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anxiety to procure respect and empty ignorance and perverseness, that, titles of honour from their fellow- with the Bible in their hands, they creatures, while they felt no real denied and persecuted the very concern about the favour and ap- person of whom they were continuprobation of God; declaring that, ally reading. in such a state of mind, they could The address is applicable to others not exercise any proper reliance besides Jews; to many among upon

him the Redeemer. How ourselves, who pretend to pay the solemn is the thought! The faith highest deference both to the Old of Jesus cannot consist with am and the New Testament as the bition, or a foolish fondness for revelation of God. May we not human applause. Those, therefore, ask, Do not these scriptures contain whose grand desire and aim is to be the heaviest charge against you, admired and advanced among men, while you oppose the authority of are at once excluded from the num-Christ, and despise his grace? And ber of his true disciples. He re should you not, to be consistent, quires us to take up our cross, and either totally reject the book of to follow him through contempt. inspiration, or else change your own and tribulation. Such as are un principles and practice? The sin of willing to do this, understand not unbelief is generally thought of his worth or their own necessities; little consequence; for it is preand, of consequence, they cannot sumed that men will not be finally believe in his name.

condemned for mere opinions. But He warned them, finally, that from the representation here given, Moses, the great founder of their does it not appear that it includes own religion, to whom they pro- the most complicated guilt. It is fessed an unreserved submission, not barely an error of the judgment, appeared as their accuser before but betrays an extreme depravity God; and that, as they would be of heart. It is not a single offence, fully convicted on the charge of for it is always accompanied with rejecting that prophet, there would other base principles, and infallibly be no need to bring any further leads to every species of ill conduct. testimony against them. They were Unhappy they on whom this sin condemned on their own principles. is chargeable! Who treat the SaMoses had written much concerning viour and his offers of mercy with the Redeemer, and represented his contempt! O, consider how wretchoffice, work, and character, by va- ed is the state of your mind, while rious rites and ceremonies : a real you discover the utmost disdain for regard, therefore, to those ancient infinite excellence, and repay the records would have produced a cor- tenderest love with hatred! Your dial reception of Jesus, in whom the wickedness is of a heinous nature, types and prophecies were fulfilled. and highly aggravated. You desYet such was their astonishing pise “ the Lord of Glory,” the Son

You are

of God, who“ thought it not robbery | manifest to all. The Old Scriptures to be equal with God.” You pay are again divided into the law and no regard to the united testimonies the prophets; for the historical parts of earth and heaven in his favour of them contain either typical preYou scorn the kindest and richest figurations of the evangelical church, offers ever made to man.

or inductions and exemplary deunwilling to bow to him, whom monstrations of the general truth of even angels worship, or to be in God's justice and promises, which debted to him for the life of your are set forth by way of doctrine and souls, when, alas ! without him you precept in the law and prophets. must inevitably perish. You set Christ is the sum of both these. light by his unparalleled condescen- Matt. v. 17. They waited upon sion and labours of love, and, in him in his transfiguration, Luke defiance of all admonitions and xvi. 16; to note that in him they threatenings, are rushing on, with had their accomplishment. For the steady course, to certain and ever- law; Christ is the substance of it; lasting damnation.

he brought grace to fulfil the exIt is proper by these repeated actions, and truth to make good the warnings to call your attention to prefigurations of the whole law; your own perilous condition. But John i. 17. The ceremonial law he how little effect is produced by such fulfilled and abolished : the moral solemn reproofs ! Probably, after law he fulfilled and established, our Lord's address, his accusers and that his obedience thereunto might judges were silenced, and restrained be the ground of our righteousness, by an awful impression upon their and his spirit and grace therewith minds from proceeding to any act might be the ground of our obediof violence against him. So possi- ence; and therefore it is called the bly may you, who are his avowed law of Christ, Gal. vi. 2. For the opposers, for a season at least be prophets; he is the sum of them convinced and alarmed by these too, for to him they give all witness; faithful representations of your Acts x. 43. He is the author of guilt and danger. You may seem their prophecies; they spake by his to relinquish your objections, and Spirit: and he is the object of their yet persevere in unbelief, and be prophecies ; they spake of the grace destroyed for ever.-ROBINSON. and salvation which was to come by

Search the Scriptures, for in them him, 1 Pet. 10, 1l. So that the ye think ye have eternal life, and they whole scriptures are nothing else are they which testify of me.—That but a testimony of Christ, and faith Christ is the substance of the whole in him, of that absolute and uniNew Testament, containing the versal necessity which is laid upon history, doctrines, and prophecies of all the world to believe in his name. him in the administration of the John v. 39.-REYNOLDS. latter ages of the church, is very


3 And Jesus went up into a HYMN. Does the lord of glory speak,

diountain, and there he sat To his creatures here below!

with his cisciples. And may souls, so frail and weak,

4. And the passover, a feast All his gracious dealings know! Does the blessed Bible bring

of the Jews, was nigh. Tidings from our Heavenly King ?

5 T‘When Jesus then lifted Oh, with what intense desire

up his eyes, and saw a great Should we search that sacred book! Here our zeal should never tire ;

company come unto him, he Here we should delight to look

saith unto Philip, Whence shall For the rules by mercy given,

we buy bread that these may
To conduct our souls to heaven.
Shall not he that humbly seeks
All the light of truth discern?

