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occasioned by his weakness, he proceeded, “My dear brother, God frowns upon my people; there is great coldness among them.” And that he might not be mistaken, distinctly referred to the little success of his ministry among them for some time back; when he was reminded of the words of the prophet, “Though Israel be not gathered, yet shall I be glorious in the eyes of the Lord, and my God shall be my strength:” and the consolatory truth which they taught, that a minister's personal salvation and eternal reward did not depend upon his success. He was silent for amoment, but again broke forth, “Oh, my brother, God frowns upon my people!” repeating it once or twice. He evidently regarded, in this hour of severe trial, the spiritual interests of his congregation as much as his own. The following were his dying words, as recollected by his friends who were with him during the last conflict. “On Tuesday morning the 3d inst., having been the patient subject of a stubborn fever for seven weeks, his disorder suddenly assumed a more alarming aspect. His brother-in-law having been sent for, arrived about ten o'clock in the evening. Mr. Boardman was then dying. His brother was requested to acquaint him of his situation. As he approached the bed, Mr. B. addressed him with, “How do you do, Doctor?” “How do you do, Mr. B.” “I am not so well as when you saw me last— I am much fatigued, and want rest—I know my situation to be a critical one—I feel my weakness; but God is able to raise me up, and I trust he will. I think I shall not die, but live to declare the wondrous works of God to sinners. O, J–, Christ is a great Saviour; his merits are infinite: his blood is precious, it cleanseth from all sin; embrace Him, J–, and secure the mercy of God, for it endureth for ever. Do you think me near my end?” “Mr. B–, your symptoms indicate approaching dissolution.” He heard his brother without the least possible discomposure, closed his eyes, and rested himself about one minute. “Well, if I

am dying I have no time to sleep. Raise me up and call my family around me.” He was raised, and his family assembled, “Where is R–? where is my dear wife? My dear and loving wife, I love you sincerely—we have been permitted to live together for many years in much love and harmony, and we ought to thank God for it.—I am now about to leave you; but our separation is not an etermal separation.” Being affectionately asked by his wife if he could assure her that he felt perfectly safe in the hands of God, he answered with emphasis, “I hope I can—I have not left a preparation for death till now—I trust Ihave long since given up my soul unreservedly, and I hope sincerely, to Christ, and he will keep that safe which I have committed to him.”—“Can you say so, my love? then I can, if it is God's will, give you up: for my loss is your gain. This world is now a wilderness to me.” “No, my dear, I leave you in the hands of that God who has promised to be a Father to the fatherless ones, and the widow's God and portion.” He then most affectionately committed her to the mercy of God in Christ, and said, “We shall meet in a world where parting is not known—I now bid you farewell! Where are my children? where is M–? My dear M—, you are about to lose your earthly father; but God will be your Father, if you will love him and keep his commandments, &c. Fare you well! Where is E–? My

dear E–, you are now to have your earthly father taken from you; but God will take care of you, and provide for you, if you will listen to his counsel, as I have always told you.—I now bid you good by " (He then

called for his mother-in-law.) “My dear old mother, I bid you farewell! But our separation is short; we shall meet in a world where trouble is no more, and where there

are no storms, &c.—Now, my friends, one and all, I bid you an affectionate farewell!” He earnestly recommended the religion of Christ to his friends, and said, “Fare you

well—fare you well! I go a long journey;

may God bless you—I can say no more

lay me down,” After a short pause he said,

“My manuscripts I leave to the care of Mr. Spring, for him to examine, and if he finds anything worthy of publication, to have it published for the good of my people.” (Seeing his black girl stand by the bed,) “M–, you know I always told you to seek the Lord Jesus Christ, and put your trust in him, if you would be happy hereafter.” After a short pause, he exclaimed, “The mercy of the Lord endureth for ever. He will never leave nor forsake those that put their trust in him.” He then lay still for about five minutes; then pronounced these words, “Come, Lord Jesus, come quickly: why is thy chariot so slow 2 But I wish not

done.” Shortly after he said, “He that has an interest in the blood of Christ has no need to be afraid of death.” The doctor then felt his pulse—“How is my pulse, Doctor –“Very weak.”—“Is it possible for me to continue five minutes longer?"— “That is impossible for me to say.”—“Sit by me, and tell me the moment of my departure.”---- His breath grew gradually shorter, and he expired about twenty minutes afterward, without a struggle.

