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Jesus preserving Peter from sinking

The daughter of the Canaanitess dispossessed

-> deaf and dumb "man healed - ,

Whole multitudes healed

The blind man healed

transfiguration - * - ,

daemon expelled from the deaf and dumb

lunatic .....

- tribute money supplied by a fish »

infirm woman healed ...

dropsical man healed ...

ten lepers healed ...

man who was born blind healed in the pool

of Siloam ----

Lazarus raised - - - •

Blind Bartimens healed

The barren fig-tree cursed

Christ beating down by a word those who came
to apprehend him -

healing Malchus" ear

* His resurrection . - -

ascension - > -'

exercise of supreme power over the invisible world - - - - . "

The intent of ail his miracles

The whole relating to Christ is a great mystery


. I

Fast Sermons

>.'-1 - A complaint of men^s unconcern about re

'pentaRce - . - *

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Fast Sermons—-continued.

- A complaint of their obstinacy under God's

chastisements . -

- A complaint of their ingratitude for mercies

received* - - •

- An exhortation to return to God <■ . -

1 to give him glory by repent-

- An exhortation to flee to him for refuge

from impending dangerb

* An exhortation to fear God exclusively« - to covenant with him

- Directions for a profitable approach to God

- Encouragement to all who seek him aright

Thanksgiving Sermonsd

- The effects which national mercies should

have upon us - , - V

- Our present peace and security ascribed to

God alone6 P

- The seasonableness of God's mercies ac-

knowledged ■ P

- A confession that they are widely diffe-

rent from our desert P

- A call to men to praise God for his goodness

in general P

- A call to men to praise God for taking away

his late judgments in particular - P

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a Preached after the battle of tke Nile,
b When an invasion was expected.
c At the time of the Northern confederacy.

d Those with a V after tkem refer to Victories; and those with a V
to Peace and Plent'.

e This is particularly proper also for The Fifth Of Novembek
f Preached on the King's going ta St. Pauls.


a Pre»ched at the Commemoration of Benefactors before the University i but applicable to otber occasions.

dj* For a Table of the Texts illustr»ted in the Skeletons, and for an Index to Subjects proper for Particular Occasions—See tie end of (the $th Volume.

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