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FIRST SERIES, being a Selection from the Best Minor Poems. By A. C. KENDRICK. I vol., 12mo.; tinted paper. Price, $2.00.


SECOND SERIES, being a Selection Chiefly from the Best of the Longer English Poems. By A.C. KENDRICK. I vol., 12mo.; tinted paper. Price, $2.00.

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In this companion volume to the editor's previous compilation, it was his original purpose to restrict his selections entirely to longer pieces. He has, however, believed that he should enhance the attractiveness of the volume, by interspersing with these a considerable number of shorter ones. In the preponderance, nevertheless, of longer poems, he has made no attempt at classification by subjects, but arranged the pieces in chronological order, according to the date of the author's birth. The editor does not flatter himself that he will in all cases be deemed to have made the best selections. The stores of even minor English poetry are yery large, and no two, and no ten volumes can claim or hope to exhaust them. Yet he will be disappointed if these two volumes shall not be found to furnish a body of minor English poetry of unusual excellence. The selections from American poets had necessarily to be adjusted to the claims of copyrights. The editor has especially to acknowledge the courtesy of Messrs. Osgood & Co., for their permission to include in this selection a number of poems from authors of whose works they hold the copyrights.

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