in his vineyard ; When ye see a cloud rise out of the west, 8c. See Matthew XVI. 1-3, and he came and sought fruit in & LIII.

thereon, and found none.

7 Then said he unto the When thou goest with thine adversary, &c. See Matthew V. 25, in sdresser of his vineyard, BeXVI.

hold, these three years

I come seeking fruit on this fig tree,

and find none: cut it down ; $ CXCIX.

why cumbereth it the ground? CHAP. XIII. 1-9.

8 And he answering said un

to him, Lord, let it alone this Christ preacheth repentance upon the year also, till I shall dig about punishment of the Galilæans, and others. it, and dung it: The fruitless fig tree may not stand.

9 And if it bear fruit, well : There were present at that and if not, then after that thou season some that told him of shalt cut it down. the Galilæans, whose blood Pilate had mingled with their sacrifices.

READER.–Suppose ye that these 2 And Jesus answering said Galilæans were sinners above all the unto them, Suppose ye that Galilæans because they suffered such these Galilæans were sinners

things.Though it were an error to

think that all temporal evils are inabove all the Galilæans, be-tended of God as punishments of cause they suffered such things? some particular guiltiness, and so to

3 I tell you, Nay: but ex- be taken as infallibly concluding cept ye repent, ye shall all like- against either persons or causes as wise perish.

evil; yet certainly the hand of God 4 Or those eighteen, upon upon ourselves or others is wisely to whom the tower in Siloam be considered, and it will very often

be found a punishment pointing to fell, and slew them, think

the sin; and it is certainly an arguye that they were sinners

ment of very great stiffness and pride above all men that dwelt in of heart, not to observe and acknowJerusalem ?

ledge it, and a sure presage either of

1 Or, debtors. Mat. xviil. 24. ch. xi, 4.-a Is. v. 2. Mat. xxi. 19.

utter ruin, or at least, of a heavier but forsake thee, and let them alone stroke. Any that is set against the ' with thee, and leave thee to their Lord, and will not be humbled, whether will : how quickly would they deal by what he sees on others, or what he with thee in another manner! and feels on himself, Isa. xxvi. 11, shall thou canst not be delivered from find he hath an overmatch to deal them but by turning unto God. with, that will either bow or break Thou art fallen under his wrath by him. Tremble before the Lord, and thy sin already: and thou knowest search your own hearts, and let us not how long his patience will get think, though we may not be guilty wait. Perhaps this is the last year, of such public scandalous evils, as perhaps the last day. His sword is others fall into, and are punished for, even at thy heart, while the word is yet how full are we of secret malice, in thine ear; and if thou turn not, pride and lust, and wonder at the thou art a dead and undone man. patience of God to ourselves, while Were thine eyes but open to see multitudes have been swept away where thou standest, even upon the round about us. Think you that they brink of hell, and to see how many who have died by “sword or pestilence" thousands are there already who did of late “

were greater sinners” than not turn, thou wouldst see that it is we that are behind ? Oh no! “but time to look about thee. except we repent, we shall all likewise Well, sirs, look inwards now and perish.” Enough of these arrows are tell me, how are your hearts affected still in God's arsenal ; and though with these offers of the Lord ? You he use not these to us, yet remember hear what is his mind; he delighteth death, and judgment, and eternity not in your death: he calls to you, are before us, and they call for wise Turn, turn : it is a fearful sign, if and speedy consideration and repent- all this move thee not, or if it do but ance.-LEIGHTON.

half move thee; and much more if I tell you, nay : but except ye repent, it make thee more careless in thy ye shall all likewise perish.Poor hard misery, because thou hearest of the hearted sinner! dost thou ever consi- mercifulness of God. The working der upon what terms thou standest of the medicine will partly tell us all this while with him who calleth on whether there be any hope of the thee to turn ? Thou art his own, and Oh, what glad tidings would owest him thyself and all thou hast; it be to those who are now in hell, if and

may he not command his own? | they had but such a message from Thou art his absolute servant, and God! What a joyful word would it shouldst serve no other master. Thou be to hear this, Turn and live: yea, standest at his mercy, and thy life is what a welcome word would it be to in his hand; and he is resolved to thyself, when thou hast felt that save thee upon no other terms. Thou wrath of God but an hour! or, if hast many malicious spiritual ene after a thousand, or ten thousand mies, that would be glad if God would / years' torment, thou couldst but

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hear such a word from God, Turn is bimself the planter of the vineyard; and live. And yet wilt thou now his own hand sets each tree, and the neglect it, and suffer us to return soil is fruitful; there is sap and without our errand !

moisture. This is to be understood Behold, sinners, we are sent here of his visible church and ordinances, as the messengers of the Lord, to set for the planting here is that. Christbefore you life and death.

life and death. What ians are much compared to things say you? Which of them will you living, growing, and fruitful, to the choose ? Christ standeth as it were vine and fig tree; there is such high by thee, with heaven in one hand, engagement to be so, Isaiah v, and and hell in the other, and offereth real Christians are truly so. (And thee thy choice: which wilt thou he sought fruit thereon.) Good reachoose? «The voice of the Lord son had he so to do, having 80 maketh the rocks to tremble," Psal. planted it; those trees that are left xxix ; and is it nothing, to hear him wild in the barren wilderness, no threaten thee, if thou wilt not turn? fruit is to be expected on them, at Dost thou not understand and feel least no garden fruit, such as grows this voice, “Turn ye, turn ye, why in the garden of God; some natures will ye die?” Why, it is the voice have some kinds of fruits, and some of love, of infinite love, of thy sweeter than others, but they are but best and kindest friend, as thou wild figs. God's delight is to “come mightest easily perceive by the mo- | into his garden, and there eat his tion; and yet canst thou neglect it? pleasant fruits.” Natural men may, It is the voice of pity and compassion. after their fashion, be temperate, The Lord seeth whither thou art and patient, and charitable ; but to going better than thou dost, which believe on God, and to love him makes him call after thee, Turn, turn. above themselves, and from such He seeth what will become of thee, principles to do all they do, this is if thou turn not. He thinketh with not to be expected. Now all that himself, "Ah, this poor sinner will are planted in the Church of God, are, cast himself into endless torments, in name, such trees as should have if he do not turn; I must in justice their sap in them, that is faith and deal with him according to my right- love, and bear answerable fruits : eous law;" and therefore he calleth they are called “trees of righteousafter thee, Turn, turn, O sinner! If ness, the planting of the Lord, that you did but know the thousandth he may be glorified;" Isaiah xli. part, as well as God doth, the danger He himself knows who are indeed that is near you, and the misery that such, and knows that the rest can you are running into, we should have bear no such fruit; yet in regard of no more need to call after you to outward dispensations, and their own turn.-BAXTER.

profession, he speaks after the manA certain man had a fig tree planted ner of men : "he comes and seeks in his vineyard, 8c.---The great Lord fruit." Men think that they may

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