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HE late Excellent JAMES HERVEY, M. A. in a Letter to a Friend, on Occafion of the Death of a near Relation, expreffes him felf thus, "Cive me Leave to prefent you with, and recommend to you on this me"lancholy Occafion a repeated Perufal of Dr Grosvenor's"MOURNER; or, The Afflicted Relieved: which is a moft "valuable Gem; and as it is written in Numbers, like "the Spectators, it will not weary your Attention; I am "fure you ftand in need of the Confolations and Helps

therein adminiflred. I am never without fome of these "little Books, to give away to my Acquaintance under "Afflictions, especially on their Lofs of dear Relations, "and valuable Friends, for which Purpofes I think it one "of the moft judicious and univerfally ufeful Books extant, "and well.deferves to be tranflated into the Language of "every Nation where Chriftianity is profeffed."

See Mr HERVEY's Letters, Vol. II. Letter CI.

Dr STONHOUSE, in his Friendly Advice to a PATIENT (Ninth Edit. Page 37.) thus recommends the fame Treatife.

"THIS excellent little Piece is written in fhort Effays, "after the manner of the Spectators; I always keep a "Number of them by me, to diftribute as Opportunity “ferves, immediately after the Death of fome of my Pa"tients, whole Families appear to stand in need of the Confolations theicin given; and who have fhewn, dur"ing my Attendance, a proper Temper and Difpofition "to perute and profit by them."

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As one that comforteth the Mourners. JOB 29. 25.

To him that is afflicted, Pity fhould be herved. JOB 6. 14.
Cur doleas, fi periiffe non credis ? TERTULL.


Printed for GEORGE KEITH in Gracechurch-freet.


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