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this falvation fent, Acts xiii. 26. All this was offer. ed to me, and I was invited secretly to come, and take of the water of life freely, Rev. xxii. 17. and to come in my distress unto this blessed rest. Matth xi, 28. Come to me all ye that are weary and heavy laden, and ye shall find rest for your souls. 6thly, He, to my great satisfaction gave me a pleasant discovery of his design in the whole, that it was that no flesh might glory in his fight, 1 Cor. i. 29, 31, but that he who glories, should have occasion only to glory in the Lord, that he might manifest the riches of his grace, and be exalted in Thewing mercy; and that we in end might be saved, to the praise of the glory of his grace, who made us accepted in the beloved. Eph. i. 6, 7. Ifa..! Xxx. 18. 7thly, The Lord reveal'd to my soul, that full and suitable provision made in this way against

the power of fin, that as there is righteousness in him, is so there is strength, even everlasting strength in the

Lord Jehovah, Ifa. xlv, 22. to secure against all enemies; and that in him there is sweet provision made against the guilt of sins, that through the power of temptation, his people may be inveigled in; i John ii. 1, 2. Thefe things write I to you, that ye sin • not : But if any man sin, we have an advocate with : the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous; and he is is the propitiation for our sins : And not for ours on

ly, but also, for the sins of the whole world.' 8thly, 'When this strange discovery was made of a relief, wherein full provision was made for all the concerns of God's glory, and my salvation, in subordination thereto; my soul was by a glorious and sweet power carried out to rest in it, as worthy of God and every way suitable and satisfying in my case. They that know his Name will put their trust in'him, Psalm ix. IO.

5. All these discoveries were conveyed to me only by the word. It was not indeed by one particular testimony, or promise of the word, but by the


concurring light of a great many' of the promises and testimonies of the word seasonably set home, and most plainly expressing the truths above-mentioned. The promises and truths of the word, in great abundance and variety, were brought to remembrance, John xiv. 26. and the wonders contain'd in them Píalm cxix: 18. were let before mine eyes in the light of the word. He sent his word and healed me. Psalm cvii. 20. This was the rod of his strength, that made me willing: Psalm cx. 2, 3. And it was the plain word of salvation, that I found to be the power of God. Rom. i. 16. I cannot positively say, That the particular places above-mentioned, were the words whereby these discoveries were conveyed to my soul. But by these or such like passages; and I believe, by many, even of those mentioned promises and truths were the discoveries above named made to me,

6. But it was not the word alone that conveyed the discovery: for most of these passages whereby I was reliev'd, I had formerly in my distress read, and thought upon, without finding any relief in them. But now the Lord min'dinto my mind by them. 2 Cor. iv. 6. Formerly I was only acquaint with the letter which profits not : But now the Lord's words were Spirit and life, John vi, 63. and in his light, I Jaw light, Psalm xxxvi. 9. God opening mine eyes to Jee wonders out of his law. Psalm cxix. 18. There was light in them, a burning light by them shone into my mind, to give me not merely fome notional knowlege, but the light of the knowlege of the glory of God, in the face of Jesus Christ. 2 Cor. iv 6. And many differences I found betwixt the discoveries now made, and the notions I formerly entertain'd of the fame truths, 1. It shone from heaven ; Acts ix. 3,. It: was not a spark kindled by my own endeavours, but it shone suddenly about me; it came by the word of God, a heavenly mean; it opened heaven, and discovered heavenly things, the glory of God, and it led

me up as it were to heaven. Its whole tendency was heaven-ward 2. It was a true light, John i. 9. give ing true manifestations of God, even the one true God, and the one Mediator between God and man; and giving a true view of my state with respect to God, not according to the foolith conceits I had formerly entertain'd, but as they are represented in the word. 3. It was a pleasant and sweet light. Truly light is sweet, and a pleasant thing it is for the eyes to behold the fun. Ecclef, xi. 7. It had a heavenly satisfaction in God attending it. It led to a pleasure in the fountain whence it came. 4. It was a distinct and clear light, representing not only spiritual things, but manifesting them in their glory, 2 Cor. iv. 6, and in their comely order; it put all things in their due line of subordination to God, and gave diftinct and sweet views of their genuine tendency. I Johnii. 27. 5. It was a satisfying light, the soul resto ed in the discoveries it made, and was satisfied, it could not doubt if it saw, or if the things were so, as it represented them.Psalm xvii. 15. 6. It was a quickening, refreshing, healing light; when this Sun of righ teousness arose, there was healing under his wings: Mal iv. 2. It was like the summer's fun, warm. ing. In a word, it was the light of life. John. viii, 12. 7. It was a great light ; It made great and clear dif. coveries, whereby it easily distinguished itself from any former knowlege of these things I had attained. And, 8. It was a powerful light. It dissipated that thick darkness that overspread my mind, and made all those frightful temptations, that had formerly difturbed me, fly before it. When the Lord arose, his enemies were fcatered, and fled before his face. Pfalm Ixviii. 1. 9. It was composing, it did not like a flash of lightning, * suddenly appear and fill the soul only with amazement and fear; but composed and quiet.