6 And this he said to prove Do we not, when Jesus speaks,

him : for he himself knew what Feel our hearts within us burn ! For his soul-reviving voice

he would do. Bids the mourner to rejoice.

7 Philip answered him, "Two Lord, thy teaching grace impart, hundred pennyworth of bread That we may not read in vain ;

is not sufficient for them, that Write thy precepts on our heart, Make thy truths and doctrines plain : every one of them may take Let the message of thy love

a little. Guide us to thy rest above,

8 One of his disciples, AnBATHURST

drew, Simon Peter's brother,

saith unto him, CCXLIV.

9 There is a lad here, which hath five barley loaves, and

two small fishes : but what CHAP. VI. 1–21.

are they amongst so many ? Christ feedeth five thousand men with

10 And Jesus said, Make five loaves and two fishes. Therefore the the men sit down. Now there people would have made him a king ; but was much grass in the place. withdrawing himself he walked on the sea So the men sat down, in numto his disciples.

ber about five thousand. AFTER "these things Jesus went 11 And Jesus took the over the sea of Galilee, which loaves : and when he had given is the sea of Tiberias.

thanks, he distributed to the 2 And a great multitude fol- disciples, and the disciples to lowed him, because they saw them that were set down : and his miracles which he did on likewise of the fishes as much them that were diseased.

as they would

a lat. xiv. 15 Mark vi. 35. Loke ix. 10, 12.-h Lev. xxiii. 5,7. Deut. xvi. I. ch. ii. 13; & v. 1.-c Mat. xiv.

e Kings iv. 43.xlix. 10. Deut. . 18. Mat. xi. 3. ch. i. 21; & iv, 19, 25; & vii. 40.-g Mat xiv.

12 When they were filled, 21 Then they willingly rehe said unto his disciples, ceived him into the ship : and Gather up the fragments that immediately the ship was at remain, that nothing be lost. the land whither they went.

13 Therefore they gathered them together, and filled twelve 2 Klark ve 3 _buke ix, 12:- See Num. xi. 21,22 baskets with the fragments of 23. Mark vi. 47. the five barley loaves, which See $ $ XLVIII, XLIX. remained over and above unto

Matthew xiv. 13–33. them that had eaten. 14 Then those men, when

NCCXLV. they had seen the miracle that Jesus did, said, This is of a

CHAP. VI. 22–40. truth that prophet that should

Christ reproveth the people flocking come into the world.

after him, and all the fleshly hearers of 15 | When Jesus therefore his word ; he declareth himself to be the perceived that they would come bread of life to believers. and take him by force, to make 22 | The day following, him a king, he departed again when the people which stood into a mountain himself alone. on the other side of the sea 16 6 And when

saw that there was none other now come, his disciples went boat there, save that one wheredown unto the sea,

into his disciples were entered, 17 And entered into a ship, and that Jesus went not with and went over the sea toward his disciples into the boat, but Capernaum. And it was now that his disciples were gone dark, and Jesus was not come away alone ; to them.

23 (Howbeit there came 18 And the sea arose by other boats from Tiberias nigh reason of a great wind that blew. unto the place where they did

19 So when they had rowed eat bread, after that the Lord about five and twenty or thirty had given thanks :) furlongs, they see Jesus walk 24 When the people thereing on the sea, and drawing fore saw that Jesus was not nigh unto the ship: and they there, neither bis disciples, they were afraid.

also took shipping, and came 20 But he saith unto them, to Capernaum, seeking for It is I ; be not afraid.




me; and

25 And when they had found Father giveth you the true him on the other side of the bread from heaven. sea, they said unto him, Rabbi, 33 For the bread of God is when camest thou hither? he which cometh down from

26 Jesus answered them and heaven, and giveth life unto said, Verily, verily, I say unto the world. you, Ye seek me, not because 34 "Then said they unto ye saw the miracles, but be- him, Lord, evermore give us cause ye did eat of the loaves, this bread. and were filled.

35 And Jesus said unto them, 27 Labour not for the meat P I am the bread of life : ' he which perisheth, but " for that that cometh to me shall never meat which endureth unto ever- hunger ; and he that believeth lasting life, which the Son of on me shall never thirst. man shall give unto you : 'for 36 ' But I said unto you, him hath

hath God the Father That ye also have seen me, sealed.

and believe not. 28 Then said they unto him, 37 'All that the Father giveth What shall we do, that we me shall come to might work the works of him that cometh to me I will God?

in no wise cast out. 29 Jesus answered and said 38 For I came down from unto them, * This is the work heaven, "not to do mine own of God, that ye believe on him will, * but the will of him that whom he hath sent.

sent me. 30 They said therefore unto 39 And this is the Father's him, 'What sign shewest thou will which hath sent me," that then, that we may see, and of all which he hath given me believe thee? what dost thou I should lose nothing, but work?

should raise it up again at the 31 7 Our fathers did eat last day. manna in the desert ; as it is 40 And this is the will of written, "He gave them bread him that sent me, * that every from heaven to eat.

one which seeth the Son, and 32 Then

Jesus said unto believeth on him, may have them, Verily, verily, I say unto everlasting life: and I will raise you, Moses gave you not that him up at the last day. bread from heaven ; but my

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