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formed within it. At length, when the faltered in their service. The two appointed hour has arrived, out of the Marys, Salome and Joanna, had folbody of this crawling thing breaks forth lowed Him in their ministries from the winged splendor of the butterfly : | place to place, while living. They fol. . not the same body, but a new one, low Him to the Cross and the sepulbuilt out of the ruins of the old; even chre. The affrighted disciples seem to as St. Paul tells us, that it is not the have been scattered. But for Joseph of same body we have in the resurrection, Arimathea, who would have tenderly but a nobler body, like ourselves with lifted Him from the cross, and given all the imperfect and evil things taken Him a fitting burial? Who so fearless away, No more creeping for the but- and faithful as to join the funeral train terfly; wings of splendor now. Neither of one thus executed ? has it yet lost the feet wherewith to alight “And the women also, which came on all that is lovely and sweet. Think with Him from Galilee, followed after of it--up from the tiresome journey and beheld the sepulchre, and how the over the low ground, exposed to the body was laid. And they returned and foot of every passer by, destroying the prepared spices and ointments; and lovely leaves upon which it feeds, and rested the Sabbath day, according to the fruit which they should shelter, up the commandment.” to the path, at will through the air and These fragrant preparations of love a gathering of food which hints not the they took to the sepulchre early on the source of it, and is but a tribute from morning of His Resurrection. Thus the loveliness of the flowers to the yet the Christian woman, with quiet, everhigher loveliness of the flower angel ! hoping, ever-loving patience, still beIs not this a resurrection?''

lieyes and bears the cross when others

give up all for lost. Her love anoints IF Christ be not risen, then is our tbe feet and head of Christ while living, preaching vain, and your faith is also and His whole body when dead. Few vain.” And “if Christ be not rais- things impress a thoughtful person so ed, your faith is vain; ye are yet in sadly as the abject, degraded, and sufyour sins." All illustrations and ima- fering condition of woman among all ges, whether drawn from the sphere heathen nations. By some she is placed of mythology or of nature, afford at on a level with the brute, without a best à very imperfect explanation of soul, and unfit for man's society. Milthe fact of Christ's Resurrection. Alions of new-born females have been fact, however, it is, foretold, and in due killed, because they were considered time, divinely fulfilled. Had this closing useless. Could any one be found to Wonder failed, all the preceding Gos- write a history of woman's woes in pel wonders would have been ineffec-beathenism, what a tale could be untual. But “now is Christ risen, and fold! Her inborn sensitive nature and become the firet fruits of them that capabilities help to give an edge to her slept,” and “the pledge of our own wrongs. The Greeks shut her up in a resurrection.” This fact is not a sub-l private room in the house. She had to ject that can be fathomed and explained spend her life with the slaves. In by reasoning. That Christ was “ dead | Athens she was treated as a minion. and buried, and the third day rose The Greek husband converged less with from the dead," is an article of our his wife than with almost anybody else. undoubted Catholic Christian faith. Aristotle said that woman bad no will

of her own, and was hardly capable of The death and burial of Christ affect- a higher virtue than the slave. And ed His disciples and few devoted friends when the historian, Liberius, saw An. as a personal bereavement. Those who thusa, the pious mother of Chrysostom, ministered to Him with such tender and he exclaimed: “What women these unselfish devotion during His ministry, Christians have !" must lavish the best offerings of the At length comes the great Deliverer, heart upon His corpse, now that His the greatest of woman-born. His human soul has departed. The pious women excellencies He derives from a woman; never forsook Him from fear, never His early piety is measurably moulde i

and trained by her. In His teaching mother must see her son ruined; her and treatment He recognizes and sym- husband changed into a coarse brute,

pathizes with her. At length woman spending his wages for rum, treating * has found a Friend, an elder bro- her with shameless cruelty, and letting

