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(counting the 14th day of the month,

Useful Information, which was called preparation day) were devoted to the celebration of this feast. At the close of the 14th day of the Castor oil is an excellent thing to month the passover was killed; when soften leather. the sun had gone down and the 15th Cream of tartar rubbed upon soiled day of the month had commenced, it white kid gloves cleanses them well. was eaten ; and during the seven fol- A solution of cyanide of potassium is lowing days the Israelites employed the best poison to kill insects of any themselves in divine service (the read- | kind. ing and study of the law, sacrifices, A pint of mustard seed put into a barprayers) and ate only unleavened rel of cider will preserve it sweet for bread, whence the whole festival was several months. generally called the feast of unleavened

A mixture of oil and ink is a good bread. The unleavened bread was de- thing to clean kid boots with ; the first signed, in the first place, to remind the softens and the latter blackens them. Israelites of their aftliction in Ezypt! A simple remedy for removing freckand of their sudden and miraculous les is a pint of sour milk, and a small deliverance, and to serve, in the second quantity of horse-radish. Let the mixplace, as a symbol of the moral purity ture stand over night, and use it as a that is required in the people of God. wash three times a day until the freckles The passover as a whole was designed disappear. to be a memorial of the miraculous de- The leaves of geranium are an excelliverance of the children of Israel from lent application for cuts, when the skin tbe bondage and aftliction of Egypt, and is rubbed off, and other wounds of the especially of the preservation of their same kind. One or two leaves must be houses when the firstborn of the Egyp. bruised and applied on linen to the part, tians were slain. Compare verses 25-27. and the wound will become cicatrized But while it had this reference to the in a very short time. past, it had also a reference to the All sorts of vessels and utensils may future. Israel's bondage in Egypt is a be purified from long retained smells of figure of man's bondage under the every kind in the easiest and most perpower of sin and the devil, and Israel's fect manner, by rinsing them out well deliverance a figure of man's redemp- with charcoal powder, after the grosser tion in Christ. The passover, there- impurities have been scoured off with fore, is a type of the sacrifice of Christ. sand and potash. -Ohio Farmer. “Christ our passover is sacrificed for us,” (1 Cor. v. 7.) But we eat His crucified body and drink His blood in HELPING A FELLOW UP.-Tommy the sacrament of the Holy Supper. is tugging away at another urchin who Hence we may say that the passover is pitifully crying ou the ground. was never abolished, but fulfilled and 5 What are you doing, Tommy ?”. glorified in the Holy Supper. Many “Oh! only belping a fellow up!" think that the Holy Supper has nothing That is right, Tommy. Now, take to do with our salvation, and much that as your motto through life, to help learoing bas often been spent in show- a fellow up. ing how God can save without it. Now, There is that drunkard who is down while it must be conceded that God through drink, and there is the man could dispense with sacraments, it must that is poor, or sick, or tempted. Give be remembered, nevertheless, that God each a hand, and help a fellow up. has given them to us for our salvation What would have become of Martin (to you for a token). What do you Lutber, when he was a young man singthink would have become of the Is- ing on the streets for his bread, if some raelites if they had neglected the pass- one had not put out a hand and helped over? They would undoubtedly have a fellow up? There are thousands toperished with the Egyptians. Yet God day who never could have stood where did not need the passover to save them. they now are if friendly souls had not Only He was pleased to bird Himself extended aid and helped a fellow up. and them to that vor of carine them



Ninth Sunday after Trinity.
KEY-NOTE: Let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall."

The Red Sea—Exod. xiv. 19-27.

19. And the angel of God, which went before, 24. And it came to pass, that in the morning the camp of Israel, removed and went behind watch the Lord looked unto the host of the them; and the pillar of the cloud went from Egyptians through the pillar of fire and of the before their face, and stood bebind them.

cloud, and troubled the host of the Egyptiang. 20. And it came between the camp of the 25. And took off their chariot wheels, that Egyptians and the camp of Israel; and it was a | they drove them heavily: so that the Egypcloud and darkness to them, but it gave light tians said, Let us flee from the face of Israel; by night to these : so that the one came not near for the Lord fightech for them against the Egyp. the other all the night.

tians, 21. And Moses stretched out his hand over the 26. And the Lord said unto Moses, stretch sea ; and the Lord caused the sea to go back by out thine hand over the sea, that the waters may a strong east wind all that night, and made the come again upon the Egyptians, upon their sea dry land, and the waters were divided. chariots, and upon their horsemen.

