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Peter, his resolution to follow Christ in his sufferings, i. 305. Denies
his Lord, i. 308.

Places of worship, ii. 54. Places for worship appointed under the

law, ib. By the Gospel every one in every place is allowed to
draw near to God, ii. 55.

Power of God, is almighty, i. 23. Manifested in the works of

creation, i. 27. Scriptural representations thereof, i. 30.
Power of God, manifested in his providence, i. 34. This power
displayed in the clouds, ib. In the stormy winds, in frost and
snow, i. 35. In the thunder, i. 36. In the animal creatures, ib.
The power of God declared in the words of the Almighty, i. 37.
The praises of the saints in view of his power, i. 38. Displayed
in bringing Israel out of Egypt, i. 39; and in the government of
the world, i. 40. God ruleth over all things in heaven and earth,
i. 41.

Praises, given to God by the saints for his goodness in nature, and to
the animal creatures, i. 67; and for his peculiar goodness to man,
i. 68; and for his loving-kindness to his people, i. 69.

Praising, of praising God, ii. 16. The whole creation called to
praise God, ib. The children of God particularly called to this
exercise, ii. 17. Is a delightful employment, ii. 18. Every com-
fort of life to be received with thanksgiving, ii. 20. The wonders
of redeeming love to be celebrated with still higher praises, ii. 21.
Instances of divine goodness to be thankfully remembered, ii. 22.
Prayer, that God is the hearer of prayer, ii. 1. Great encourage-
ments to prayer, ii. 2. Our Lord's instructions relating to this
duty, ii. 3. Promises of audience, motives to importunity, ii. 4.
General exhortations of the Apostles to this duty, ii. 5.
What are
the prayers offered up by an acceptable worshipper, ii. 6. We
are to pray for others, and in a spirit of benevolence, ii. 9. The
purposes of the saints to call upon God, ii. 11. Prayer an
important act of religion, ii. 13.

Prayers of the Saints, entreating the favour of God, i. 70. Their
sure hope of being heard, i. 71.

Prayers and thanksgivings of God's servants for their protection, i. 99.
Precepts of God, and duties purely personal, ii. 122.

Pride, that despiseth others, very dangerous, ii. 205; that which
exalteth itself against God, and affects independency, most criminal
and dreadful, ii. 206. Such pride cannot escape unpunished,
ii. 207. The wrath of God denounced against such, ii. 209. His
judgments on his presumptuous enemies, ii. 210. Dissuasives
from pride, with exhortations and motives to humility, ii. 212.
The divine instructions of our blessed Lord, ii. 214. His great
example of condescension and humility, ii. 215. The complaints
of the saints with regard to the proud, and their prayers for deliver-
ance and protection, ii. 219. Examples showing the dreadful con-
sequences of pride, ii. 220.

Priests and Levites, their different offices, ii. 388. The peculiar
charge given to the priests, ii. 389. The just indignation of God
against impious priests, ii. 393.

Priests, chief, their low art to the soldiers attending the sepulchre,
i. 325.

Prince, the purposes of one wise and pious, ii. 347.

Promises of God, to those that return and submit to him, i. 52.
Promises of spiritual blessings to his own people, i. 65.
Promises of light in the latter days, i. 217. These promises to be
accomplished in virtue of a new covenant, i. 218,
The ac-
complishment of these promises expected from the great Messiah,
i. 219. Actually fulfilled in our Lord Jesus, i. 220.
Promises of God, for direction and assistance, i. 263. The promises
We have an interest
in the richest promises through our Lord Jesus Christ, ii. 81.
Promises to the just and upright, mingled with threatenings against
the unjust and deceitful, ii. 296.

a sure foundation of trust and hope, ii. 80.

Prophets, under the dispensation of the law, ii. 390. The sin and
evil consequences of disregarding their message, ii. 392. The just
indignation of God against false prophets, ii. 393.
Prosperity of the wicked, no solid objection against the justice of God,

i. 80.

Protector, God the protector of the widow, the fatherless, and the
indigent, ii. 323.

Providence, similar dispensations to the good and bad, no objection
to the righteous judgment of God, i. 102. Displays of the divine
displeasure against the ungodly in punishments on earth, and in
the final judgment, i. 103. His judgments are righteous, i. 105.
They proceed on his perfect knowledge of their hearts and
ways, i. 106.

