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A LETTER, written by the Right Reverend Dr. FRANCIS ATTERBURY, late Lord Bishop of Rochester, to Mr. ROLLIN, in Commendation of this Work.

Reverend and moft Learned Sir,

HEN I was informed by a friend, who lives


near you, that you were returned to Paris, I refolved to wait on you, as foon as my health would admit. After having been prevented by the gout for fome time, I was in hopes, at length of paying my refpects to you at your house, and went thither, but found you not at home. It is incumbent on me, therefore, to do that in writing, which I could not in person, and to return you my acknowledgments for all the favours you have been pleased to confer upon me, of which, I beg you will be affured that I shall always retain the moft grateful sense.

And, indeed, I efteem the books you have lately publifhed, as prefents of exceeding value, and fuch as do me very great hour. For I have the highest regard, moft excellent Sir, both for you, and for every thing that comes from fo masterly a hand as yours, in the kind of learning you treat; in which I muft believe that you not only excel all other writers, but are, at the fame time, the best mafter of fpeaking and thinking well; and I freely confefs that, though I had applied fome time and pains in cultivating these studies, when I read your volumes over and over again, I was inftructed in things by you, of which I was not only entirely ignorant, but feemed to myself to have learned before. You have, therefore, too modeft an opinion of your work, when you declare it compofed folely for the inftruction of youth. What you write may undoubtedly be read with pleasure and improvement by perfons not unacquainted in learning of the fame kind. For whilft you call to mind ancient facts and things fufficiently known, you do it in fuch a manner, that you illuftrate, you embel

lifh them; ftill adding something new to the old, fome. thing entirely your own to the labours of others; by placing good pictures in a good light, you make them appear with unufual elegance and more exalted beauties, even to thofe who have feen and ftudied them moft. In your frequent correspondence with Xenophon, you have certainly extracted from him, both what you relate in many places, and every where his very manner of relating; you feem not only to have imitated but attained the fhining elegance and beautiful fimplicity of that author's flyle: fo that had Xenophon excelled in the French language, in my judgment, he would have ufed no other words, nor written in any other method, upon the fubject you treat, than you have done.

I do not fay this out of flattery (which is far from being my vice) but from my real fenfe and opinion. As you have enriched me with your fine prefents, which I know how incapable I am of repaying either in the fame, or in any other kind of learning, I was willing to testify my gratitude and affection for you, and at least to make you fome fmall, though exceedingly unequal, return.

Go on, moft learned and venerable Sir, to deserve well of found literature, which now lies univerfally neglected and despised. Go on, in forming the youth of France (fince you will have their utility to be your fole view) upon the best precepts and examples.

Which that you may effect, may it pleafe God to add many years to your life, and during the courfe of them to preferve you in health and fafety. This is the earneft with and prayer of

Your most obedient fervant,

P. S. Our friend, your neighbour, tells me, you intend to dine with me after the holidays. When you have fixed upon the day, be pleafed to let him know it. Whenever you come, you will be fure to find one, fo weak with age and ills as I am, at home.

December 26, 1731.



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