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READER.—The kings of the Gen- his sweat was as it were great tiles exercise lordship, &c. See § LXIV. drops of blood falling down to Matthew XX. 25—28.

the ground. Peter, the cock shall not crow this day, 8c. See $ LXXXIII. Mat

45 And when he rose up thew XXVI. 33–35.

from prayer, and was come to This that is written must yet be ac- his disciples, he found them complished in me, 8c. See Commen- sleeping for sorrow, tary on Matthew XVI. 21, in s 46 And said unto them, LV; and on ch. XXIV. 27, in § Why sleep ye? rise and pray CCXXXI, below.

lest ye enter into temptation.

47 | And while he yet spake,

'behold a multitude, and he DCCXXIII.

that was called Judas, one of CHAP. XXII. 39–53.

the twelve, went before them,

and drew near unto Jesus to Christ prayeth in the mount, and sweat kiss him. eth blood. He is betrayed with a kiss.

48 But Jesus said unto him, He healeth Malchus' ear.

Judas, betrayest thou the Son 39 T * And he came out, and of man with a kiss ? 'went, as he was wont, to the 49 When they which were mount of Olives; and his disci- about saw what would follow, ples also followed him.

they said unto him, Lord, shall 40 m And when he was at we smite with the sword ? the place, he said unto them, 50 || And one of them smote Pray that ye enter not into the servant of the high priest, temptation.

and cut off his right ear. 41 " And he was withdrawn 51 And Jesus answered and from them about a stone's cast, said, Suffer ye thus far. And and kneeled down, and prayed. he touched his ear, and healed

42 Saying, Father, if thou him. be * willing, reniove this cup 52 " Then Jesus said unto the from me: nevertheless not chief priests, and captains of my will, but thine, be done. the temple, and the elders,

43 And there appeared Pan which were come to him, Be ye angel unto him from heaven, come out, as against a thief, strengthening him.

with swords and staves ? 44 And being in an agony 53 When I was daily with he prayed more earnestly: and you in the temple, ye stretched

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forth no hands against me: *but of one hour after another conthis is your hour, and the power fidently affirmed, saying, Of a of darkness.

truth this fellow also was with him : for he is a Galilæan.

60 And Peter said, Man, I know not what thou sayest.

And immediately, while he yet See $ $ LXXXIV. LXXXV.

spake, the cock crew. Matthew XXVI. 36–56. 61 And the Lord turned, and

looked upon Peter. And

Peter remembered the word of CCXXIV.

the Lord, how he had said unto

him; “Before the cock crow, CHAP. XXII. 54–71.

thou shalt deny me thrice. Christ is denied of Peter ; shamefully

62 And Peter went out, and abused ; and confesseth himself to be the wept bitterly. Son of God.

63 ' And the men that held 54 Then took they him,

Jesus mocked him, and smote and led him, and brought him him. into the high priest's house. 64 And when they had blind*And Peter followed afar off.

folded him, they struck him on 55 a And when they had the face, and asked him, saying, kindled a fire in the midst of Prophesy, who is it that smote the hall, and were sat down thee? together, Peter sat down among 65 And many other things them.

blasphemously spake they a56 But a certain maid beheld | gainst him. him as he sat by the fire, and 66 | And as soon as it was earnestly looked upon him, day, “the elders of the people and said, This man was also

and the chief priests and the with him.

scribes came together, and led 57 And he denied him, say him into their council, saying, ing, Woman, I know him not. / 67 ‘Art thou the Christ? tell

58 ° And after a little while | us. And he said unto them, If another saw him, and said, I tell you, ye will not believe : Thou art also of them. And 68 And if I also ask you, ye Peter said, Man, I am not. will not answer me, nor let mego. 59 ' And about the space

| 69 * Hereafter shall the Son


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of man sit on the right hand of priests and to the people, 'I find the power of God.

no fault in this man. 70 Then said they all, Art 5 And they were the more thou then the Son of God ? fierce, saying, He stirreth up the And he said unto them, 'Ye say people, teaching throughout all that I am.

Jewry, beginning from Galilee · 71 And they said, What to this place. need we any further witness : 6 When Pilate heard of Galifor we ourselves have heard of lee, he asked whether the man his own mouth.

were a Galilæan.

7 And as soon as he knew that he belonged unto : Herod's jurisdiction, he sent him to Herod, who himself also was at

Jerusalem at that time. See $ $ LXXXVI. LXXXVII. 18 And when Herod saw Matthew XXVI. 57–75. Jesus, he was exceeding glad :

for "he was desirous to see him

of a long season, because 'he NCCXXV.

had heard many things of him ; · CHAP. XXIII. 1–12. and he hoped to have seen Jesus is accused before Pilate and sent some miracle done by him. to Herod. Herod mocketh him. Herod L 9 Then he questioned with and Pilate are made friends.

him in many words; but he And the whole multitude of answered him nothing. them arose and led him unto 10 And the chief priests and Pilate.

scribes stood and vehemently 2 And they began to accuse accused him. him, saying, We found this fel- 11" And Herod with his men low perverting the nation, and of war set him at nought, and • forbidding to give tribute to mocked him, and arrayed him Cæsar, saying that he himself in a gorgeous robe, and sent is Christ a king.

him again to Pilate. 3 And Pilate asked him, say- 12 | And the same day ing, Art thou the King of the Pilate and Herod were made Jews? And he answered him friends together: for before and said, Thou sayest it. they were at enmity between .. 4. Then said Pilate to the chief themselves.

