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death in the face ; I have seen it in its paleness, and all the circumstances of horrour attending it ; I dare look it in the Face in its most gastly shape, and hope within a little to have the victory. Then he said, I hope he will deal tenderly ; but pray for me that my Faith fail not : I lov'd to live preaching Christ, and love to die preaching Christ. • To some ministers that were come in he said, My. brethren, I have been taking farewel of wife and bairns, I have been giving them up to God from whom I got them : I'm upon the wing of eternity; but glory to God. I know in whom I have believed.

Then he said, dear brethren, will you begin and speak a word to one that longs to hear of him : 01 love to hear the gospel, I love to preach it, 'tis a joy. ful sound, a sweet lound ; I love to hear of his name; his name is as ointment poured forth ; the efficacy lies here, they are his ordinances, his institutions, and he has promifed to bless them ;, that makes me desire them. The gospel as dispensed is the ministration of the spirit. I have need of grace, that I may be helped to stand to it to the last, and in the last con. Aiet to honour him. One faid, God has been graci. ous to you hitherto; and you know, he's always the fame, he's the same to these that belong to him: There's one good word, P'll never leave thee nor forfake thee. He answered, Bleft be his name that he'll Itand by me : 0 10 have him fhut my eyes himself, and then to open them, that I may behold him in his own light,

Thereafter he said, Well firs, what shall we say of the Lord Christ? He's altogether lovely : Religion is a mystery ; but I was looking thro' the promises this night, and observing how to provide against the lalt confict : I was astonishid, and at a stand, when I saw the sweet accomplishment of them : every promife of the word of God is sweet; they are sure promises. O firs, study the word, observe the accom.

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plishment of it'; it was the thing I lov'd all my days, and 'tis sweet to the lat. O the accomplishment of the word is worthy to be observed, and specially when I was looking this fame night to what he has already fulfilled to me.

1:19 . Toa minister he said, now, fir, tho I will not limit the Lord as to time ; l'm expecting the onset from the last enemy; and I know not but I may get many enemies about me ere then. :

Then exhorting some to think on death, he faid, To mind death is a profitable thing: To mind death is not to go to church-yard and visit tombs ; but it lies in this, to be habitually under the impreslions of death in its rise and caufe, in its prefent state and relation to both covenants, the various issues and con. sequences of it, and the way of delivery from it, and all the circumstances attending it...

Then as to his fpiritual enemies, he said, But I think I'm now almost out of their hands. One faid, That's a great victory. He answered, I dare not speak of victory ; but he holds me up, tho' I cannot hold pace : I'm fear'd to speak, left a curs'd enemy, -viz. felf, ly at the door to catch : for when I had the greatest advantages, I have felt corruption stirring and making no small difficulty, inclining me to spoil my Lord of his glory. One said, We Inail neither under mercies nor afflictionis be free of this trial. He faid, O strange, that when death has been so long kept in view, that it should be so ! One faid, You have reafon to count that a victory, that the Lord has helped you over your late fears : You know what a damp you was under on Wednesilay, and what a fweet outgate you got. He answered, I desire to bless his name for it; but I Mould be yet under as great a damp, if he should withdraw : Holy fear, caution and jealousy is still needful,

* After that, to the Minifters he faid, Brethrer., you're there : In case ! Mould be surprizd, I take this


opportunity to acknowlege your tenderness to me, that I'm most unworthy of it in many respects : I can say, I desired to live in love with you : and I bless God there was harmony amongst us: The Lord bless you and your labours, the Lord himself multiply spiritual blessings on you and your families, fupport you against discouragements; and the Lord in mercy look on the rising generation ; the Lord hold his hands about the seminaries in this place, God look with pity on them. Then to one he said, My dear brother, who has been my comfort in affliction, stand your ground, quit your self like a man, be strong. Now sir, now my dear friend, I shall only fay, as I wish you the blessing of God on your family, so I desire that you'll even shew kindness to the dead, in sympathy with all kindness to my dear wife and children ; I recommend her to your care; she has been the friend of my bosom, the wife of my youth,a faithful friend. And turning to all the minist. crs present, o sirs check my poor babies, if ye see any thing in them disorderly: I have lent and devuted thein to the Lord. Last spring the Lord has taken trial of it,

and has taken me at my word. * O firs 'tis * By this he an evidence of the decay of religion, that meant the sympathy and love among the saints is death of his sonGeorge.

