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“ ing that God, that truth, that gospel which I re"commend to you ; and therefor, am bold to re"commend to you this as the most noble, honour

able, advantageous work you can be cmployed in ; and I am this day sure from experience that it is better to serve the Lord in the gospel of his fon, than to serve the greatest princes on earth, in the highest ftation. If God help you in this service to be faithful, the reward is too great to be expressed. My thoughts, my words are swallowed up, and my affection towards you is fuch that my body would quite sink to speak what is on my heart of love to you, and desire to have you acquaint with my dearest Lord, to whom I always was deeply obliged, but now am so much indebted, that I fear, to mention “ how good he has been to my soul. Ochule him cleave “ to him, serve him, study to know more and more of “ him, live in communion with him, Never rest till you reach eternal communion with him. This is « all from your dying maiter. I have desired my " brother in law to sign this in my name. A death6 bed will excuse confusion. I wish nothing more « than that, after you have done much service to « the church here, I may have the happiness to hear “ you approven by the great shepherd of the sheep,

Tho. Halyburton.

To a minister he said, I think,"brother, my case is 2. pretty fair demonstration of the immortality of the foul. One faid, your case may be confounding to ao theists. Then he said, glory, glory for support, con tinued support to the chief of linners, O that I could fing forth his praise.. Indeed I'm patient, yet not l, but the grace of Gollin me. No 1, should ay be at band. Curft self,curit self that robs God of his glory. Could I have believed (but I'm an unbelieving body) that I could have had this pleasure and patience in this


condition ! Once or twice Satan was at the brangling of my faith. I wakn’d in a fort of a carnal frame, and I thought I had loft my jewel ; but now, I hope, he'll Stand by me to the end. If ever I was distinct in my judgment and memory in my life, it was fince he laid his hand on me; glory to him; what shall I ren. der to him ? my bones are riving through my skin ; and yet all my bones are praising him. I said, I am cuft out of the fight, but I'll look again towards thy ho'y temple. The enemies of the gospel in St, Andrews, fhall have this among other things to answer for, that God has taken and singlid me out for a monument of his mercy; but the defign and upshot of it is, for the establishment and consolation of his own, and, I hope, for the engaging of fome, may be, poor young things to God, Glory to the captain of salva. tion. O death where is thy fting? O grave, where is thy victory ? There is no curse of a broken law here, I'll get the cool the day. "

. Toa minister that said, how are you, fir, the day. He answer'd, I bless his name, I'm posting to eternity, to heaven.

To a gentlewoman he faid, well, desireable neighbour, I'm dying in a way that may confirm that God is good. Well, well, I'm near heaven, Then he fainted, and faid, this is another messenger, come for me.

When he was to take a little refreshment, in reeking a blessing he used these following expreslions, g'ory to God in the highest, that there is good will to men, and peace on earth; glory that life and immortality is brought to light. Help to put a crown on the mediators head, grace's head : It will be our glory to eternity, to run deeper and deeper in debt, Glory to God, that a vile worm, the chief of finners, is singl’d out to be a monument of his grace, and a trumpeter of his praise." Who's a God like unto thee,' s.


After he had taken the refreshment, he said, trust him to all eternity, credit his word. I listn'd to unhelief since I came to this bed, and it had almost kill'd me; but God rebuked it. I fought the victory by prayer; and God has given it; he's the hearer of prayer. I have not much more to do with death.

To one he said, another messenger comes for me, a cough. O man, I'm kindly dealt with ! The Lord has done wonderful things. Only grace to be sober to the end ; for our strength lies in him. Not we, o man, this is an up making for the residue of my days: Well, 38 years come December 25th, is my age, He. zekiah said, I'm cut of from the residue of my years; but I'll not say so. God's giving me this to make up the residue of my years. The Lord is e'en washing away my body, to let see, that my spirit can live without. I will not weary through his grace now. Brother, mind me, that the Lord may help me to honour, him to the end. Ay, I'll be wafhen, and get white robes the crown on my hcad, and palms in my hands.