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is eternal, yours temporal: the glory of bis rule is inward, and stands in

the graces of sanctification, love, READER.Pilate asked him saying,

peace, righteousness, joy in the Holy Art thou the King of the Jews ? And

Ghost; yours in outward pomp, he answered him and said, Thou

riches, magnificence: his enemies sayest it.--He, that was no less wis

are the devil, the world and the flesh; dom than truth, thought it not best

yours are bodily usurpers and extereither to affirm or deny at once. nal peace breakers : his sword is the Sometimes it may be extremely pre power of the Word and Spirit ; yours judicial to speak all truths. To dis- material ; his rule is over the conclaim that title suddenly, which had science, yours over bodies and lives ; been of old given him by the pro, he punishes with hell, ye with temphets, at his birth by the Eastern poral death or torture. Yea, so far sages, and now lately at his proces is he from opposing your government, sion by the acclaiming multitude, that “by him ye kings reign :" your had been injurious to himself; to sceptres are his; but to maintain, profess and challenge it absolutely, not to wield, not to resist. O the had been unsafe, and needlessly pro- unjust fears of vain men! He takes voking. By wise and just degrees, not away your earthly kingdoms, therefore, doth he so far affirm this who gives you heavenly; he distruth, that he both satisfies the in- crowns not the body, who crowns quirer, and takes off all peril and the soul; his intention is not to prejudice from his assertion. Pilate make you less great, but more shall know him a king, but such a happy. king, as no king needs to fear, as all The charge is so fully answered kings ought to acknowledge and that Pilate acquits the prisoner. The adore : “ My kingdom is not of this Jewish masters stand still without: world.” It is your mistaking, o their very malice dares not venture ye earthly potentates, that is guilty their pollution in going in to proseof your fears. Herod hears of a cute their accusation. Pilate hath king born, and is troubled; Pilate examined him within, and now hears of a king of the Jews, and is comes forth to these eager complain. incensed. Were ye not ignorant, ants, with a cold answer to their ye could not be jealous; had ye overhot expectation : “I find in him learned to distinguish of kingdoms no fault at all.” O noble testimony these suspicions would vanish. of Christ's innocence, from that

There are secular kingdoms, there mouth which afterwards doomed are spiritual: neither of these him to death! What a difference trenches upon other : your kingdom there is betwixt a man as he is him. is secular, Christ's is spiritual; both self, and as he is the servant of may, both must, stand together. - His other's wills ! It is Pilate's tongue laws are divine, yours civil: his reign that says, “Let him be crucified."

That cruel sentence cannot blot him, While all thy own angelic bands whom this attestation cleareth. Nei

Stood waiting on the wing,

Charmed with the honour to obey ther doth he say, I find him not

The word of such a king. guilty in that whereof he is accused; but gives a universal acquittance of

For us mean, wretched, sinful men,

Thou laidst that glory by, the whole carriage of Christ—“I

First in our mortal flesh to serve, find in him no fault at all.” In

Then in that flesh to die. spite of malice, innocence shall find

Bought with thy service and thy blood, abettors. Rather than Christ shall

We doubly, Lord, are thine! want witnesses, the mouth of Pilate To thee our lives we would devote, shall be opened to his justification. To thee our death resign. -Bp. Hall.

Blest man, who in thy cause consumes, And Herod with his men of war

His vigorous days with zeal; set him at nought.It became our Then with the last slow ebb of blood

Is called thy truth to seal ! High Priest, who was to sanctify all

DODDRIDGE. our sufferings, to consecrate affronts and scorn, that we may learn to endure contempt, and to suffer our

S CCXXVI. selves in a religious cause to be despised; and when it happens in

CHAP. XXIII. 13-26. any other, to remember that we have our dearest Lord for a prece

Barabbas is desired of the people and is dent of bearing it with admirable

loosed by Pilate, and Jesus is given to be simplicity and equanimity of deport crucified. ment: and it is a mighty stock of self-love that dwells in our spirits, | 13 | "And Pilate, when he which makes us of all afflictions had called together the chief most impatient of this. But Jesus priests and the rulers and the endured this despite, and suffered

people, this to be added, that he was ex

14 Said unto them, " Ye have posed in scorn to the boys of the

brought this man unto me, as streets. For Herod caused him to be arrayed in a gorgeous robe, sent

one that perverteth the people : him out to be scorned by the people,

and, behold, 'I, having examinand hooted at by idle persons, and ed him before you, have found so remitted him to Pilate.-TAYLOR. no fault in this man touching

those things whereof ye accuse

him : HYMN.

15 No, nor yet Herod : for I Saviour of men and Lord of love,

sent you to him; and, lo, nothHow sweet thy gracious name ! With joy that errand we review,

ing worthy of death is done unto On which thy mercy came.


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