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Instances of the rankest enthusiasm mistaken for the purest

and most acceptable religion, and the highest flights of madness for the truest devotion,

274 to 285.

Effay the Fifth. Further Thoughts concerning Persecution on ac

count of Religion; and some Proposals for preventing it,


Eflay the Sixth. Of Everlasting Punishments,

317 That this opinion has been invented or propagated by different persons for different purposes,

319 Some of the principal arguments usually urged in support of this doetrine,

319 to 321 These arguments considered,

321 et seq. That if all men are liable to be eternally punished, but

may nevertheless, by certain means, obtain eternal bappiness, then undoubtedly God would give to all men a clear, distinct, and certain knowledge, what faults, failures, or fins they are thus to be punished for; and by what means they may avoid everlasting misery, and gain everlasting felicity,

324 That by the different and contradiEtory opinions enter

tained by men on these subjects, it is evident God has not given this knowledge to all men,

325 Instances of these different opinions, 325 to 332 That all men are so far from knowing particularly for

what faults, failures, or fins they are liable to be eternally punished, that they have not so much as a

a 3

knowledge knowledge in general, that they shall, on any account,
be subjected so to suffer,

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