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Covenant by his Death and Passion, to k anointed to his Priestly Office by the Sacrifice of himself, to fut an End to all other Oblations, and by the Merit of that Sacrifice to finish transgression, and make an End of Sin: If the Ruler of Israel in Micah cannot be understood of Zerobabel, who was born at Babylon, not at Bethlehem, and never had any supreme Command in "Judea; but must relate to the Person of the Meffias, and in him, to our Blessed Lord, who, -by hiS eternal Generation answers exactly the Description of the Prophet: If the Man of Sorrow and of Grief in Isaiah, who had afterwards his (Portion with the Great, and divided the Spoil with the Strong, cannot, in any Propriety of Diction, agree with the Nation of the sews in any supposeable Case of publfcfc Calamity or Restoration, but, according to the tenor of the Text, does most manifestly denote the Meffias, and, in him, the Person of our Lord, who, in the State of his Humiliation is described by the one, and in the State of his Exaltation, by the other: If all these things, I fay, upon an impartial Examination, appear to be fo; then are the Applications, which the Evangelical Writers have made of the Prophesies in the Old to the Trans* L actions

actions in the New Testament, not to be called impertinent or ridiculous} nor can our Blessed Saviour,with any Justice, be said to have mistaken the genuine Sense of the Scriptures concerning himself; since the Sense, which he gives us, he prov'd by the Demonstration of the Spirits i. e. by predicting Events, and working Miracles, which were incontestibly true.


Of the Miracles of Jesus, and the
Sense, 'wherein they are to he taken.

p-e ob- " "A \ IR A C L E S indeed, if inje£tion. "^Vj^ contejlibly true^ are of some "Importance in this Debate; but the "Miracles of Jejuj are of such a Na"ture, that we calnnot well tell what ". to make of them. Had none, at any "time, but the true Servants and Mes"sengers of God, been entrusted with "this miraculous Power, much more * Stress might then have been laid up"on it: But since Moses has informed "us, that it may be in the Power of a


"false Prophet a to give a Sign or a 11 Wonder, that may come to pass; since <c our Saviour has foretold us, thatb there Jhall arise fall Chriss, and false Prophets, who JhallJhew great Signs and fVonders, enough (if it were possible) H to deceive the very EleB; since his A"postle has assured us, thatc the co'* ming of Anti-chrifl is after the work"ing of Satan, with all Power, and Signs, "and lying Wonders; and, lastly, since "History makes mention of several, "iuch as Apollonius Tyanneus, Vespasian, "and the Irish Stroker Greatrack,'who "miraculouily cured Diseases, as well * as Jesus; either we must have the "Art of distinguishing true from false u Prophets, or we can never account "Miracles alone a sufficient Testimo"ny for such, as pretend to a'Comu mission from God. Jesus indeed ap"peals to his Miracles, and some "may imagine that the Words of the "Prophet d (then shall the Eyes of the "Blind he opened, and the Ears of the1. 41 Deaf unflopped; then jhall the lank "Man leap as the Hart, and the tongue "of the Dumb shall (trig) in the Cures, ** that he wrought, received their full "Accomplishment: Bu.t that this ProL 2 "phesy

"Dqpt. xiii. i. * Matt. xxiv. 24. f Thess. ii, 9. ? Isai. xxxv. 5, &c.

"phesy is to be understood, not in a "literal, but in a. figurative Sense, not "to denote the eutward Maladies of "the Body, but the inward Distempers "of the Soul, is apparent from that "whole Context. Both the preceding "and subsequent Passages, are certain"ly metaphorical', and therefore (to "make the whole consistent and uni"form) the intermediate Expressions • " ought, in the fame manner, to be in"terpreted. And from hence we may "conclude, that when "Jesus seems to "appeal to Isaiah, and to make the "Cure of corporeal Diseases an Indica"tion of his being the true Messiah, his "purpose is only to denote trie sundry "Passions and Disorders of the Mind, "which are represented under the Me"taphors of Blindness and Lameness, "and Deafness, &c. The Cure of these "is a godlike Work; far above the Imi"tation of Man, or Jnti-chrifl, and "infinitely more miraculous, than heal"ing any bodily Distempers. Let o'$ thers then admire and adore Jesus, as "much as they please, for his wonder"ful Cures of bodily Diseases, I am "clearly for the spiritual Messiah, who "remedies the Distempers of the Soul, "and performs all those mystical O"perations, whereof the Cure of cor


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That it was necessary for our Blessed AnswerSaviour, who pretended to come in the e!^ £om Character of a Prophet, or publick Mi- n',ss of nister from God, to be invested with a Chrip's Power of working Miracles, which have lracIefc all along been admitted as authentick Proofs of a Divine Mission^ is what we had Occasion to take Notice of before. To this Power, and the Greatnels of the Miracles resulting from thence, we find him making frequent Appeals, as a proper Testimony of his being sent from God. And well indeed might he be allowed to make Appeals of this kind, when upon so many Occasions he exercised a Power and Authority, not inferiour to that of God; when, by the fame Omnipotence, wherewith he created all Things at first, he multiplied a few Loaves and two Fifties, into a sufficiency to feed five Thousand; when, at his Command, the Wind and the Sea grew still, and unclean Spirits departed from Mens Bodies, confessing him to be the Son of God; when, acute Diseases and chronical Griefs, luch as no length of Time, no Skill, no Remedies, no Expence could asswage, were equally cured with a Touch, nay, with a Touch of his Garment,, with a Word, nay,

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