22. And the children of Israel went into the 27. And Moses stretched forth his hand over midst of the sea upon the dry ground : and the the sea, and the sea returned to his strength waters were a wall unto them on the right hand when the morning appeared ; and the Egyptiapg and on the left.

fled against it; and the Lord overthrew the 23. And the Egyptians pursued, and went in Egyptians in the midst of the sea. after them to the midst of the sea, even all Pharaoh's horses, his chariots, and his horsemen.


What lesson are we taught in the Gospel for brought about? What did the children of Israel to-day? How is this lesson presented in the do when the sea was divided ? What is meant Epistle? How is it related to the key-note ? by the statement that the waters were a wall What is the Collect for the day?

unto them. At what point did this crossing of What was the result of the last Egyptian the Red Sea take place ? How wide is the sex plague? When did the Exodus take place? there? How long mu t it have taken the IsraelHow long had Israel dwelt in Egypt? From ites to cross it? what place did they begiu their march? Exod. VERSES 23-25. What did the Egyptians do xii. 37. Where was Rameses ? What was the when they discovered that the Israelites had number of Israel at this time? Whither did passed thro''gh the sea ? How far did the Egypthey go from Rameses? Wnither froin Suc. tians get into the sea? What time of the night coth ? Exod. xiii. 20. Wnere was Etham ? is denoted by morning watch! What hapHow were they guided in their journey ? Exod. | pened then ? How did the Lord look upon them? xiii, 2'. What did Pharaoh do when he heard | What was the effect of this upon the Egyp. that the Israelites had gone? Exod. xiv. 5-9. tians ? What is said of their chariot wheels ? Where did he overtake Israel? What was the How are we to understand that! What imsituation of the Israelites at the time with which pression did this make upon the Egyptians? our lesson opens ?

VERSES 26-27. What did the Lord comVERSES 19-20. What is meant here by Angel mand Moses to do now? What followed this of God? What did he do? How was the Angel action of Moses? What did the Egyptians do of God related to the pillar of cloud and of fire?! when they saw the sea returning ? Did they Exod. xiii. 21. What was the appearance of escape? How many perished ? Did Pharaoh this pillar of cloud and of fire? What had been perish too? Were the children of Israel now its position in reference to Israel thus far ? saved out of the hand of the Egyptians ? But What position did it take now? How did it were they already in possession of the land of affect the Egyptians and Israelites respectively? promise ? Where only were they? Did tbose

VERSES 21-22. What did Moses do now? who had come out of Egypt get into the land of Why did he do this? vers. 15-16. What sea promise at all? Why not? Num. xiv. 26-35. was this? What miracle followed the action of What important lessoa do we learn from this? Moses? By what natural means was this miracle

1. Forth to the land of promise bound,

Our desert-path we tread;
God's fiery pillar for our guide,

His Captain at our head,

2. E'en now we faintly trace the hills,

And catch their distant blue;
And the bright city's gleaming spires

Pisa dimly on our view.

NOTES.—The parable of the unjust Baal-Zephon. The place thus indisteward teaches us the necessity of cated was probably near the site of the watchful prudence and wisdom in order modern town of Suez, and was reached that, at last, we may gain an entrance by the Israelites about the end of the into the “everlasting habitations." The third day after their departure from prudent management of the affairs of Rameses. As soon as Pharaoh learned this world, by the children of this from the movements of the Israelites, world, for temporal ends, ought to in- that they had no intention of returnspire us with like prudence in tbe use ing on the third day, he hastily of our earthly as well as our spiritual gathered up his whole army and puradvantages for heavenly ends. The sued after them, overtaking them prosame lesson is taught in a still more bably soon after they had arrived at solemn form in the Epistle for to-day, Pi-bahiroth (Exod. xiv. 5-9). The in which the sin and destruction of Is- situation of Israel was now indeed most rael in the wilderness, after the saving critical ; the sea in front of them, the miracle of the Red Sea, which is a mountains of Attaka to the south and symbol of baptism, are presented as west of them, and the army of Pharaob "our examples," from which we who to the north of them, closing up the think we stand, are to learu to take only natural way of escape. But in this heed lest we fall. The lesson which critical situation Moses received the we are going to study thus happens for divine command : Speak unto the chilonce to be in beautiful barmony with the dren of Israel, that they go forward, leading thought of the Gospel and Epis- wbich bas become a watchword to tle of the day.

