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and now I feal this reft: 0 ! I'm we'll hir'd to all this; I have perfect composure of spirit, perfect peace without any roving, or any thing that's the effect of disorder : 0 what wonderful power is that! Tell my parishoners, that my God is blessing me, that the single mints I made at serving him in preaching the gospel of his son, the Lord has already rewarded it to a miracle : Now I find the gospel the power of God to falvation, all sorts of salvation. All in our religion is experimental, it will bide the proof. Well Mrs. God bless you, and bless your bairns, and make them a blefling to you ; seek God, make earnest of religion. O what shall I render to the Lord ! blest be God that he gives so honourable an occasion to commend him."..

To one of his children he said, if you forsake the God of your father, that has been so kind to me, this will be a witness against you: here I am a witness, that our rock is not as their rock: . Then to fome present he said, my moisture is much

exhausted this night ; but the dew lies all night on 'my. branches, the dew that waits not for man, nor tarries for the fons of men. O what cannot grace do! how have I formerly fretted and repin'd at the hundredth part of the trouble I have on my body now, Here you see a man dying a monument of the glori. ous power of admirable astonishing grace : And generations to come fall call me blessed. Follow my advice, study the power of religion, 'tis the power of religion and not a name that will give the comfort I. find. Now, firs, here is something to be improven for a while, it will take telling; there is telling in this providence, it will cost me telling to eternity. If there be such a glory in his conduct about me now, O what - will be in that, to see the Lamb in the midst of the throne, to see the Lamb that was sain in the midst of the throne, the Lamb that has the seven horns, and the seven eyes ? I have peace in the midst of pain ;


and O how much of that I have had for a time past! My peace has been like a river, not a discom pos'd thought. There has been some little suggestions since I got the great asault of my enemies in one league together ; I got one assault, and I was like to fall; But since the Lord rebuked them, there's not a discompos'd thought, but all calm. To the ministers he said, brethren, bless God on

my behalf, and pray I may be helped. + Meaning the I've been grappling with the king of choaking de terrors, and I find he is conquerable; throat

" I found the rattling of his t drum in

my throat, and I was not affrighted : I'm melting away bravely

To two of the students he said, well lads you see your dying master confined within these four stoops, and by the grace of God, is what he is, he is dying as one unto whom the Lord is shewing himself marvel. lously good : This is no roving of a sick man ; I bless God I never had my judgment more distinct all my days, an evidence of the reality of religion. When the defluxion carne up, he called for a little twist, and said, I think all the substance of my body Thall evacuate this way, but with a smiling countenance faid, 'tis welcome : Now, my body is wasting like a piece of brae by a mighty current; and yet the power of God keep sme up.

To a gentlewoman he said, you are come to see your old dying friend, a wonder indeed, but a wonder of mercy : I've preached from the pulpit, but now I'm preaching from a deathbed ; and I would be content, if sensible presence were continued, to speak till fesh and bones were walhen and wasted to nothing. Labour to get a clear view of him, The God of glory appear'd to me ; and the first sight I got of him, was fuch, as it wan my heart to him, so as it was never loos’d; though I have had many wandrings, yet I can say, I was never myself, till I wau


back to the center again. Follow me, take my word for it, he is a good master, ye'll never rue the service ; and I'm well hired to it. He took a little rattle in his throat, and said, This may be irksome to you ;- but every messenger of death is pleasant to me, and I am only detained here,that I may trumpet forth his praise a little longer. .

About noon he said, I was just thinking on the pleasant spot of earth that I'll get to ly in, beside Mr. Rutherford, Mr. Forrester, principal Anderson, &c. and I'll come in as the little one among them, and I'll get my pleasant George in my hand; and we'll be a a knot of f bony dust. fi.e. comely. Then he said, it will not be all my fore. . bones that will make me weary yet (as long as God gives me a tongue to speak, and judgment to conceive to preach his gospel.)

He broke out in frequent admiration with the greatest warmness at what he felt : Strange, said he, this body 16 washing away to corruption, and yet my intellectuals are so lively, that I cannot say there is the least alteration, the least decay of judgment or memory ; such vigorous actings of my spirit toward God, and things that are not seen! but said he, Not 1, not I, but the grace of God in me. Not unto us, not unto us ; which still I must have on my heart, since curs'd felf, is apt to steal glory from God; here I must watch, left the enemy give me a wound. :

Then to some ministers when they came in, he said, what a demonstration has God given you and me of the immortality of the soul by the vigour of my intellectuals, and the lively actings of my spirit after God, and the things of God, now when my body is so low, and also pain’d.

At night he fell very weak, and after a fore conflict, prayer being ended, he said, Ebenezer. One said, the Lord has helped hitherto, and he will help.

Sometime thereafter he said, good is the will of


the Lord, and every one of these throws is good, and I must not want one of them ; I must not fie from my post, but stand as a sentinel, for this is my particular work : This would be hard work without Christ, but 'tis eafie, having him the captain of fal. vation.

He complain'd of his head, but said, in a battle there must be blood and dust; ' every battle of the warrior is with confus'd noise, and garments roll'd in blood.' 'Tis meet I should be so hard put to it, that I may know to whom I owe my strength. O that I were at the throne above, that my glimmering light were taken away, that this unsteady faith might ier: minate in perfect vision.

Then looking to a minister, he said, this is Gymnafium. And some who stood by asking what that word meant, he said, it was a school for exercise, a place where they wrestled and fought naked ; and I'm in agony and wrestling with the king of terrors. But (faid the minister) you'll obtain the victory through the captain of salvation, who, you know is able to keep what you have commited to him.

When he revived after a severe shock, he said, I am defcat; and added, “I am shipwrack'd into health again, One faid, but you have still a pleasant view of an end of all your pain and trouble in that land

where the inhabitant shall not say he's sick.' At which he gave pleasant looks and fmiles, and turn'd up his eyes and hands while he was not able to speak.

One said, "Blest are they that die in the Lord ;' there's much that goes before, along with, and after it. We groan in this tabernacle, being burdened," not simply that we would be diffolv'd, but clothed upon with our house which is from heaven. Then he said, when I fall fo low that I am not able to speak,

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