Purity of heart and life, taught and required, i. 481. Those things
that defile, and are contrary to purity in heart and practice, ii. 161.
The necessity of being separated from those evils, ii. 162. Promises
of God for pouring out a spirit of purity and holiness in the latter
days, ii. 163. The people of God under peculiar obligations to
deny worldly lusts, and to practise holiness, ii. 164, 165. Without
such purity no privileges or profession can avail, ii. 166. To
render us pure and holy was one great end of the Son of God's
being manifested, ii. 168. The most perfect pattern of holiness is
in our Lord Jesus, ii. 171. The necessity of zeal and perseverance
in purity and holiness, ib. The joy of the Apostles for those who
had attained to purity of heart and life, ii. 173. Their prayers for
them, ii. 174.

Purity and holiness, various incitements to it, i. 487. The prayers
and praises of the saints to this purpose, i. 489.


Redeemed, their doxology, i. 86, 390, 458.

Redeeming love of God, i. 195. The purpose of redemption declared

to the saints from earliest ages, ib. The Divine Person by whom
redemption was to be brought about, i. 197. The unspeakable
love of God fulfilled by Christ Jesus our Saviour, i. 198. The
praises and thanksgivings on this event, i. 199.

Redemption, the divine goodness illustriously displayed therein, i. 66.
Relative Duties, of magistrates and subjects, and their reciprocal
duties, ii. 337.

Repentance, calls to it, i. 72. Great joy over sincere penitents, i. 74,
All mankind, as guilty before God, called to repent, i. 411. The
Lord's people rebuked for their rebellious behaviour, yet invited to
return and live, i. 412. Encouraged by many great and precious
promises, i. 413. The preaching of John the Baptist to this
purpose, i. 414. The instructions of the blessed Redeemer to this
effect, ib. The views of repentance in his parables, exhibiting
mercy to the penitent, i. 415. Genuine repentance always at-
tended with deep humility and contrition of spirit, i. 417. Gracious
promises made to the humble and contrite in spirit, i. 418. True
repentance leads to the confession of sins, and supplications for
mercy, i. 420. If repentance be real, it will issue in reformation
of heart and life, i. 421. Solemn calls to this purpose, i. 422.
To this effect the commands of our Lord to his Apostles, i. 425.
Dreadful consequences of disregarding calls to repentance and
reformation, i. 428. A disregard to these calls leads to final im-
penitence, and judicial hardness of heart, and at last issues in utter
ruin, ib. The impenitent bewailed, and grace for the penitent,
i. 430. The tender mercies of God, and his gracious promises,
powerful motives to repentance, i. 431. It is by our Lord Jesus
that we are brought to true repentance, and receive remission of
sins, i. 433. This duty urged upon unwatchful professors of
religion, i. 434. Illustrated in all its extent by confessions, suppli-
cations, and purposes of the servants of God, i. 435. Encourage-
ments of the mercy and grace of God, fill the saints with joy and
praise, i. 440. The efficacy of repentance exemplified in Israel,
Manasseh, Josiah, the people of Nineveh, and others, i. 441.
Reproof, of giving and taking it, ii. 332. To admonish and reprove
our brethren is a part of our duty towards them, ib. To hearken
to just reproof is true wisdom, ii. 333. To reprove with tender-
ness and love, is an important injunction of the Gospel, ib. To
give, and to submit to such reproof, is one considerable part of
Christian communion, ii. 334. This temper exemplified in the
disposition of the Psalmist, ii. 335. Examples of courage in
giving, and of wisdom in taking reproof, ib. The reproofs of Nathan
to David, and of St. Paul to the Church of Corinth, ii. 336.
Resignation to the will of God, and of submission and patience in
affliction, ii. 94. Murmuring, discontent, and fretting, opposites to
it, ii. 118. Instances of this sinful behaviour in the people of
Israel, ib.

Resignation, examples of it in Job, Eli, and David, ii. 119.
Righteous, hath hope in his death, i. 182. By this glorious prospect
our Lord's Apostles and followers were animated in their duties
and sufferings, i. 187. Their triumphs, i. 188. Their praises to
God for this blessed hope, i. 189.


Saints, adore God as the only Lord, i. 3; and as the sovereign Judge,
i. 108. Confess their sins, and plead for mercy, i. 109. Their
reflections on their former ignorance, and their ardent desires after
true wisdom, i. 137. Their prayers to this effect, ib. Their hope
of obtaining their requests, i. 138. Reflections on their state before
conversion, i. 153. Their struggles with the remainders of de-
pravity, i. 154. Their confessions and supplications on this
subject, i. 155. Their reflections on the shortness of man's life,
i. 183. Their joyful hopes and praises in views of divine support,
i. 269. Their joy in the ordinances and ministers of the sanctuary,
ii. 395. Their prayers for the prosperity of the sanctuary, and
the ministers thereof, ii. 396.