I'm calling you to see a miracle, God is melting me dawn into corruption and dust, and yet he is keeping me in a calm, 0 ! who is like unto our God? Not unto us, not unto us, but to thy name, O Lord, be the praise. Our light affligions that endure but for a moment, work out for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory. I'll get the martyrs crown, with the minister of Christ's crown ; and O but the martyrs crown's a glorious crown, I'm now a witnefs for Christ, for the reality of religion ; and I'm fuffering. 'Tis given unta me, not only to believe, but to luffer for his name. I fought an increase of faith from our Lord Jesus, and our Lord has heard me; and now 'tis but a little, and I'll get the crown. And tho' there be a little noisomness about me, yet I'm willing that you be fpectators of it ; for it was not for my


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fake-that I meet with this, but for your establishment. • Is there not a beauty in this providence ?

After a wrestling with defluxion in his throat, he said the Lord has sent another messenger for me, to hasten me home. The other day I would have been away without this glorous evidence of the grace ofGod; but this is more for my advantage, that I am thus tried and comforted, I'm hastning, and I'll not complain of the flow paces of time, Why are his chariot

wheels so long a coming? But I'll not say so any : 'more ; Yet a little while, and he that shall come,

will come, and will not tarry. 'Come here all ye that fear the Lord, and I'll tell you what he hath done for my soul.' Then he caused a minister pray, and

faid, pray that he may enable me for the last stroke, E so as I may be a conqueror, and more than con

queror.' di

To his son he said, David, come man, o seek thy fathers God. I'm like the slave born in God's house, and I, my wife and bairns are the Lord's therefor let your ear be bored, to his post-door, and be his fervant for ever : And if ye ferve him, my God will bless you, he'll bless you for ever. Come my dear, your grandfather and grandmother are in heaven. Is it not hard, man to die well, for them that do not know God in Christ? If you knew the fore skin that I have, you would cry and * greet; I'm not greeting, nor crying. How glad *i, e. weep. would I be, if I knew my little stock, David would be a witness for God, a sufferer for the name of Christ, striving and resisting even unto blood ? I rather have you such, than an emperor of the universe, and would rejoice more in it. Were I called to it, I would spend my blood, and go through fire and water for it.

Then he said, if I would say, that I would speak no more in the name of the Lord, it would be like a fire within my breast. I was early muling with my

Wavid wouldchrilt, striving, than an em


self, how I would stand the shock, and be a martyr against popery ; I lay one night musing about it, and Dept none, cc

(This is to be found in the memoirs of his life.)

When some look'd to him as if they had been a. maz'd, he said, why look ye stedfastly on me, as if by my might, or power, I were fo? Net I, but the grace of God in me; 'tis the spirit of God that supports me. I'm here on a death-bed, going to heaven. 'Tis but a little time, and corruption will be rais'd in incorruption.

To his daughter he said, Margaret, I charge you to seek early the God of your father ; he's a wonderworking God.

To his wife he said, be not discouraged, my dear, at the unavoidable consequences of nature which I was under,'tis an evidence that there's but a very little; and death will be swallowed up in victory ; the body will be shaken into pieces, I'm washing away, blessed be God ; and yet my head is as coniposed as it was before my sickness. ;

To another of his daughters, he said, Janet, O seek God; he's good, he'll be a better father than I am ; you are born in his house. I have not a child, I have given you all to him; I leave you to the a. bundant grace of God. I'm much concern'd for the young generation; I fear they shall all cast at religion together,

To a gentlewoman in the parish of Ceres, he said, behold your dying minister ; I'm hastning to eternity, and haltning to heaven as fast as I can : I'm dying in the faith of these truths, I preached among you; you may remember I preached on that text, When I heard, my belly trembled : My lips quivered at the voice : Rotleness entered into my bones, and I trembled in myself, that I might rest in the day of trouble : Hab. M. 16. Then you may remember, I told you, that there was a rest to the Lord's people even in trouble;


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