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10 Thou mak’st us from the enemy,

faint-hearted to turn back :
And they who hate us for themselves

our spoils away do take.
11 Like sheep for meat thou gavest us :

'mong heathen cast we be. 12 Thou didst for nought thy people sell,

their price enrich'd not thee. 13 Thou mak'st us a reproach to be

unto our neighbours near ; Derision and a scorn to them

that round about us are.
14 A bye-word also thou dost us

among the heathen make :
The people in contempt and spite,

at us their heads do shake. 15 Before me my confusion

continually abides ;
And of my bashful countenance

the shame me ever hides.
16 For voice of him that doth reproach,

and speaketh blasphemy; By reason of th' avenging foe,

and cruel enemy. 17 All this is come on us, yet we

have not forgotten thee; Nor falsely in thy covenant

behav'd ourselves have we. 18 Back from thy way our heart not turn'd;

our steps no straying made, 19 Tho’ us thou brak’st in dragon's place,

and cover'dst with death's shade. 20 If we God's name forgot, or stretch'd

to a strange God our hands :

& Wan

21 Shall not God search this out? for he

heart secrets understands. 22 Yea, for thy sake we're kill'd all day,

counted as slaughter-sheep. 23 Rise, Lord, cast us not ever off ;

awake, why dost thou sleep? 24 O wherefore hidest thou thy face?

forgett'st our case distress’d, 25 And our oppression ? for our soul

is to the dust down press'd: : Our belly also on the earth,

fast cleaving, hold doth take. 26 Rise for our help, and us redeem,

ev'n for thy mercies' sake.


To the chief musician upon SHOSHANNIM, for the song

of KORAH, MASCHIL. A song of loves. In this song OF LOVES, are celebrated (1) the glories of Jesus our Redeemer, particularly the transcendent comliness and blessedness of his person, God-man :His almighty power in conquering his peopie, and deg. troying his enemies; the eternity, firmness and equity of his government, his royal unction with the Holy Ghost above measure ; his fitness for his work, and the splendor of his court; ver. 1-9. (2) The glories of the redeemed; their listening to Jesus' proposals of marriage-union with himself; their renunciation of all others for his sake; their reverential submission to, and worship of him ; ver. 10, 11. Their glorious ornaments of righteousness and grace; and their glorious entrance into the new covenant and the eternal state ; ver. 12-15. Their glorious succession and work, for perpetuating the fame of the redeemer ; ver. 16, 17.

In singing this song of the Lainb, let me with open face behold his glory, and be changed into the same image from glory to glory, as by the spirit of the Lord. Let my adiniration of his excellency swell to the brim,

and my love burn with a most vehement flame ; and let my hopes of being forever with him be strong and lively. Let my heart be all wonder at his excellency, fullness and grace ;-all subjection to his government and laws; and my lips filled with his praise and honour all the day. .

ANY heart bring forth a goodly thing :
V my words that I indite
Concern the King: my tongue's pen

of one that swift doth write.
2 Thou fairer art than sons of men :

into thy lips is store
Of grace infus’d: God therefore thee

hath bless'd for evermore.
3 0 thou that art the mighty One,

thy sword gird on thy thigh : Ev’n with thy glory excellent

and with thy majesty.
4 For meekness, truth, and righteousness,

in state ride prosp’rously :
And thy right hand shall thee instruct

in things that fearful be.
5 Thine arrows sharply pierce the heart

of th’ en’mies of the King; And under thy subjection

the people down do bring. 6 For ever and for ever is,

O God, thy throne of might;
The sceptre of thy kingdom is

a sceptre that is right.
Thou lovest right and hatest ill:

for God, thy God, most high,
Above thy fellows hath with th' oil

of joy anointed thee.

6 For God, thy thy kit

8 Of aloes, myrrh, and cassia,

a smell thy garments had, Out of the iv'ry palaces,

whereby they made thee glad. 9 Among thy women honourable,

king's daughter's were at hand: Upon thy right hand did the queen

in gold of Ophir stand. 10 O daughter, harken and regard,

and do thine ear incline : Likewise forget thy father's house,

and people that are thine. 11 Then of the King desir'd shall be

thy beauty vehemently : Because he is thy Lord, do thou

him worship rev’rently. 12 The daughter there of Tyre shall be

with gifts and off'rings great : Those of the people that are rich,

thy favour shall intreat.
13 Behold, the daughter of the King,

all glorious is within ;
And with embroideries of gold

her garments wrought have been. 14 She shall be brought unto the King

in robes with needle wrought : Her fellow-virgins following,

shall unto thee be brought. 15 They shall be brought with gladness great,

and mirth on ev'ry side, Into the palace of the King,

and there they shall abide: 16 Instead of those thy fathers dear,

thy children thou may'st take,

And in all places of the earth,

them noble princes make. ty Thy name remember'd I will make,

through ages all to be: . The people, therefore, evermore shall praises give to thee.

SECOND VERSION. M Y heart inditing is W good matter in a song; Í speak the things that I have made,

which to the King belong :
My tongue shall be as quick

his honour to indite,
As is the pen of any scribe

that useth fast to write.
3 Thou’rt fairest of all men,

grace in thy lips doth flow; And therefore blessings evermore

on thee doth God bestow. 3 Thy sword gird on thy thigh,

thou that art most of might : Appear in dreadful majesty,

and in thy glory bright. 4 For meekness, truth and right,

ride prosp'rously in state : And thy right hand shall teach to thee

things terrible and great. 5 Thy shafts shall pierce their hearts

that foes are to the King; Whereby into subjection

the people thou shalt bring.

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