Samaritan, the parable of the good Samaritan, ii. 317.
Sanctification, Christ sanctifies the Church, i. 250. This divine
blessing promised to the fathers, i. 251. This one end of Christ's
coming into the world, ib. This the Apostles witness, i. 252.
This the intent of all ordinances, i. 254. This the work of
his grace, ib. The Apostle's congratulations with them that
were sanctified, i. 256. The joy of the saints for this great
blessing, i. 257. The prayers of the Apostles for a perfect

sanctification, ib.

Saul, called to the apostleship by the miraculous appearing of our

Lord to him, ii. 426.

Security of the saints, in being carried through the present state of
discipline and trial, i. 259.

Serpent, deceives our first parents, i. 127. The judgment denounced
on the serpent, i. 128. Servants of God, secured against all that
is finally hurtful, i. 259.
Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego, examples of their faith,

ii. 40.

Sin, the source of our sorrows and miseries, i. 160. Stands ever in the
way of our happiness, ib. Brings down the judgments of God,
i. 161-and exposes to eternal misery, ib.

Sloth, an evil productive of the greatest calamities, ii. 188. Its disad-
vantages, ib.

Sobriety and temperance in opposition to gluttony and drunkenness,
ii. 175. The comforts of life we may partake of with cheerfulness,
ii. 175-but excess in them, criminal and dangerous, ii. 176.
Various woes denounced against intemperance, ii. 178. Sobriety
and watchfulness enjoined by our Lord, ii. 180. Awful warn-
ings against gluttony and drunkenness, ib. Earnest exhortations
to sobriety, temperance, and moderation, ii. 182. Required par-
ticularly of different classes of men, ii. 183. The prayers of the
saints relative to this matter, ib.

Son of man, manifested to turn us from sin to God, and to sanctify
us, i. 480.

Soul, of its cultivation in divine knowledge and true wisdom,
ii, 129.

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opposition to covetousness and the love of
All that this world can bestow, uncertain and


Spiritual affections in
the world, ii. 233.
unsatisfying, ii. 234.
Subjects, bound to honour their rulers, ii. 347 - ought to abstain
from every thing injurious to them, ii. 348- to obey all their
lawful commands, ib.—to submit to their decisions, ii. 349-
to pay tribute, ii. 350 - to pray for them, ii. 351. The lamenta-
tions and prayers of the saints on this head, ib.
Sufferings of our Lord Jesus Christ, i. 304.
of them, Peter's resolution to follow him, ib.
garden, i. 305.
Sympathy and kindness, in opposition to hard-heartedness, cruelty,
and oppression, ii. 304. Warnings against the latter, and injunc-
tions to the former, ii. 311. The opposite principles and effects of
cruelty and sympathy illustrated, ii. 314.

On his intimation
His agony in the


Teachers, false, and of those that are seduced by them, ii. 155.
Threatenings, denounced against the adversaries of God, i. 51.
Tongue, the government of it, ii. 252. It is of the greatest importance
and difficulty, ii. 253. Sometimes it is debased by flattery, ii. 254

-abused by babbling, slandering, and exciting contention, ii. 255
-shamefully employed in lying, deceiving, and injuring others,
ii. 256—and in bearing false witness, and in acts of perjury,
ii. 258 and in imprecations of evil, and in blasphemy, ii. 259,
Abuses of the tongue an abomination to the Lord, ii. 260. Called
to abstain from those evils of the tongue, and to make proper use
of the faculty of speech, ii. 262. Well-ordered speech is a real
ornament, ii. 264. The tongue may be an instrument of great
good, ib. The complaints, prayers, and purposes of the saints on
this subject, ii. 265.

Transgressor, his destruction owing to himself, i. 150.
Trust, hope, and confidence, in our God and Saviour, and in none
else, ii. 72. Calls to this duty, ii. 73. The folly and danger
of trusting in wealth, or worldly possessions, ib.; or in our own
might and power, ii. 74; or in man, ii. 75. A right trust in
God, supposes that the heart is reconciled to him, and disposed
to do his will, ii. 76. Such persons may trust in God for protec-
tion from dangers, support in trouble, and deliverance from all
evil, ib. The promises a sure foundation of trust and hope in
him, ii. 80. Through Christ we may hope for all that is truly
necessary, ii. 82; for aid and support in duties and trials, ii. 83;
for final salvation, and eternal life, ii. 85. A steady trust in
God, and the comforts from it, expressed in the prayers and
praises of the saints, ii. 87. Examples of genuine trust,
ii. 90.

Tyrant, one described by the Prophet Samuel, ii. 343. The cha-
racter of tyrants scen in Rehoboam, Nebuchadnezzar, and Bel-



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