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forbear, ther folk because hear. We mua, though

face to the wall. He's knorun for a refuge in the palaces of Zion, a very present help in trouble.

Othere's a strange hardness in the heart of man ! I believe there are few men come to age, but, when , they see others dying, have a conviction that they most die, and yet are not duly affected with it. 'Tis like one rising from the dead, what they meet with. . But they have Moses and the prophets ; if they I will not hear them, neither would they hear, though .. one should rise from the dead.' We must have an ear from God before we can hear. 'Ye hear not my words, Jays Chrift, because ye are not of God. However, whether folk will hear, or whether they will forbear,' 'tis our duty, whom the Lord has employed to preach his gospel, to speak his word : And when we are dead and rotten, what we Speak of his word in the name of the Lord, it will take hold of them.

We must have patience to wait till he corne. ‘Yet a little while, and he that shall come, will come, and will not tarry.; and till he come the just shall

live by faith. But if any man draw back says the " Lord, my soul shall have no pleasure in him. To point once heaven-ward, and then draw back, is a dangerous thing..

We are foolish creatures, we would have all the trial at our disposal, and limit the Lord as to the circumstances of our trial, Why should I complain of a little trouble in lying on the bed ? Blest be God, there's an everlasting rest. Yea, Christ hath perfumed a bed of languishing, and a grave ; he has unsting'd death.

To fone at another time, he said, enemies in this place will be insulting over me, but I am not afraid of that; but that which fills me with fears, is a misimproven gospel in St. Andrews. St. Andrews has fine ned againsi asclear gospel-light as cver shone in the isle of Britain, I remember, when I was at the college,

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Ulo how much of God was there in the preached gof

pel ! I had my part in the misimprovement of it. 10 Afterwards to his children he said, my bairns, I

have nothing to say to you, but be seekers of God, fulfill my joy. Ah! that I was so long a beginning

to feek God; and yet I was touched with convictions U that God was seeking me ere I arrived at the years of some of you.

To his eldest child he said, ay, Margaret, you seem Sometimes to have convictions, beware of them, they Vere the most dangerous things that ever you med. W died with ; for if you seek not God, each of them is

God's messenger; and if you despise God's messenger he will be avenged on you. My bird, seek the Lord, and be your mother's comfort.

In the forenoon, to a gentlewoman he said, mad. I am, I wait for the supplies of the spirit of the Lord

Jesus, whereby I may be able to finish my courfe vith joy. I began a text at Ceres, heing his farewel fermon, and fmilling, said, I sticked it, I went not through with it. When I came to St. Andrews, I began where I left at Ceres, ' I go bound to Jerusal. em, c. Afts, xxi 22, 23. The point ! past was, • Ministers may have a clear call to work in a place, s even where they have the certain prospect of diffi. 'culties, and winpowing trials.;' which I discoursed

here. I was very clear of God's calling me hither, W come of it what will, whether I signify any thing or

not. What would befal me I did not know, I had a
very dark prospect, 'specially from this place, that
had so much despised gospel-light; and that when
he was taking away his servants here, it made me
tremble to think that wrath was coming, and that I
could do nothing to hold it off ; I can signify no.
-thing. The Lord help, I wish for Jerusalem's peace
and joy.
· I have nothing to do with my life. but yet to teap
it, that I may lay it out for my God, and good my


common. What had I been if the grace of God had not been revealed in the gospel ! He has brought life and immortality to light, One said,keep your grips to the last ; Satan is busy. He answered, I have had trial of it already. O! sober, sober religion is neces. Sary, I was often stealing from the Lord; but bleft be his name, he made me lay it down again with shame, and to cry, Not 1, &c. i Cor, xv. 10. I was ay fear'd in public on that account. ... ,

He caused read one of Mr. Rutherfords: letters, and thereafter said, that's a book viz. to Mr.

John Mein, I would recommend to you all; there's

os 139th letter more practical religion in that letter; than in a book of large volumes.

