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V I S I T O R.

By Several Hands.

Publiflwd by


Chaplain in Ordinary to His Majesty.

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fruited for Edward and Charles Dilly;
in the Poultry, near the Manfion-Houfe.

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What damned Error, but fame fober Iro.ia
Will blefs it, and approve it with a text,
Hiding its groffnefs with fair ornament!


To the Vis I Tor.

S I R,

AS you appear to be a gentleman of humanity, as well as to have a regard for the honour of religion; I have not the leaft doubt, but you will give a place to my melancholy tale, in your excellent paper; which, I hope, may prove of great fervice to mankind. At leaft it will tend to difplay the pernicious tendency of fome religious principles, which are daily propagated with the utmoft zeal and affiduity; propagated amongft the lower clafs of the people, where they are certainly moft dangerous and deftructive; and whete the more they prevail, the jnore muft licentioufnefs prevail; and every foVol. II. B cial cial and moral duty be neglefled. Sir, I fpeak, by woeful experience. I fpeak with an aching heart, a weeping eye, and a trembling hand. And I fpeak truth, which is not to be controverted, and which I am ready at any time to atteft in the moft folemn manner. Not long fince, ftrong in health, and found in mind, I was able to fulfil the bufinefs of my ftation, and to get my bread with chearfulnefs and peace: I had a wife, very dear to me; beloved children around me; a comfortable houfe to receive me, and content to foften iny pillow. But now, alas! afflicted even beyond the affliction of Job. —I am deprived of each, of all thefe! My body is diftracted with an intolerable nervous diforder; and I have no reft night or day: my mind is in torments infinitely more dreadful than thofe I endure in body, though they are intenfe, and without intermiffion; I am no longer able to get my bread, but languifh in poverty and diftrefs: I have no wife to comfort me, fhe has abandoned me in my fore calamity; and with her my children are gone: I have no where to hide my head; my goods have been fcized by the cruelty of her, who ought to have been my comforter; and as I am not a native of this kingdom, (where the poor may remain unnoticed, in the moft exquifite fufterings for ever,)—I have neither friend nor counfellor; nor any to alleviate; though I have many to ag- •


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