God's people in hard and trying cirThe result of the last Egyptian plague stances for all time. At this point our was the immediate beginning of the lesson to-day opens. « xodus of the children of Israel from VERSES 19-20. The Angel of God, Egypt, in the night of the fifteenth day elsewhere called the Angel of the Lord. of Nisan, in the year 1492 B. C., after God Himself in His form and process they had sojourned there during a pe- of manifestation. Which went before riod of 430 years (Exod. xii. 40-42). the camp, etc. Namely, in the pillar of Their march began from Rameses (Exod. cloud and of fire. Compare Exod. xii. 37) where most of them seem to have xiii. 21–22. And the pillar of the cloud been assembled previously, and extended went from before their face, etc. This from thence in an easterly direction to was the form in which the Angel of Succoth, and from thence to Etham, God manifested Himself. It is difficult “in the edge of the wilderness," that is, to form a definite conception of this the border between Egypt and the de-pillar of cloud and of fire. Its appear. sert of Arabia. For the location of any ance must have been that of a column of these places consult the maps. By of fire clothed in an envelope of smoke. The time all had come together, which As all the miracles of this epoch rested was perhaps not until they had reached upon a substratum of nature, it has Etham, the number of the departing been supposed that this must bave been Israelites had swelled to 600,000 men the case also with the one here under tbat were able to bear arms, besides consideration, and in explanation, the women and children, and a “mixed mul-camp-fires of a moving caravan, the ritude,” that went with them (Exod. beacon-fires of marching armies, and xii. 37-38). It has been estimated that the smoke and fire of the altar, Lave the whole number of the children of been referred to. Without denying all Israel at the time of the exodus must have connection between these natural phebeen 2,000,000. At Etham, instead of nomena and that supernatural apcontinuing their journey in a north-pearance, it is perhaps safest to assume easterly direction towards Canaan, that the fire and smoke of which it through the land of the Philistines, seemed to consist, were not elemental they were directed to turn southwards, fire and smoke, and, like the fire of the keeping to the west of the Bitter Lakes, burning bush in Horeb, existed vot in and encamp before Pi-hahiroth, be the outward world of matter so much tween Migdol and the sea, over against as in the inward spiritual world of vision. Here, standing between the .... went in after them. This pur. camp of the Israelites and the army of suit of the Egyptians is an argument the Egyptians, it presented a light and that the separation of the sea was not a friendly appearance to the former, and purely supernatural occurrence. Had a dark and threatening appearance to the waters stood up on both sides of a the latter, holding these back uptil the narrow passage, like perpendicular sea bad opened itself to afford a safe walls on opposite sides of a street, it is passage to those.

not likely that the Egyptians would VERSES 21-22. And Moses stretched have ventured in. From such a specta. out his hand, etc. According to the cle they would most probably have divine command in ver. 16. Again it sbruok back in terror. But if the pasis the miraculous rod that performs the sage was made by apparently natural miracle. Over the sea. The name of the means, wbose working they understood, sea is not mentioned here, but it has been they might think that it would last long generally supposed that we are to un- enough to enable them also to get over. derstand the western arm of the Red They did not calculate ou so sudden a Sea, now called Gulf of Suez. In Exod. reversion of the atmospheric conditions xiii. 18, according to the English ver- as took place before they were half-over. sion, the Red Sea is named, but there in the morning watch. In the last quarthe original reads Sea of Sedge (Suph). ter of the night, towards morning, when But it has been said that the Red Sea the day was perhaps just beginning to might bave been so called, because at dawn, after the Israelites were safely its northern extremity it abounds in across the sea. The Lord looked unto the sedge or reeds. At any rate, we assume host of the Egyptians through the pillar of that the Red Sea is the one meant. fire, etc. Tois must be taken to meau The Lord caused the sea to go back by a some demonstration of the Lord's wrath, strong east wind. Rather a north-east which seemed to proceed from the wind, wbich in Hebrew would be called cloudy pillar of fire. Josephus speaks, an east wind, as that language has no in this connection, of “showers of rain more precise word. The miracle was that came down from the sky, and thus brought about by natural means. dreadful thunder and lightning, with Another natural circumstance Co-ope-flashes of fire.” “Thunder-bolts also rating with the wind, was no doubt, were darted upon them,” he says. the ebb and flow of the tide. In the In some such natural phenomena we vicinity of Suez the sea is only between may suppose the displeasure of God to three and four miles wide, and quite have manifested itself. And troubled shallow, so that at very low tide per- the host of the Egyptians. The effect of sons have occasionally ridden across on this upon the Egyptians was a panic. horseback. The great Napoleon did it They were frightened and thrown into in 1799, though he came near losing bis confusion. And took off their chariot life. The miracle here consisted in wheels. Literally, turned aside their withdrawing the waters of the sea, by chariot wheels, so as to cause them to means of the wind and the tide, long become entangled. They drave them enough to enable the host of Israel 10 heavily, i. e., with difficulty. They pass over, which must have required made no progress, but floundered helpfrom two to three hours, but not long lessly in the bed of the sea. “Their enough to enable the Egyprians also to chariots were entangled with each other, get over in their pursuit. The waters bemired, broken and over:urned in the were a wall unto them. This must not an ful confusion that ensued from the be understood to mean that the waters pouring rain, blinding lightnings and actually stood straight up like perpen- appalling thunders." Let us flee from dicular cliffs. The expression is poeti- the face of Israel, etc. A state of thorough cal, and simply means that the waters demoralization from terror, in which served them for protection on both each one thought only of saving himsides (the sea being deeper to the north self, but which is the very worst condithan at the point where the crossing tion for the preservation of any. They took place).