Who, on reading this plain unvarnished account, does not exclaim, “Let me die the death of the righteous, and let my last end be like his 2"

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The Subscribers to the Evangelical Guardian and Review, and others, are informed, that the first Number of the Second Volume may be expected to appear on the first day of May next. It is intended to publish it hereafter in a double column and on a smaller type, so as to admit of a considerable addition of matter. This will enable the Editors to insert a greater number of selections, and a far larger portion of Religious and Literary Intelligence. The Editorial department will be attended to by two Clergymen, one of whom has been the Editor of the work during the past year. They have the promise of contributions of original articles from Two Associations of Clergymen, and from a number of individual Clergymen and Laymen. They solicit communications of Original Essays, of the history of the rise and growth of particular Congregations, of Obituary Notices, of accounts of Ordinations, and Instalments, of Revivals of Religion, of the transactions of Bible, Missionary, Tract, and Sunday School Societies, to be addressed to the care of the Publishers, free of postage. As the Copy-right of this work is secured, it may be proper to state that every Writer for its pages is considered to have a full right to publish his own communications in what form he may please, notwithstanding their appearance in this work. It is requested that every Writer would assume a signature for himself, by which his communication may be distinguished. Copies of Volume First can be obtained from the Publishets. In future, the payment for the whole volume will be expected on the publication of the sixth number. The plan of giving engraved likenesses is not relinquished, but will be executed so soon as the sale of the work will warrant the expense. No separate numbers of any Volume will hereafter be sold; and those subscribers, who do not give notice of their intention to discontinue their subscription before the commencement of a new Volume, will be considered as pledged to take that Volume. Clergymen, and others, who will take a number of copies more than six, and become responsible for the prompt payment for the same, shall be allowed ten per cent. Those who are in arrears for Volume first, are requested to make immediate payment to the Publishers,


Page Pag,
Abeel, Biographical Sketch of the late Edict of the Hungarian Government
Dr. John N. Abeel 16| against Bible Societies 377

American Bible Society, Proceedings

at the first Anniversary . . . . 92

first Annual
Report of the Board of Managers . 137

- Report of the
Treasurer for the first year . 192

Abel, considerations on the Life and
Death of Abel . . . . . 418, 469
Amboyna . . . . . . . 334, 377
Address of Dr. Milledoler . . . . 379
Atonement . - 529
9. . . . . . . . 162
a yarn . . . . . . 265
A. . . . . . . 395
Amicus . . . . . . . . . 462

A. W. B. . . . . . . .

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Enoch, Considerations on his Life and

Translation 514, 558
Follies of Unlawful Pleasure 342
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Genealogy of our Lord . 365,411

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Heavens . . . . . 97
Holy Spirit . . 337,385, 433
Hindoos 423, 568
Intelligence, Literary 48

, Religious, 45, 86, 129, 184
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British and Foreign Bible Society 189,230

— Owen's
History of it . . . . . . . . . 48

Bull of the Pope against Bible Societies 186

Benevolence, Disinterested 254
Bible of 1579, Extracts from it. 413, 464
—, Usefulness of a Bible . . 428
Bloomingdale Cent Society 432
Baptist Missionary Society, England,
Report, October 1817 516
B. . . . . . . 336

Church, Relation between it and the
World . . . . . . . . . 1
Correspondents, Notices to them, 48, 144,
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Chalmers, Extracts from Sermons of

* the Rev. Dr. Chalmers, . 121, 178
Christian Paradoxes . . . . 330
Cent Society at Greenwich . . . 336

Bloomingdale . 432

Church Missionary Society, London:

Conclusion of its 17th Report 479
Divinity of the Saviour proved 156
Dead Sea . . - - - . 209
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Jay, Speech of William Jay, Esq.
Jews in Russia . . . . . . . .
Importunate Prayer, its success
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mise of it in the fifth Command 390
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Missionaries: Alphabetical List of Pro-
testant Missionary Stations and Mis-
sionaries throughout the world, 45, 86,
129, 184.—See Intelligence.

Missions, Moravian. 135, 190,569

Mowhee, Memoir of . . . 378, 424,472
Missionary Zeal in the Poor 479
Moses, Anecdotes of his History . 538
N. . . . . . . . . . . . .547
Notice to Subscribers and others , 573
Of Mrs. Graham's Life, &c. . * 304
Of Mrs. Grosvenor's Life, &c. . 314
Of Rev. Mr. Perrine’s Letters . 350

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Of Belfrage's Sacramental Addresses

and Meditations . . . . .395
Of Sabbath School Teacher's Monitor,
and Letters, &c. . . . . 450
OfCox's Female Scripture Biography 498
Religion . . . . . . . 461
Sea of Glass . . . . . . . 64
Speech of William Jay, Esq. . 94
— Dr. Kollock 231
— Dr. Mason . . . ib.
— Dr. Griffin . 235
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Sunday School at New-Brunswick 570
Serampore Printing-Office, distribution
of Books from it - - 188
Sabbath, Morality of it 193
, Sin of profaning it 241
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Sunday Scholar . . . 378
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United Foreign Missionary Society: its

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: its

Constitution and Officers . . . ib.
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dress of its Board of Managers . . 238

World, Relation between the Church

and it . . . . . . . . . . "
X. . . . . . . . . . . . 108
Y. , - 202,510

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