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37 Mark thou the perfect, and behold

the man of uprightness : Because that surely of this man

the latter end is peace. 38 But those men that transgressors aree

shall be destroyed together. The latter end of wicked men

shall be cut off forever. 39 But the salvation of the just

is from the Lord above,
He, in the time of their distress,

their stay and strength doth prove, 40 The Lord shall help and them deliver

he shall them free and save From wicked men; because in him their confidence they have.


A Psalm af DAVID, in bringing to remembrance.

This psalm appears to have been penned by David, under some remarkable distress, attended with a deep sense of sin as the procuring cause of it. Here are (1) David's sorrowful com, slaints of God's sore displeasure, and of the weight of his own sins ; ver. 1-5. of the sick ness of his body, and distress of his mind; ver. 6-10. of the unkindness of his friends ; ver. 11. and of the unprovoked injuries he received from his enemies who were spiteful, cruel, subtile, unjust, ungrateful, impious, devilish, numerous and powerful, ver. T2, 20. (2) His remarkable patience and resignation under his troubles ; ver. 13-—15. (3) His fervent supplications to God for the mitigation of nis troubles ; ver. 1, and for comfort and support under, and speedy deliverance from them; ver. 16, 21, 22. attended with candid and ingenuous acknowledgment of the sinful causes thereof; ver. 3, 4, 5, 18.

In all my troubles, let me search out, and by faith con.

fess and mourn over the sinful causes of them. Let me tike every distress out of God's hand ; and call on him in the time thereof, that he may deliver me.

TN thy great indignation,

O Lord rebuke me not :
Nor on me lay thy chastning hand,

in thy displeasure hot.
% For in me fast thine arrows stick,

thine hand doth press me sore.
3 And in my flesh there is no health,

nor soundness any more.
This grief I have, because thy wrath

is forth against me gone;
And in my bones there is no rest,

for sin that I have done. 4 Because gone up above mine head

my great transgressions be : And as a weighty burden they

too heavy are for me., 5 My wounds do stink, and are corrupt;

my folly makes it so. 6 I troubled am, and much bow'd down;

all day I mourning go.
✓ For a disease that loathsome is,

so fills my loins with pain,
That in my weak and weary flesh

no soundness doth remain. 8 So feeble and infirm am I,

and broken am so sore :
That, through disquiet of my heart,

I have been made to roar, 9 O Lord, all that I do desire

is still before thine eye;

And of my heart the secret groans

not hidden are from thee.
10 My heart doth pant incessantly,

my strength doth quite decay :
As for mine eyes, their wonted light

is from me gone away
11 My lovers and my friends do stand

at distance from my sore:
And those do stand aloof that were

kinsmen and kind before. 12 Yea, they that seek my life lay snares :

who seek to do me wrong Speak things mischievous, and deceits

imagine all day long. 13 But, as one deaf, that heareth not,

I suffer'd all to pass : I as a dumb man did become, : whose mouth not open’d was. 14 As one that hears not, in whose mouth,

are no reproofs at all. 15 For, Lord, I hope in thee; my God,

thou'lt hear me when I call. 16 For I said, hear me, lest they should

rejoice o'er me with pride : And o’er me magnify themselves,

when as my foot doth slide, 17 For I am near to halt, my grief

is still before mine eye : 18 For I'll declare my sin and grieve

for mine iniquity. 19 But yet mine en’mies lively are,

and strong are they beside ; And they that hate me wrongfully

are greatly multiply'd.

PO And they for good that render ill,

as en’mies me withstood:
Yea, ev’n for this, because that I

do follow what is good.
21 Forsake me not, O Lord : my God,

far from me never be. 22 O Lord, thou my salvation art,

haste to give help to me.


To the chief Musician, even to Jeduthun.

A Psalm of DAVID. Here we have, (1) violent struggling in the psalmist's own breast between grace and corruption; between passion and patience; ver. 1-3, 11. (2) Serious views of human frailty, shortness of life, and self-emptiness; ver. 4-6. (3) Strong cries to God, for pardon of sin, preservation from reproach and for removal of trouble ; for hearing and answering of prayer, and for lengthening out of life, till further preparation for death should be attained, ver. 7-13.

While I sing, let my soul blush deep, for the untenderness and want of circumspection, in my life ; and for my want of resignation to God's disposing will. Let me be suitably affected with the shortness, vanity and uncertainty of my temporal life. Let me always be exercised in earnest prayer to, and believing dependence on God, as my companion and friend.

T Said, I will look to my ways,

lest with my tongue I sin : In sight of wicked men my mouth

with bridle I'll keep in.
2 With silence I as dumb became,

I did myself restrain
From speaking good ; but then the more

increased was my pain.

Mine end, cinto me show thereby

3 My heart within me waxed hot,

and, while I musing was,
The fire did burn: and from my tongue

these words I did let pass:
4 Mine end, and measure of my days,

O Lord, unto me show
What is the same; that I thereby

my frailty well may know. 5 Lo, thou my days au hand-breadth mad'st;

mine age is in thine eye
As nothing: sure each man at best

is wholly vanity.
6 Sure each man walks in a vain show,

they vex themselves in vain :
He heaps up wealth, and doth not know

to whom it shall pertain.
hy And now, O Lord, what wait I for?

my hope is fix'd on thee. 8 Free me from all my tresspasses,

the fool's scorn make not me. 3 Dumb was I, op'ning not my mouth,

because this work was thine. 10 Thy stroke take from me: by the blow

of thine hand I do pine.
11 When with rebukes thou dost correct

man for iniquity,
Thou wastes his beauty like a moth:

sure each man's vanity.
12 Attend my cry, Lord, at my tears

and pray’rs not silent be : I sojourn as my father's all,

and stranger am with thee. 13 O spare thou me, that I my strength

recover may again,

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