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not by beggar.

specting a provision for himself before

Because they dwell at ease, he is actually discharged from the And no sad changes feel, stewardship. In this aspect also, the

They neither fear nor trust thy name,

Nor learn to do thy will. children of the world are, for the most part, wise in their generation. Who

But I, with all my cares, is there that would not accuse the

Will lean upon the Lord;

I'll cast my burdens on his arm, steward not only of wickedness, but

And rest upon his word. also of folly and shortsightedness, if

His arm shall well sustain he had delayed to make his arrange The children of his love ; ments until at length he may have The ground on which their safety stands, possessed no opportunity of so doing? No earthly power can move.

WATTS. And yet how many are guilty of worse folly with regard to matters of far higher moment! How many are living in this world, without looking forward to and providing for the next!

CCVIII. occupied entirely about the trifles which are seen and soon to pass away,

CHAP. XVI. 19–31. and forgetful of those which are not seen but are eternal !

“We walk by

The rich glutton and Lazarus the faith," says the Apostle, “not by sight.” We are called upon to regulate our desires and to fashion the course of our lives, not according to

| 19 There was a certain those things which are present, and rich man, which was clothed in before our eyes, but chiefly with refer- purple and fine linen, and fared ence to those unseen realities which sumptuously every day : are to be hereafter. We are called 20 And there was a certain upon, as Lot was, to provide a place beggar named Lazarus, which of refuge from the storm.

was laid at his gate, full of how many are heedless of the warning, and are taking no measures for their sores, safety in the day of wrath! See Luke 21 And desiring to be fed xvii. 26-29.-ED.

with the crumbs which fell from

the rich man's table : moreHYMN.

over the dogs came and licked Let sinners take their course,

his sores. And choose the road to death; But in the worship of my God

22 And it came to pass, that I'll spend my daily breath.

the beggar died, and was carThou wilt regard my cries,

ried by the angels into AbraO my eternal God !

ham's bosom : the rich man While sinners perish in surprise, Beneath thine angry rod.

also died, and was buried ;

And yet

m Zech. xiv. 12.--is. Ixvi. 24. Mark ix. 44. &c.

v. 45. . 17. 11.- Joho xii. 10. 11.

23 And in hell he lift


his 31 And he said unto him, If eyes, being in torments, and they hear not Moses and the seeth Abraham afar off, and prophets, 'peither will they be Lazarus in his bosom.

persuaded, though one rose 24 And he cried and said, from the dead. Father Abraham, have mercy on me, and send Lazarus, that job sri, 18. ch. vi. 24-ple. vid. 20. artid. 6. he may dip his finger in water,

READER. There was a certain rich and m cool my tongue; for I am tormented in this flame.

man, 8c.-It is the wise man's obser25 But Abraham said, Son, love or hatred by all that is before

vation, that "no man knoweth either • remember that thou in thy life them : all things come alike to all ; time receivedst thy good things, there is one event to the righteous and and likewise Lazarus evil to the wicked; to the good and to the things : but now he is com- clean, and to the unclean ; to him that forted, and thou art tormented. sacrificeth, and to him that sacrificeth 26 And beside all this, be- not; as is the good, so is the sinner,

and he that sweareth as he that feareth tween us and you there is a

an oath.” Eccles. ix. 1, 2. The great gulf fixed : so that they

same is confirmed by the common exwhich would pass froin hence

perience of all mankind. Go where to you cannot; neither can you will, you may with him also see they pass to us, that would come under the sun, that “the race is not from thence.

to the swift, nor the battle to the strong, 27 Then he said, I pray thee neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet therefore, father, that thou riches to men of understanding, nor wouldest send him

yet favour to men of skill : but time

to my and chance happeneth to them all, " father's house :

Eccles. ix. ll, and to all alike. Al28 For I have five brethren ; mighty God seemeth to scatter as it that he may testify unto them, were the things of this world among lest they also come into this the good and bad promiscuously, withplace of torment.

out any regard to virtue or vice; but 29 Abraham saith unto him, that some of both sorts may get They have Moses and the pro- more, some less, some little or nophets ; let them hear them. thing, according as it happens. There

is no judging of what a man is, by 30 And he said Nay, father

what he hath : you can never know a Abraham : but if one went

wise man from a fool, a christian from unto them from the dead, they an infidel, a saint from a sinner, by will repent.

his living in a palace or in a cottage,

by his being clothed with robes or something meeting them, and hinwith ragg; by his being rich or poor, dering their passage, one of the healthful or sickly, in honour or dis- lambs leaped upon the wall of the grace, or by any outward circum- bridge, and his legs slipping from stance whatever. If there be any under him, he fell into the stream: difference, the advantage seems most- the rest seeing him, did one after ly to lie on the side of vice and folly; another leap over the bridge into the the worst men having usually the stream, and were all, or almost all, most, and the best men the fewest of drowned. Those that were behind the good things, as they are called, did little know what was become of here below.-BEVERIDGE.

those that were gone before, but Then he said, I pray thee therefore, thought they might venture to follow Father, that thou wouldest send him to their companions : but as soon as my father's house.—Some are so car ever they were over the wall, and ried away by the stream of evil com- falling headlong, the case was altered. pany, that they are possessed with Even so it is with unconverted, carhard thoughts of a godly life, by nal men. One dieth by them, and hearing them speak against it ; or at drops into hell, and another follows least they think they may venture to the same way: and yet they will go do as they see most do: and so they after them, because they think not hold on in their sinful ways. And whither they are gone.