To a minister that came in he faid, I'm lying waite ing for the salvation of God; who faid, mind what I spoke to you anent Mr. Anderson, how gracious the Lord had been to him, taking him away before these heart-breaking providences that have fallen out since. He reply'd, I know there's a better end of it; the cause that's down will not bide down ; I said it, I'll ven. Ture'my soul on it: Sny to Zion, thy God reigneth.Kings and ministers of state, that build their state on the ruins of Zion, they and their buildings shall be ruined and perish, and their memorial with them. One said, if the Lord would spare you, it would be a mercy to the place ; the apostle says, Phil. i. 23, 24. to abide in the Aesh, &c. he answered, What can a poor wretch signify ? I'll tell you, brother, what I have thought year and day, I'm no propher, I pretend to know nothing but what the word of God leads to, my thoughts of taking off the servants of God at this time, are, I fear 'tis coming to that, that there's no stop to be put to the overflowing scourge; there's like to be a general overflowing consumption running over not only this, but all the reformed churches. Sovereignity I will not limit. Afterward one was fiewing the difficulty we would have, while in the body, with indwelling corruption. He anfwered, I oft find it ; but the Lord has relieved me : I found this fame night, even after the Lord gave relief, I found indwelling sin fhewing a great deal of strength. One said, you know while you're in the body, that will not be quite taken away; a perfect seperation from it we are not to expect here, He added, this we know, that when he mall appear we Mall be like him, This has been made a sweet word to me the last night.

After a little interuption, he said, in the day when I was in my distress, and brought to the foot of mount Sinai, the mount that might he touched, (it was a sensible thing, but by divine appointment it might not be touched) and when I came to the blackness and darkness, and heard the crashing of thunder, Cc. I was standing trembling, wishing I had never been. While I was waiting for my sentence, he brought me to mount Zion, and to the blood of Sprinke ling, &c. that view gave my mind rest.

To the apothecary he said, the Lord is upholding me. The Lord shew you mercy; study religion in the beginning of your years; mind, if you come to be handled as I am, without it you can have no comfort; I give you this as a solemn warning, if you come to be hardned by the frequent sights of persons in my circumstances, you may come to be hardned for ever, and your conscience never be sensible more.

To three ministers in the place he said, my dear brethren ye're all there that are in the town, except my dear collegue, and I have sent for him : Dear brethren; it is not from any confidence in myself, but out of a sincere love to you, and from what I my. self have felt, that for your encouragement I persume to say, when the Lord helped to diligence in studying and meditating, I found him then remarkably shining upon me, and testifying his approbation of

york. I wilthful, and Goure gorpeoples being the makes

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a fincere mint. There is nothing to be had with a Slack hand.'

Then to one of them lately entered into the minis: try he said, your entry into the ministry is like to

fall in an evil day; there's one thing for your encouragement, you have a call: The times will make hard work to you in this place ; but that that makes your work the harder, is, this peoples being hardned under a long tract of pure gospel ordinances, However, be faithful, and God will strengthen to his own work. I will not say, ýe'll get things brought to what you would have ; but I'll tell you, I have one thought, and I abide by it, if ministers ply their work, they cannot, 'tis true, bring persons to the Lord, but they may make their consciences, nill they will they, speak for the Lord.

Then continuing his discourse to the ministers, he faid, now, brethren, give diligence ; for the Lord's fake ply your work, hold fast what ye have. I must have a word to my brethren, 'tis on my heart, I'm young, but I'm near the end of my life, and that makes me old, It becomes me to take advice from you. However, 'tis only to exhort to diligence in the common salvation. I repent I did not more, but I have peace in it, that what I did, I did it in sincerity;

he accepts of the mite. It was the delight of my • heart to preach the gospel, and it made me some

times neglect a frail body. I ever thought, if I could contribute to the saving of a soul, it would be a star, a crown, and a glorious crown. I know this was the thing I aim'd at ; I desired to decrease, that the bride. groom might increase, and to be nothing, that he might be all ; and I rejoice in his highness, When one faid, fo great attainments might be comfortable to him now. He replyed, I lay no stress thereon ; the thing I rejoice in is, that his grace enabled me to this. Well brethren this is encouragement to you to try and go farther, Alas, I have gone no length; but

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