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THOMAS BROOKES, the Author of the following Treatises, was the Minister of St. Margaret's, Fish Street Hill, about the middle of the seventeenth century. He appears to have attained great celebrity as an affecting and useful preacher, and to have been highly esteemed for his excellence as a man. His writings are numerous; and though not distinguished by that elevation of thought, originality of conception, or richness of language, which stamp an inestimable value on the works of many of his cotemporaries; their practical tendency, and the spiritual and subdued spirit which characterise them, have sustained their popularity even to the present time. Notwithstanding the desultory manner in which they are composed, and the homely and antiquated expressions which disfigure them, one of the treatises in these volumes, The Remedies against Satan's Devices,' has been printed sixty times; and another, The Mute Christian,' more than fifty.

Their present Editor has not thought himself at liberty to attempt any material improvement on the style of these Treatises; but he has endeavoured to correct many of the verbal inaccuracies, which have rendered former editions frequently unintelligible.

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