perceived now, when it was too late, that VERSES 23–25. And the Egyptianslibe Lord was fighting for Israel.

VERSES 26–27. Moses stretched forth Inconsistencies of Christians. his hand over the sea, and the sea returned. After the Israelites had reached the eastern shore. While the Egyptians If you want to have wherewith to anwere yet floundering helplessly in the swer those who are always bringing up middle of the sea, suddenly the wind these, tell them about a certain blackchanged and the flood-tide' began to smith. An old gentleman, a deacon, return. This increased the consterna- one day went into the shop, and the tion among the Egyptians. They fled blacksmith soon began about what some against it. They struggled against the Christians had done, and seemed to returning tide, but they struggled in bave a good time over it. The old vain : for the Lord overthrew the Egun deacon stood a few moments and listians in the midst of the sea. Thus per- tened, and then quietly asked him if he ished the whole Egyptian army-six had read the story in the Bible about

“Yes. hundred chosen chariots, even all the the rich man and Lazarus ? chariots of Egypt, and captains, every many a time, and what of it?" "Well, one of them. And with the army per- do you remember about the dogs--how isbed, no doubt, the hardened Pharaoh they came and licked the sores of Laz(Amenophis) himself, who had so long arus ?”. “Yes, and what of that ?” resisted the will of Jehovah. The child“ Well," said the deacon,“ do you know • dren of Israel were now forever saved you just remind me of those dogs, conout of the band of the Egyptians, and tent merely to lick the Christian's soon afterwards celebrated their salva- sores." The blacksmith suddenly grew tion in a sublime ode or song of triumph / pensive, and hasn't bad much to say composed by Moses. See Exod. xv. about failing Christians since. -ChrisBut they were not yet in possession of tian Intelligencer. the land of promise. They were only in the desert, and a long and painful journey lay before them. before they i


Tun could enter into the land of rest.

In cur

CHURCH.—I have in my eye at present fact that whole generation which had.

had the hour before you go to church on the come out of Egypt, with the exception Sabbath f only of two single souls, never got into the land of promise. Because of their live

01. Their give tone to your spirits all day. ReJusts and transgressions, their impa- Deem it

deem it. Redeem it as much as you tience and murmuring, their stubboru

can from family duties. Redeem it ness and frequent rebellions against the Lord and His servant, they were all

wholly from “ plaiting of hair and put

ting on of apparel.” Redeem it wholly doomed to perish in the wilderness.

· from vain conversation. How very See Num. xiv. 26–35. “And these

ese much the power of the minister's things happened unto them for ex

ex- preaching depends on the preparing of amples; and they were written for our the hearer's heart! learning.” As the fathers were all under the church with your mind crowded

If you come up to the cloud, and all passed through the with trifles and puffed up with vanitysea, and were all baptized unto Moses what can ministers do? They can do in the cloud and in the sea, so all of nothing but beat the air. What else us who have been baptized into Christ, can they do if there be nothing before have been delivered from the power of them but air to beat at? It will make the devil, and placed into the kingdom a sound, and that is all. I fear that of grace and the way of salvation. Buti

ation. But many of my dear people spend more we have not yet reached the heavenly time on the Sabbath morning in putting Canaan; and in order to reach it, we need veils on their faces than in taking the watchfulness, prudence, perseverance,

veil off their hearts—more time in tryThe little worries which we meet each day

iog to make themselves appear before May lie as stumbling-blocks across our way;

men what they are not, than in trying Or we may make them stepping-stones to be

to make themselves appear before God of grace, o Christ, to Thee.-A, E. Hamilton.' what they are.Rev. W. Arnot.

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