Oh, but when one is cut off and cast into when death hath once opened their hell, and another snatched away eyes, and they see what is on the

them to the same con- other side of the wall, even in anodemnation, it doth not much daunt ther world, then what would they them, because they see not whither give to be where they were !Baxthey are gone. Poor wretches, they TER. hold on in their ungodliness, for all And he said, Nay, father Abraham, this : for they little know that their but if one went unto them from the dead, companions are now lamenting it in they would repent. If your eyes were torments. The rich man in hell so far opened as to see hell, and you would fain have had one to warn his

saw your neighbours, who were unfive brethren, lest they should come converted, dragged thither with hideto that place of torment. It is likely ous cries, though they were such as he knew their minds and lives, and you accounted honest people on knew that they were hasting thither, earth, and feared no such matter by and little dreamt that he was there, themselves; such a sight would make yea, and would little have believed you go home and think of it, and any one that should have told them think again, and make you warn all

I remember an occurrence that about you as the worldling in the a gentleman told me he saw upon a parable would have had his brethren bridge over the Severn. A man was warned, lest they come to that place driving a flock of fat lambs, and of torment. Why, faith is a kind of

from among

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sight; it is the eye of the soul, the

HYMN. evidence of things not seen.

If I believe God, it is next to seeing: and

When in the light of faith divine,

We look on things below, therefore I beseech you to excuse me,

Honvur and gold, and sensual joy, if I be half as earnest with


How vain and dang'rous too! these matters as if I had seen them.

The pleasures that allure our sense, If I must die to-morrow, and it were Are dang'rous snares to souls ! in my power to come again from There's but a drop of flatt'ring sweet,

And dash'd with bitter bowls. another world, and tell you what I had seen, would you not be willing God is my all-sufficient good, to hear me ? and would you not be

My portion and my choice;

In him my vast desires are fill'd, lieve, and regard what I should tell

And all my pow'rs rejoice. you 1? If I might preach one ser

In vain the world accosts my ear, mon to you after I am dead, and

And tempts my heart anew; have seen what is done in the world I cannot buy your bliss so dear, to come, would you not have me Nor part with heav'n for you. speak the truth, and would you not

WATTS, crowd to hear me ? and would you not lay it to heart? But this must not be; God hath his appointed way

Ø CCIX. of teaching you by scripture and ministers; and he will not humour CHAP XVII. 1–19. unbelievers so far as to send men from the dead to them, and to alter Christ teacheth to avoid occasion of his established way. If any man offence. One to forgive another. The quarrel with the sun, God will not power of faith. How we are bound to

He healeth ten humour him so far as to set him up God, and not he to us.

lepers. a clearer light. Friends, I beseech you regard me now, as you would do Then said he unto the disciif I should come from the dead to you; for I can give you as full

ples, “it is impossible but that

assurance of the truth of what I say to offences will come: but woe you, as if I had been there and seen unto him, through whom they it with my eyes. For it is possible come! for one from the dead to deceive 2 It were better for him you; but Jesus Christ can never de that a millstone were hanged ceive you ; the word of God, deli- about his neck, and he cast vered in scripture, and sealed up by into the sea, than that he the miracles and holy workings of

should offend one of these litthe Spirit, can never deceive you.

tle ones. Believe this, or believe nothing. Believe and obey this, or you are

3 Take heed to yourundone.-- BAXTER.

selves : ° If thy brother trespass


against thee, rebuke him ; 11 And it came to pass, and if he repent, forgive him. & as he went to Jerusalem, that

4 And if he trespass against he passed through the midst thee seven times in a day, and of Samaria and Galilee. seven times in a day turn again 12 And as he entered into a to thee, saying, I repent; thou 'certain village, there met hiin shalt forgive him.


that were lepers, 5 And the apostles said unto " which stood afar off: the Lord, Increase our faith. 13 And they lifted up their

6 And the Lord said, If ye voices, and said Jesus, Master, had faith as a grain of mustard have mercy on us. seed, ye might say unto syca

14 And when he saw them, mine tree, Be thou plucked he said unto them, 'Go shew up by the root, and be thou yourselves unto the priests. planted in the sea ; and it And it came to pass that, as should obey you.

they went, they were cleansed. 7 But which of you, having 15 And one of them, when a servant plowing or feeding he saw that he was healed, cattle, will say unto him by and turned back, and with a loud by, when he is come from voice glorified God. the field, Go and sit down to 16 And fell down on his face meat?

at his feet, giving him thanks : 8 And will not rather say and he was a Samaritan. unto him, Make ready where 17 And Jesus answering with I may sup, and gird thy said, Were there not ten self, and serve me, till I have cleansed ? but where are the eaten and drunken ; and after- nine ? ward thou shalt eat and drink?

18 There not found 9 Doth he thank that ser- that returned to give glory to yant because he did the things God, save this stranger. that were commanded him? 19 ^ And he said unto him, I trow not.

Arise, go thy way: thy faith 10 So likewise ye, when ye hath made thee whole. shall have done all those things which are commanded you, say, We are s unprofitable servants : we have done that xiil. 46.-i lev. xiii. 2; & siv.%. Mut. viii,

4. eb. v. which was our duty to do.


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