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what's left. He promised the spirit to tead us in all truth: O that this generation would awaken, to feek after quickning influences of the spirit. O for a day of the down-pouring of the spirit from on high, in a work of a conversion, for such a day as that, when the spirit of God eftectually reached our fathers, and brought forth great men, and made others to be conquered by them. The residue of the spirit is with him, i ..


. To a minister, he said, I'm won now, I fay, I'm won, brother, longing for the falvation of God, and for the day when I shall see his appearance; but I must keep my post, and good reason, if he send me bur fresh supplies, as much as help me, till I come home, that I may not dishonour him by begging at anothers door ; I'm that proud I would take all from him, and not to beg from other Lords, Our master gives his servants a very honourable allowance.

Then to the physician he said, doctor, 'tis great bravery to face death on a sick bed. The heathens of old, whenever they turned impatient, they ran away to kill themselves, and made an end of themselves,

they * dought not bide it, It is no more

ey courage, and a nobler spirit, that the could not he Lord allows even the weak, the timorous,

the faintish, a power whereby they can lie under sickness and pain, and brave the souteft enemy, by a patience of fpirit ? :

After a pause he said, I think we shall loss the very Lew of religion. Our gentry and nobility, I think, if the Lord do not reclaim them, they are like all to turn heathens, drunkards, swearers, &c. Among other things, I rejoice in it, that the Lord is taking me away in my younger years, that I'll be free of the transgression of the wicked; and it has many a year frieved my soul to see it. :

After a little he said, there's a sweet composure on my spirit. The beams of the house are, as it were,


cracking. I'm laying down my tabernacle to build again, Q to get grace to be faithful to the death : For after we have gone thro' many things, yet we have need still to wait on God till the last : For 'tis he. that endures to the end that mall be saved. Am not I a man wonderfully upheld by God under affliction and death : The death of the saints is made a derrifia on in our day, but if they laugh at me, I can laugh at them, and I think I haye better reason ; let them come to my pass, and they dare not; and I'll rejoice in my God, and joy in the God of my salvation, tho" the fig-tree Mould not blojom, and there mould be no fruit in the vine, and the labour of the olive Mould falt. But, said he, blest be God, I am provided ; God is a good portion, I want death to compleat my happiness. ..i ii.

ii: After a little stop, he said, I was feared this day in the morning, that want of rest might have discompos'd me, I would fain have rest for fear of my head, The Lord has been very kind to me, in giving me composure and exercise of my judgment after I had a gay. distracting trouble in the beginning of his death-bed fickness. Then he said, but being laid here, I must speak ; 'tis the last service the Lord Jesus calls for at my hand : And I owe him fo much, that I cannot but commend him. As far as my word will go, I must proclaim it, he's the best master that ever I saw, .

Then to the physician he said, I fancy my feet are growing cold, doctor ; yea, yea, all the parts of this body are going to ruin. You may said he, believe a man venturing on eternity. I am not acting as a fool, but I have weighted eternity this last night. I have looked on death as a stript of all things pleasant to nature ; I have considered the spade and grave, and cvery circumstance in it that is terrible to naturc ; and under the view of all thefe, I found, that in the way of God, that gave satisfaction, not only a rational satisfaction, but a heart-engaging power attending it, that makes me rejoice, The doctor said, you speak: beyond your strength ; 'tis a wonder to see you hold: out fo, He answered, 1 cannot bestow my strength better, doctor ; And I owe him much more. I have narrow thoughts ; I am like to be overwhelmed, and I know not where I am, when I think on what I am to be, and what I am to fee, I have long desired and prayed for it; blessed be God, I am richely furnished. I had as much the day after my sister died. : • To his son he said, o man, if I had as many fons as there are hairs in your head I would bestow them all on God. David, these are honest folk, (meaning the ministers) mind their advice; the curse of God will overtake you, if you follow it not. Beware of ill company; read the bible. I pray you may be an encouragement to your mother.'

He was much concerned about his two nephews abroad on which he dictated a letter for them, which is as follows.

Dear Nephew, « THE words of your dying Uncle, the last Let. no 1 ter from him, should have some weight; of and my earneit desire that it may have weight in « order to your eternal salvation, is the reason of my “ employing fone of my last minutes, by a borrow" ed hand, to commend unto you to make earnest of « religion, and not to rest content with a dead, dry, « barren profession. I can tell you, since I came to " this bed of languishing, I have found a full proof, " that Religion is a real, useful, noble, and profi“ table thing. I have been helped through the mer« cy of God, during my lying here, to rejoice in the “ goodness of God, and ly composedly and pleasantily; nothing but religion, nothing, nothing but

" the

met “ the power of the grace of God can have that effi. id: 66 cacy, to enable me to do so: and having found it so

steadable a friend, I could not but commend it to you. 'Tis a day of power that only will engage you effectually, and will prevail with you to engage in earnest, A providence like this may rouse some present affections, that will go off in an empty

Aash again ; but it must be a renewing work of . “ grace that will fix an abiding anchor. The Lord “ in mercy engage your heart to him, that you may « find how good he is to the soul that seeks him, as * I do this day to my joy, and hope to do more fully « in a little. I could not but commend the Lord to “ you, having found so much of his goodness; I ne« ver found so much when I was in health and pro• fperity, as I find now in sickness and languishing; “ I find he makes all things to be his peoples for “ good, sickness or health, or diseases, or whatever “ they be, all is good ; and I find all for good. I am " longing to be away, and I must break off. If God “ be pleased to bless this ad vice from a dying friend, « we will meet, and meet comfortably in the higher “ house; I mean, if ye comply with the design of " the advice. I fear the influence of the place you “ live in, want of lively ordinances, and the con 56 verse of lively christians may endanger you. Con“ verse much with the word of God, be much in fe, « cret prayer. "God can give a good appetite, and a “ strong stomach, that out of a very sapeless piece " of nourishment, can fetch fornething that will give “ strength, and make coarser food sublift and nourith “ too. However, assoon as you can, seek after lively “ ordinances ; endeavour by all means to draw up " acquaintance with the Saints, the excellent ories in " the earth, that fear God.


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Dear Nephew, ..

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« I Remember kindly your wife, and I advise you “ I in that place, where you can scarce have access

to any ordinances, and cannot but be exposed une « to many disadvantages and dangers in point of " religion ; I advise you to take the first opportunity « of coming out of Babylon, and settling your busi“ ness where ye may be under lively means of grace. “I know you are 'a child of many prayers, and you u were prayed back from the gates of death ; and « now. I wilh that you may give evidence, that “ you have been prayed back indeed for mercy to « yourself, I shall be glad that this advice from a “ dying man come to be any wise useful to you, • The Lord be with your spirit. You cannot expect « from any one of my condition a digested, polith'd " letter ; but I speak the words of Tobernels, and « full composure of mind, blessed be God. Let your “ kindness to the dead appear in your kindness to “ my dear widow, whom I leave behind, and my

six children ; shew your concern with both."

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· To some present he said, O firs, I dread mightily, that a rational fort of religion is coming in among us ; I mean by it, a religion that consists in a bare attendance on outward duties and ordinances, with. out the power of godliness ; and thence people Mall fall into a way of serving God, which is mere deism, having no relation to Christ Jesus, and the spirit of God. To his collegue he said, dear brother, let not modesty hinder you from laying out your talent that way ; God has given you abilities. Well brother, to encourage you, I must tell you, I must say it, your


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