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My dear LADY HILL,

May I beg you to accept the dedication of this volume, as a slight token of the high esteem of its author, and a testimony to the quiet consistency with which God has enabled you to fulfil the duties of your station. You have indeed proved that you consider the highest and happiest calling to be that of a humble follower of our Blessed Lord. That God may bless you, and your noble husband and your children, and that you may long adorn the honoured name you bear, is the earnest prayer, of

Your sincere friend,


THERE is as essential a difference between the sorrow of the world, which worketh death, and that godly sorrow which worketh repentance unto life, as there is between the mirth of this world which is vanity, and that holy rejoicing in God, and in all His gifts, which produceth thankfulness. Yet who is there that has not received a call to thankfulness? The very least return that a father expects from a child for a gift that he has bestowed upon him, is that of thankfulness; and the child of earthly parents appears more like a churl than a child, if he is unthankful. But the great God of heaven and earth, the Giver of all good things, pours down His blessings upon His creatures; and, alas ! how many there are who neither thank Him, nor even think of Him! The poor murmur and are unthankful, because they are poor ; and covet what they have not, instead of being thankful for what they have. The rich receive God's providential blessings as a matter of course, and regard them almost as their right. They were born among the affluent or the upper classes, and bave naturally no deep sense of their dependence upon God for everything they enjoy, and make no return of thankfulness to Him. We too often behold a case like the following:-A pour man, honest, industrious, upright, earning his bread with the

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