* Cant. iii. 8. compar'd with Ila. Ivii. 19.

ed my foul, and put all my faculties in a due posture,
as it were, and gave me the exe: cise of them. It def-
troyed not, but improved my for wer knowlege. These
particulars might be explained, and further amplifi.
ed: But the nature of this narrative, and the brevity
designed in it, will not allow me to insist; and I the
more willingly stop here, and forbear to give any
more large account of my small experience of this
light; because I know, that no words can express the
notion, that the weakest Christian, who has his eyes
open'd, really has of its glory. The true notion of light
is not conveyed by the ear. The ear tries words, the
mouth Taste meats: Job xii. 1 1. Burit is the eye that
beholds the fun. Eph. V. 13. No words can convey a
true notion of light to the blind. And he that has
eyes, at least while he sees it, will need no words to
describe it. It manifests itself, and other things. 'Tis
like the new name, that none knows Jave he who has
it. And they who really see, but because their light
is weaker, and Satan raises mists to obscure it, will
be more capable of judging of it by its effects, than
by any accounts of its nature : Therefor, I shall for-
bear to speak any more, of that and now proceed to
account for the effects whereby its reality and differ-
ence from former light will more obviously, evidente
ly, and convincingly appear. However, at least, while
this shining brightness lasted, this one thing it con-
vinced me fully of, and made me certainly know,
that whereas I was blind now I fee. John ix. 25,
7 . The first discernible effect of this discovery was,
an approbation of God's way of saving sinners by Jea
sus Christ, to the praise of the glory of his grace,
which I take to be the true fcriptural notion of justi.
fying faith; for this not only answers the scripture
descriptions of it, by receiving, coming to him, look.
ing to him trusting and believing in him, &c. John i.
12. Matth. xi. 28. Heb, xii. 2. Pfalm ix 10. but it
really gives him that glory Rom, iv. 20, that be de.!

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fign’d by all this contrivance, the glory of his wisdom, grace, mercy, and truth. Now this discovery of the Lord's name brought me to trust in him and glory on. Jy in the Lord: I found my soul fully satisfied in these discoveries, as pointing out a way of relief altogether, and in all respects suitable to the need of a poor,guilty, felf-condemned, felf-destroyed sinner, beat from all other reliefs, and who has his mouth stopp'd before God, after he has spent all his substance to no purpole upon other physicians. Mark. V, 26, In this I rested as a way full of peace, comfort, security and satisfaction, as providing abundantly for all those ends I desired to have secured. And this approbation was not merely for a fit, but ever afier in all temptations it discovered itself, 1. By keeping me up in a fix'd assent, and adherence of mind to, and persuasion of this truth, That God has given to us eternal life, and this life is only in his Son. I John v. 11. 2. When afterwards I was under temptations, follicited to go away and seck relief in other ways, it still kept me constant in a firm refolute rejection of all other ways of relief, and renounciation of all propofals that led to them, even when I found not the present comfort of this way; I ever held at that with Ephraim, What bave 1 any more to do with idols? Hos, xiv. 8. And with the disciples, I still faid. To whom Mall I go? Thou hast the words of eternal life, John vi. 68. 3. In all my after-exercises about guilt, my soul counted all things but lors that it might win Christ, and get a new discovery of him: Phil. iii. 8. When challenges disturbed, when thoughts of an appearance to judge ment were suggested, when ever I was in a strait this was the only lanctuary I took relief in: Let me be found in him not huving mine own righteousness but his, Phil, iii. 9. if this is obtained I am safe; and nothing besides this could make me think myself fo. 4, Whenever the Lord did anew discover the glory of this way, by a beain of fresh light, whatever my dis


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