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ITALY. The first part of an architectural work of great promise has been published at Florence, entitled Opere Architettoniche di Raffuello Sanzio. The illustrations and remarks are by Carlo Pontani, who appears to have a most perfect acquaintance with the history and progress of Grecian architecture.

A very comprehensive work, descriptive of all the galleries of paintings in Rome, is in course of publication in that city.

Literature in Italy has sustained a great loss by the death of Dr. Gage, who bad scarcely completed the third volume of his Carteggio inedito dArtisti dei Secoli XIV. XV. XVI. pubblicato ad illustrato con documenti pure inediti, when he died at Florence at the age of thirty-seven, universally regretted. The Carteggio is published by Molini of Florence, and is a work of great value, exhibiting great historical research.

A new romance, Gina novella Italiana, by L. Romani, has appeared at Milan, and is attracting considerable attention. This novel possesses the great novelty of drowning all the characters introduced in the story, by which a termination to the romance is easily effected.

SPAIN. Periodical literature continues to revive, both in Madrid and Cadiz. The best conducted journals are El Piloto, El Correo Nacional, and El Mensajero. The best literary periodical, the Revista de Madrid, is but little known in Europe. Among its contributors are some of the most learned men in Spain; Alcala Galiano, Martinez de la Rosa, Puche y Bautista, the Marquis of Vallgornera, de Santiesteban, Silvela, Peña y Aguayo, Benavides, and Calderon Collantes, supply the best written articles. One of the most valuable works of recent date is a Dictionary of Ancient Spain. Tarraconense Beticay Lusilana, by Don Miguel Cortes y Lopez.

Llaguno's Dictionary of Spanish Architects, with explanations by Juan Cean Bermudez, contains some valuable chapters on the History of the School of Painting at Seville, and a full description of the celebrated Cathedral at Seville. It was from this work, that the late Frank Hall Standish gleaned some valuable information for his last published work, Seville and its Vicinity.

Four volumes of Don Manuel Jose Quintana's learned work, Vidas de Espanoles celebres, have now appeared. Don Jose Gomez Hermosilla's translation of Homer's Odyssey and the Iliad, are considered by the Spanish people as the best translations of Homer in any language.

Quinto has also published the first volume of his Constitutional Antiquities of Arragon, entitled Discursos Politicos sobre la Legislacion y la Historia del Antiguo Reyno de Aragon. Zorrilla's Collection of Ancient Legends, Leyendas y Tradiciones Historicus, are in a course of publication. The first volume has excited great attention for the valuable information it contains.

Calderon's remains.-By a lucky accident, the remains of Don Pedro Calderon de la Barca have been discovered. As the workmen were pulling down the decayed cloister of St. Salvador, a tomb was found under the walls of the vestry, which proved to be that of the poet. An architect who was fortunately present, read the inscription, and saved the stone. Calderon had been buried in the Trinity cloister; but with the destruction of this building in the middle of the last century, all traces of the place of his burial had vanished. His remains have been brought to the church of Alocha, a kind of national pantheon, and a subscription has been opened for the erection of a bronze statue to the poet in some public situation.

BELGIUM. The first printed Newspaper.-It has recently been discovered by E. Gochet of Brussels, from a marginal note in the handwriting of Adrian de But, a Dutch monkisha writer of the fifteenth century, that printed papers, conveying newspaper information, were circulated in Europe before the year 1460, and were, without doubt, first printed at Mayence. The first printed newspaper of which any trace can be found was printed in 1455, and gave intelligence of the peace of Karaman with the King of Cyprus, and the conquest of Servia by the Turks, in 1454. It was made known in these words ;

“ Czu nuwen meren schribet man vns alsus

Dz in die Turcky der mechtige Charamannus
Der etwan den konig von Cypern hatte gefangen
Deshalb ym dz kongrich must langen
Czins vnd tribut all jar
Solichs habe er en gelediget offenbar
Vnd ist widder den grossen Turken bereit,
Getrulich zu helffen die cristenheit
Darzu schribt man vns vorbas
Wie die grois Turke vs gezogen was

In die Sirphie mit siner stercke.”
The number of works published in Belgium during the past year amounted
to 320; being an increase above the year 1839, of twenty works. 218 were in
French, 92 in Flemish, 6 in Latin, and 4 in the German language.

