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The Old Spiritual ManHis Degeneration. How to recon-

cile apparent antagonisms—No special need for
longer days than twenty-four hours each—Long peri-
ods may be substituted if preferred, but the facts do
not require these periods—The book of Genesis con-
structed out of material brought over the flood-Prof.
Petrie at Abydos, Egypt—How the Pentateuch could
have been written-Joseph's tomb furnished the
records-Records kept of families—How could the
writer of Genesis know what he did certainly know?-
If he was not inspired, Genesis is the miracle of
miracles—The Explanatory Theory Applied—The two
accounts of creation considered—Adam lived some
time before Eve was created-Paul harmonized with
Genesis—The breathing was upon the face, and this
imparted the image of God—The spiritual nature of

man was from above-The body and soul first made

and then endowed with the spirit-Nephesh Chayah

(living soul) in its higher meaning-A life-giving

beingThe gift of language- From above-Man a

talking being-Language his most distinguishing

characteristic—Organs of speech provided, but the

Creator taught man to speak — The unity of language-

Alphabet probably originated about the same time

as language—The Law of Life—The lower kingdoms

can not rise to the higher without help from above-

Death can not produce life, but death is necessary to

life-God can not save the heathen without the aid of

spiritual men-A strong argument for Foreign Mis-

sions-History proves what science affirms—Every new

dispensation is inaugurated from above—The Divine

method of making man-Development through strug.

gle-Adam weak before his fall Yielded to the first

temptation-Personal experience necessary to real

manhood-Training of children difficult because each

one wants to test for himself every prohibition-Adam

had to be tempted, but he need not have fallen-God's

aim was to make a man, not a machine-Liberty

gained through the trial-Costs much, but is price-

less-Man from the Christian point of view—Mean-

ing of Anothen-Interesting problems—The Adamic

race is the one considered in the Bible-No inspired

chronology-Arguments for and against the great

antiquity of man-A practical Geologist's opinion-

Eight thousand years all that is necessary-Mind in-

fluences matter-Life becoming longer since the com-

ing of Christ-Final triumph will be through Him... 95

The New Spiritual Man-His birth and growth. The Old

and the New Man in the Scriptures-One dead, the
other alive-The birth out of the Spirit-Meaning of
John iii. 8-Considered critically, exegetically and
practically--Pneuma, not wind, but Spirit-It is the
product of the Spiritual birth, not the manner of that
birth that is meant-It is the person born, not the
method of working that is in contrast—This view har-
monizes with all the facts of the case–The carnal man

The New Spiritual Man's Character and Influence. The

Necessity of Regeneration–The new life depends upon

vital relations with Christ-Prof. Drummond's view-

Prof. Tyndall on the origin of life—Some defects of

Modern Christianity-The Remedy-How God Shows

Himself to His people-He was known to thc Israelites

by what he had done for them-Difference between the

truth and the spirit of truth-Persons, not things—The

Christian Dispensation crowded with personalityThe

object of personality is to reach personality—This

view dignifies discipleship—The folly of trusting in

religious abstractions—God seeks the glorifying of

men and women, not forms and ceremonies--Mere

thought life of little value-Faith must be personal-

The responsibility of Christians--The Discerning fac-

ulty-A man must be born from above before he can

see the Kingdom of God-Connection between the

eye and the heart-As the heart is, so the eye will be-

We can see Christ as he is only when we are like him-

We see him now through imperfect eyes, and hence

our views of him are imperfect-When we are like

him we shall see him as he is-How men are saved-

The Holy Spirit a Speaking Spirit—The Spiritual life

manifests itself in fruit-A good tree bringeth forth

good fruit—The expulsive power of a new affection-

The value of the spiritual and temporal compared-

Every age has its outer manifestation of its inner life-

The middle ages gave the world cathedrals; now we

are ruled by commercialism, and we build banks, board

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