S decay'd ; o if the spirit were poured out

from on high, Then he said, pray sirs, pray for grace : I would have the praise of the victory to him.

Afterward, he said, patience must have its perfect work; I'll wait for it : My soul longs more than they that wait for the morning. Sweet Lord Jesus, make haste, until the day break and the madows fie away, Then to a minifter he said, pray a word for patience to me to bide this last trial.

Thereafter at his desire, a large paper was read over to him, which he had dictated fome days before, containing a testimony unto religion, and advice to his

family, family, which being read, he own'd before several witnesses, that he had dictated the same; and desir'd that these as his words might be attested by them ; the tenor whereof follows. ' i den

Having in another paper apart made such a dispofition of my worldly concerns, as I thought most ex pedient for my family ; I did think myself bound moreover by this present testament and letter-will, to declare my sentiments and sense as to religion ; but hitherto through the mercy of God, in the full and compos'd exercise of any reason and judgment that God has given, tho'otherwise very frail in body: And this I am the rather inclin’d to do as a testimony against the growing apostacy of the day we live in, and in expression of my earnest concern to have all with whom I have any influence or interest to adhere to the truth and way of God, in opposition to that general inclination to apostacy, in principal and practice, that prevails this day.

In the first place then, I do ingenuously acknowlege, that I came into the world a defild, polluted branch of apoftate Adam, under the guilt of his sin, tainted with the pollution of sin deriv'd from him ; having a heart full of alienation from, and an enmity against God; in a word, a child of wrath and heir of hell. And long did I follow the bent ofthis corrupt nature, going on, notwithstanding reclaiming means of all Corts, from evil to worse, tho' mercifully reftrain'd from those more open scandals, that bring reproach before the world: In a word, I had ruin'd myself, and could do nothing for my own recovery, and must have been everlastingly ruin'd in this case, if the Lord, in tender mercy, had not look'd upon

me. .

I must on the other hand, and the Lord knows I do it with much chearfulness of heart bless the Lord, who cast my lot in a land where the gospel of Christ, and the way of salvation by him, is clearly, plainly,


and purely reveal'd and preach'd, wherein the pure ordinances of God's worship, without the mixture of mens inventions, have through the mercy of God been kept up, and the beautiful order of his houfe maintain'd, according to the rule of his word. I bless the Lord that he so ordered it, that I was born in a religious family of godly parents, and that I had this to say, that God was my fathers God, and that I had been earnestly and seriously by them devouted to him: And whereas I early subjected my self to other Lords in my childhood and youth, I bless and adore the Lord, that by his word and spirit, he ceas'd not to be a neprover, reclaimer, and to strive with me, until by a day of his power, he made me chearfully give up with those abominations, and return to the God of my fathers. Long did I struggle against the Lord's work, but praises to free grace, he prov'd stronger than I, and overcame me, and I rejoice in his highness.

I bless he Lord, tho' by many provocations of all forts, I have given him just ground to abandon me quite, ye he has not so done; nay, even when I was as a beast before him, he held me by the hand, and left me not to run away; O astonishing sovereignty of grace! I bless the Lord that when I stood trembling under the terrors of God's law, he seasonably fav'd ine from despair, by some discovery of the blesfed way of salvation for self destroyed sinners, thro' a llain saviour ; even such a discovery, as made me resolve to part with all, that I might have the field, Christ the treasure hid in it, and pearl of price. There is nothing I dread so much as a mistake in this inatter ; 'tis Christ only that will answer me and my case; and without him I am undone ; on him, the efficacy of his sufferings, the power of his resurrection, and of his whole meditation as reveal'd in the gospel, do I buil.1 all my hope. I bless the Lord, that ever he honour'd such a fine


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