ther;" one who "sticketh closer than a her and her family suffer. They can place brother.” She does well and wisely in two or three rum holes side by side, a half ministering to Him while living; in a dozen in one square, where youths showing her weeping love by being the and older people are led to ruin. Chrislast at the Cross and the first at the tian communities look on. Here and sepulchre. How much does she owe to there one says that it is too bad. What Christ! Although man, as a father, a is there done to close these flood-gates husband and a brother, is in a certain of vice, and arrest this tide of evil? sense her lord, yet He is gently led and The new state of Kansas has taught moulded by her. In the charitable, our older states a salutary lesson, and a missionary, and other religious minis- timid little woman helped to carry the tries of the Church, how much do we day. Last fall a bill was before the Kanowe to her provident, untiring work. sas Legislature, prohibiting the manuIn all religious assemblies have we not facture and sale of strong drink. It regenerally two women to one man? quired a two-thirds vote to submit the Often as I see pious women weeping as bill to the people of the State for final they receive the holy communion, I am action. At midnight the vote was taken reminded of the grateful, pious, Gal- in the House of Representatives. The ilean women, weeping at the cross and temperance people lacked one vote to the sepulchre. And could we read the gain the day. “ As their hearts sank religious history of each one, it would within them, a gentle little woman pasg. clearly appear how often and how ed along the crowded aisles of the House, patiently Christ has walked by their straight up to her husband, and plead side through dangerous and dark places, with him, for her sake and for that of upholding and helping them in every their children, for the good of Kansas time of need. On that the millions of and the glory of God, to change his the degraded, suffering daughters of vote. And he did change it, whereupon Eve could soon learn to know, believe the victory was won in the Legislature, in, and love this, their best Friend and and the people did the rest. It was a only Deliverer!

quiet little woman who saved the day.”

In some parts of our country drunken- In a late number of the GUARDIAN, ness seems to be on the increase. The we gave a brief sketch of Dr. Philip liquor interest represents so large a Nicolai as a writer of German hymns. pomber of potes that both political While pastor in Unna, amid the ravaparties are courting its favor. Laws ges of the pestilence, he was busy day prohibiting the sale of liquor on Sun- and night comforting the sick and dying. day, and to minors are openly violated. At length the deadly plague came into Efforts to punish the offenders in most his own family and carried away his cases fail, despite the undoubted testi- nearest kin. Intent on his sad mission mony against them. A man can in of mercy, he continually meditated on many cases tempt a half-grown boy to the article of everlasting life, secured get drunk every day with perfect impu through the blood of Christ. One nity. Dozens of prison reports show morning he sat in his study, wholly that two-thirds, in many cases, three absorbed with solemn thought and fourths of their inmates were led into painful concern. At length his spirit crime by drunkenness. Families are rose abore surrounding pain and peril impoverished, heads and hearts are bro- to his divine Redeemer. In this exalted ken, characters are ruined, and the soul frame of mind his ardent loving faith is destroyed; court and prison expenses embraced his only Deliverer. In blessed are doubled, indeed, quadrupled by this ecstacy he became unconscious of all evil, and yet there seems to be no earthly things around him, and began available remedy to stop it. Usually to pour out his soul in the composing women are the greatest sufferers. The of the well known hymn:

“ Wie shön leuchtet der Morgenstern,

A pious little girl wished to do someVoll Gnad und Wahrheit von dem Herrn,

thing for her Saviour's cause. EncloeDie süse Wurzel Jesse.”

ing $2.50 in a letter to a certain trea· He forgot his usual midday meal, surer to buy some missionary tracts, she and kept on writing till he had finished wrote: “She who takes the freedom to the hymn at three in the afternoon, ask so much of a stranger, began this when he returned to his friends, quite letter with a trembling hand. She beside himself with joy. Originally he is young in years and in knowledge, and wrote it as a bridal hymn, in which he is not able to talk much with a strange glorified natural marriage into the gentleman on religion ; but her mother blessed wedlock between the believing has taught her almost eleven years to soul and its Bridegroom. Thereafter he pray, Thy kingdom come, and she revised it in the form in which we now believes she cannot be praying it sinhave it. It became the most popular cerely if she does nothing to help it on wedding hymn at all Protestant mar- among the heathen. This thought emriages. Long thereafter many people boldens her to write to a stranger, althought if this “Morning Star," as most as though he were a friend." they called it, was not sung at their wedding ceremony, their marriage was WE have often watched with a not duly performed.