SWITZERLAND. Isenring, the celebrated painter of St. Gallen, has invented an apparatus upon the principles of the Daguerréotype, by which he is enabled to take portraits in any size and with the eyes open; the latter has been long considered the most difficult point to accomplish.

The University of Zurich has 143 students, and the new Botanical Garden is now completed. A society of arts has been formed by the towns of Bern, Basle and Zurich, and the first exhibition is to take place at Zurich early in the spring.

RUSSIA. The arbitrary conduct pursued by the imperial government of Russia in pro. hibiting the printing of books in Poland in any other than the Russian language has been followed up by a similar course of conduct towards the Jews, who are forbidden by a recent Ukase from printing works in Hebrew, German, Polish or any other language than the Russian in any town or city except Wilna and Kiew. Several thousand persons have been thrown out of employ by this severe edict. In the provinces of Bessarabia, the Crimea, and the country on each side of the Caucasus, there are upwards of two millions of the inhabitants professing the Jewish religion. They have 1007 parishes or congregations, 586 synagogues, and 2,377 schools for children professing the Mosaic faith. In these districts 60 printing establishments have been stopped, and the families depending thereon for support left to starve; the works emanating from these establishments were all printed in German or Hebrew. This Ukase does not extend to the Karaer, a Jewish sect, who reject the doctrines of the Talmud, and who have printing establishments at Dschufutkale and Kosloff, from whence several interesting works have issued by the assistance of Sinia Bobowitsch.

The Russian Chinese scholar, Hyakinth (Bichurir), has published an Ency. clopædia, under the title of“ China and its Inhabitants.”


The lale Frank Hall Standish.The entire stock of this well-known author's works, including his library and valuable collection of paintings, will be rea moved to Paris, as soon as his Majesty Louis Philip, to whom they have been devised by will, shall bave determined upon where they are to be placed. The paintings, including some of the finest Niurillo's, will, it is expected, grace the walls of the Louvre. Previous to his death, Mr. Standish had nearly completed writing the Life of Cardinal Ximenez: this work will, no doubt, be preserved, with other interesting documents left at his residence in Seville, and which, from his long residence in Spain, and his great antiquarian research, will be found to be replete with interest and information. It is to be hoped these relics will fall into the hands of his half-brother, Sir Hugh Purves Hume Campbell.

The establishment of a German Newspaper in London, entitled Die Deutsche Presse, is one of the many proofs of the increasing taste for the acquirement of the German language; indeed, the acquisition of this language has become a sine quá non in all branches of polite education. The Court, it is expected, will patronise this effort. The newspaper will be printed by H. Passargé, who has recently reprinted some of the best and most popular of the German classics, including Goethe's Egmont, Goetz von Berlichingen, Hermann and Dorothea ; and Schiller's Don Carlos, Jungfrau von Orleans, and Dreiszigjähriger Krieg

Mr. Birch, the translator of the First Part of Goethe's Faust, which has been so favourably received, has nearly completed his translation of the Second Part. Nos. 1 and 2 of this portion of the work have already been published, and have commanded a greater degree of public attention than the First Part, owing to the number of translations of the First Part that have appeared. Both parts of the work are embellished with beautiful steel engravings, after M. Retzsch, and will form the most complete translation that has hitherto appeared.

With the next No. of this Review we shall present our readers with the contents of the first fifty numbers of the Foreign Quarterly Review, which, we have no doubt, will prove highly useful for reference.

MADAGASCAR.-A printing press has been introduced at Tananarivo, the capital of Madagascar, by the missionaries, who are actively engaged in printing a translation of the Bible into the Malagassee language. Four of the nalives are sushciently versed in the business to act as compositors, while the press-work is executed by two more, and several others aid in correcting the press.

His Royal Ilighness Prince Albert has given 501, to the London Library, and has promised a donation of German books.





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