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is no more than the Common-place Work of reviling the Clergy; and cawilling at some obscure Passages in Scripture ; and that the argumentative Part of it is only a weak String of Sophisms, which he endeavours to colour over, and so obtrude upon his Reader} He is so cons us'd in his Method, so perplex'd in his Reasonings so luxuriant in his Quotations, and so tedious in his Repetitions of', the fame "thing over and over again, that I may venture to fay {what I my self have found by Experience) that it will cost a Man as much Pains to digest him under proper Heads, in order to perceive what he would be at •, as it will do (when once his meaning is found out) to write a full Answer to e^ 'very thing he has said materially, and to the purpose.

These are the Writers for Infidelity', whose Objections against the Christian Religion, together with the a SubSubstance of the Answers, which several learned Men have thought ft to make publick, I have endea^^ vourd to place, on both Sides, in the most advantageous Light 3 that the Reader, when he meets with the Poison, may he provided, at the same time, with a proper Antidote against it, and so pass his Days secure against * the Pestilence, that walketh in Darkness, and the Destruction, that wasteth at Noon-Day.

* PsJ, xci. 6.

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