sympathizing interest the singular in

genuity of the blind. Through raised What's in a name? Rothschild may lettera God teaches them to feel the write his name and it means five million printed page, and thus they see and read dollars. That of as good a man as he, with the tips of tbeir fingers. How with more brains and true wisdom, may sharp is the hearing of some blind peonot be worth five cents. There was a ple. Our colored friend, blind Mose, time when a bank check with Milton's carries his basket of notions through name would scarcely have been worth our streets, and offers them for sale five dollars, and now Milton's name, from house to house, with no guide but written by his own hand would sell his cane and sharp ears. “Where do for five times that amount. At a you want to go to, Mose ?” said we to late sale of autographs in Baltimore, him a few days ago as he was gently the name of Hawthorne sold for $3.75, tapping the pavement with his staff that of Daniel Webster for $1.50, that in front of a certain house. "Into this of Henry Clay for $1.05, and that of house, sir," he softly replied. We George Bancroft for $1.20. Many a led him up the steps and rang the man whose work and credit, however door bell for him, and were well regood, would scarcely buy him a meagrewarded with his cordial “thank you, meal while living, is after death honored sir.” The poor soul has discovered with extravagant prices for his auto-more with his blind eyes than many graph. Not only had the living Homer who have eyes to see. He has found to beg his bread in seven cities which Christ, and sees Him by faith, as the claimed him as their own when dead, Light of his soul. He hears from the but even England allowed her great tread of his feet and the sound of his Kepler to starve! How much Kep- staff when he approaches a crossing. ler's autographs now sell at in England Thus a kind providence compensates for we know not, but surely the price of a the loss of one blessing with the im. single one would board and clothe the proved capacity of another. good man six months if he were still in the flesh. It is the way of the world. A poor blind girl in England brought for people to build monuments for the $7.50 to her pastor for the cause of prophets whom their fathers have killed. missions. He said to her, “You are a He whose name is above every name, poor blind girl and can not afford to after receiving the cruel and igno- give so much." minious treatment of the worst of male- “I am indeed blind,” said she, “ but factors, has for centuries been adored can afford to give this amount better, by hundreds of millions as their only perhaps, than you suppose. I am by: Saviour.

| trade, a basket maker, and can work as

well in the dark as in the light. During Such a course as this, though troublethe last winter it must have cost the some to the flesh, will be profitable to other girls making baskets who have the spirit, and cause a quick amendeyes, more than $7.50 for candles to ment; for the tongue will need no other work by, which I have saved; and monitor to make it take heed of sweartherefore hope you will take it for the ing another time, if it has been pun. missionaries." We put this girl's pious ished with hunger and thirst for its act in the GUARDIAN AS a little sermon former transgression, and knowing it to all our readers, on the duty of help shall be so punished again if ever it ing to support the cause of Christ, and commits the like crime thereafter." will let each one make the application.

A certain official who has charge of Christ's Last Journey. more than 100,000 prisoners has made special efforts to ascertain the causes of

BY THE EDITOR. their crime. He says he does not recollect a single case of capital crime " Lamb of God, was ever love, where the criminal was not a Sabbath Was ever pain like Thine !" breaker, and that in many cases a dese- | cration of the Lord's day was the first “The path of glory leads but to the step in their downward course. He says grave.” Lord Bacon says, “ The great that nineteen out of twenty of these blessing of the Old Testament is pros. 100,000 criminals neglected God's holy perity, and that of the New Testament day and other ordinances of religion, is adversity." And a greater than he and that many of these warned their says that through much tribulation we surviving friends from the gallows must enter the kingdom. The soul's against the sin that led to their fall. Gospel journey is clearly mapped out by

Another prison official says: “Nine- our Saviour. With bleeding feet, and tenths of our inmates are those who did bruised heart He trod every foot of the not value the Lord's day, and were not rugged, thorny path from the cradle to in the habit of attending Ipublic wor the grave. At each end of His mediaship."

torial ministry He withdrew into a desert

place or wilderness. After His baptism Coming out of a certain Sunday. at Bethabara, or the fording place of the school one day, in passing along the Jordan, He was led up the steep mounstreet, we overheard an oath coming tain, bordering the Jordan Valley, into from a group of finely dressed young the wilderness of Judea to be tempted men, evidently having just come from of the devil. In Paradise the first some of the Bible classes of neighboring Adam was tempted by the devil and schools. Indeed one was a very manly fell. In Palestine the second Adam was young person of our own school. We tempted and triumphed over the devil. felt sure the oath did not come from And just before the last week of His him, but very sorry to find him in such sufferings at Jerusalem, He “ went into company. Do our Sunday-school teach: a country near to the wilderness into a ers dwell sufficiently on the great sin of city called Epbraim, and there continprofanity? We have repeatedly heard ued with his disciples." John xi. 54. oaths coming from groups of boys This was a small town about five miles returning from Sunday-school.

