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And the Folly as it, 582

From the Condition, in which the Sepulchre was found, jg5

And the subsequent Behaviour of the Chief Vriests% and Rulers. 385

jffow Christ may le said to Rise on the Third Day, 385 fVby he did not appear to the unbelieving Jews, viz. because they descrv'd no such Favour from him, 3 89* Which would probably have been lost upon them, ibid. And done Injury to the Christian Cause. 390

The Excellency of the Apostles Testimony % 392

Fram their personal Character, 394

Their Numbers, ibid.

And Opportunities of knowing the Truth; 395

From their Incapacity to execute an Imposture, 398 The Improbability of its Success, ibid.

And the Sufferings it expos'd them to. 399

The Cafe of Christian Martyrs, Criminals, or Zealots, suite different; ibid. The Absurdity os supposing the Apostles guilty of an Imposture, 40a And a Recapitulation of the whole Answer. 403


Of the Insufficiency of Reason andNKcessiTT of Revelation.

The ObjcBion against this Position 406

Answcr'd, by showing, what Natural Religion is, 410 Not absolutely perfect, 411

Nor perpetual; 41 %

Alan's original Integrity, 413

And present Depravation. 414

The right State of the Question, 415

The present State of humane Reason, as to its Imperfection, 4^ And Depravity: 419 That Reason, in its highest Improvement, could not fettle a Rule of Religion; because the ancient Philosophers had the best of their Knowledge from Revelation, 421 Were ignorant of a proper Form of Divine Worship, 42 3 And of the Method of obtaining Pardon for Sin. 42 J Reason unable to settle a Rule of Morality; 428


Because the ancient Philosophers were incapable to in-

struct the World, either by Argument, 429

Or by their own Authority: 430

They were ignorant of some fundamental Pointy 43?

Doubtful and uncertain in others, 436

And abetted very wicked Practices. 439

Hereupon modem Unbelievers are justly censur'd,


And the wicked State of the Heathen World shewn from

Scripture. 442

A Summary of the present State of Reason, and our want

of a Revelation; . 445

Which is [hewn to be consistent with the Attributes of

God, 447

And of which Kind it ought to be. 449

An Objection against the mysterious Doctrines of

Christianity 450

Answer'd, from the Consideration of the "Things, it

treats of, 451

Which are a proper Subject both for our present, and

future Contemplation, 452

Front the Distinction if "Things above, and "Things

against our Reason, and 454

That we ought to assent to'the former, because they are

what may be expected in a Divine Revelation, ibid*

They imply qp Contradiction or Absurdity, 456

But redound manifestly to the Honour and Majesty of

Religion. 458

The moral Tendency of the more obvious Doctrines

of Christianity, ■" 460

And the Reasonableness of its Sacraments* 465

An Objection against them 4<Jj

Answer'd, by shewing, how they are secur'd against all

superstitious Abuse, 4.66

And are capable of exciting many Graces and good Dis-

pc/ftiont in us, 468

How Christianity is much more extensive, even in its

moral Part, than any Discoveries of humane

Reason. 47°

A Review of the whole Argument. 474

Sect. XXIV.

Of the Date, and Efficacy of the Christian

^The ObjeBion against it *•&

Answer d, by stewing, that a Revelation from God, to

some more than others, is consonant to his Works of

Creation and Providence, A%0

Is no Instance of his Partiality, A%x

Tbo' a Token of extraordinary Favour, where it is

vouchfasd, " 4gt

And all along direBed by his Fore-knowledge of what
it best; 4g5

Ibat, tbo' Time be of no Consideration with God, yet,
in all Ages, he made succe&ve Discoveries of himself
to the Gentile World; 48y

That there was aU along a standing Covenant be-
tween God and Alan, '"* .q_

A Firnesi that leCs perfect Dispensations stould be
uster'd in first, ^

That the Gospel stould be pnblish'd just at the Time,
when it was, .ga

That it made a visible Reformation at first, age

And still continues to do a great deal of Good in the
World. g

A Review of the whole Argument, r^

And the Folly and Madness cf changing Christianity
for the Religion of Nature. *" i9X

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