west of Jericho, right on the edge of the By the way, Saint Chrysostom gives wilderness of Judea. He must have reus a good recipe to cure swearing. He tired to this place in order to evade the says to a certain father: “Wouldst curious, noisy, persecuting crowd, not thou know by what means thou mayst willing “to walk any more openly be rid of this wicked custom of swear- among the Jews.At this period it ing? I'll tell thee a way, which if thou was no easy matter for Him to find a wilt take will certainly prove successful. quiet place. From the time He left Every time, whenever thou shalt find Capernaum, all along the Valley of the thyself to have let slip an oath, punish Jordan, He had to follow a stream of thyself for it by missing the next meal. Passover pilgrims going up to Jerusalem. As His custom was, He blessed, com- lence and seclusion when we fall back forted and healed the people on His from the noisy conflicts and restless strijourney. Ten lepers were cleansed, of vings of earth-born interests, where, whom only one returned to give thanks. devoutly alone with God, we take our Then an afflicted woman, a dropsical bearings anew, and from this lofty outman, another of a different disease were look see clearly wbither we are tending, healed, and poor blind Bartimeus, of and to what extent we still abide in Jericho, received his sight. He comforts Christ and He in us. Thus by sincerely the sisters of Bethany by restoring their turning the eye of our faith inward to dead brother to life. And the little learn our need and weakness, and then children He blesses and caresses, and to Christ, we gather divine strength from presses them to His heart of hearts. No holy resolutions, and receive grace to one can sympatbize with and heal the carry them out. In this season, comsorrowing as Corist can. And all this memorative of Christ's Passion, the pious while He is the saddest and the most soul seeks some quiet nook where to be sorrowful one among all these people alone in prayer. For this reason Gercrowding around Him. But enough. man Christians. call Passion week die He must have a brief respite of undis- stille wache (the quiet or silent week). turbed meditation and prayer before the In spirit all the Christian world goes week of His passion.

up to Jerusalem at this season ; goes Among this vast multitude of Passover with Christ through His sufferings, gathpilgrims, how few withdrew with Christ ers around Calvary to witness His agoto Ephraim ! How few followed Him all nies on the cross. The ancient passover . along His remaiuing way of sorrow! gatherings are said to have been very Alas, of the many that are called, how large, but in numbers and solemnity canfew are chosen ! “If we suffer we shall not be compared to the hundreds of also reign with Him." Once He re- millions who in our Christian passover minded the multitude what they must seasons turn their holiest affections and expect if they followed Him ; to lose all faith towards the Gospel Jerusalem. for His sake. Therefore they should Let us see to it that we keep this feast count the cost. How frank and truth- “ with the unleavened bread of sincerity ful He is, without the faintest effort to and truth." allay the fears of the timid with flattering hopes. All would not have to suffer" Come all ve weary, worn and sin-defiled, to the same extent, but all must be will. The day of whose deliverance hath not smiled, ing, if need be, to abandon and sacrifice Who toil on, sorrow-laden, sore distressed;

Come unto Me, and I will give you rest! In this season, when many are called upon to take up the cross and become

honome Come ye for whom the human love hath proved

L A longing to be in ünitely loved ; His disciples, let the severer duties and Who

Whose hearts yet hover round some empty experience of a Christian profession be nest, kept in view. “Bebold we go up to Come unto Me, and I will give you rest! Jerusalem," is addressed to all of us. No cross, no crown. No conflict, no Come ye who suffer through the lone, long victory. No service in Christ's vine- night, vard, no reward. If "the captain of our And grope for day with sad, tear-blinded sight :

coh I am the Sun that sets not in the west, salvation has been made perfect through

"I bring you healing, and will give you rest! suffering,” surely His soldiers too must fight the good fight of faith. And fight

Come all who bear the cross where I have trod; Ing means self-dental, the endurog Or Who climb the same ascent to get to God ; hardship, and sorrow. Not that our Bowed down to see the prints My feet have trials in themselves are meritorious, or pressed, can save us, but they are none the less Come unto Me, and I will give you rest ! needful for us, as a discipline and a test of our integrity.

When storms arise, and seas of trouble roll,

I will be near to save the sinking soul;

i opre. Each wave that breaks shall lift, dilate your tirement and meditation, where the busy breast. world can not obtrude. Seasons of si- | And in their motion I will give you rest !"

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