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candid and truly sorrowful acknowledgments of his sin, particularly his adultery and murder, as highly dishonourable to God; and of his original sin, as the source therex of ; ver. 1-5, 17.(2) His earnest supplications for pardon of his offences, and for heart-purifying, and renewing grace ; for renewed influences of the Holy Ghost; for peace of conscience, and comfortable fellowship with God for himself; ver. 1, 2, 6–15. and for reformation of, and prosperity to the church, which had been burt by his sin ; ver. 18, 19. (3) His sincere purposes of heart, to improve God's favours to himself, in promoting the instruction of others, and in giving them an honourable pattern of an exact celebration of God's public worship; ver. 13, 14, 15, 16, 19.

While I sing this penetential Psalm, let my heart be filled with clear but evangelic views of my aggravated, my unnumbered transgressions ; and with deep sorrow and remorse for them. Let me pour forth supplications, strong cries and tears to him who is able to forgive all mine iniquities, and to deliver me from every corruption. Let me wash myself in Jesus' blood, as the fountain opened to men for sin and for uncleanness.


FTER thy loving-kindness, Lord,

have mercy upon me;
For thy compassions great, blot out

2 Me cleanse from sin, and throughly.wash

from mine iniquity. 3 For my transgressions I confess,

my sin I ever see. 4 'Gainst thee, thee only, have I sinn'd;

in thy sight done this ill : That when thou speak’st, thou mayst be just

and clear in judging still, 5 Behold, I in iniquity

was form’d the womb within; My mother also me conceiv'd in guiltiness and sin,


6 Behold, thou, in the inward parts,

with truth delighted art; And wisdom thou shalt make me know

within the hidden part.
✓ Do thou with hyssop sprinkle me,

I shall be cleansed so :
Yea, wash thou me, and then I shall

be whiter than the snow.
8 Of gladness and of joyfulness

make me to hear the voice; That so these very bones, which thou

hast broken, may rejoice. 9 All mine iniquities blot out;

thy face hide from my sin. 10 Create a clean heart, Lord renew

a right sp’rit me within. 11 Cast me not from thy sight, nor take

thy holy Sp’rit away. 12 Restore me thy salvation's joy,

with thy free Sp’rit me stay. 13 Then will I teach thy ways unto

those that trangressors be ; And those that sinners are shall then

be turned unto thee. 14 O God, of my salvation God,

me from blood-guiltiness Set free : then shall my tongue aloud

sing of thy righteousness. 15 My closed lips, O Lord, by thee

let them be opened ; Then shall thy praises by my mouth

abroad be published. 16 For thou desir'st not sacrifice,

else would I give it thee :

Nor wilt thou with burnt-offering

at all delighted be.
17 A broken spirit is to God

. a pleasing sacrifice :
A broken and a contrite heart,

Lord thou wilt not despise.
18 Shew kindness and do good, O Lord,

to Zion thine own hill: The walls of thy Jerusalem

build up of thy good will. 19 Then righteous off’rings shall thee please,

and off'rings burnt, which they, With whole burnt-off’yings, and with calves, shall on thine altar lay.


To the chief Musician, MASCHIL. A Psalm of DAVID,

when Doeg the EDOMITE, came and told SAUL, and said unto him, David is come to the house of ABIMELECH.

This Psalm relates to Doeg the Edomite, who informed Saul, how Abimelech the high-priest had entertained David and his servants, and in consequence thereof murdered Abimelech, and above fourscore other priests; 1 Sam. xxii. Here, (1) David charges Doeg that, notwithstanding the manifested and everlasting goodness of God, he gloried in his malice, craft, cruelty, and other wickedness; ver. 1-5. (2) By the spirit of prophecy he condemns him for his wickedness, to be pluckt from his dwelling, and rooted out of the land of the living, to the great joy of the fearers of God; ver. 6, 7. (3.) He comforts himself in the everlasting mercy of God, and with the assured hopes that he should yet praise him for his kindness; ver. 8, 9.

Learn, O my soul, to detest all deceit and cruelty. Learn, to imitate the goodness of God, which endureth continually; and, while friends are cut off or foes pre

vail, let me live by faith on a gracious God, as my ALL
and IN ALL.
W HY dost thou boast, О mighty man,

Y of mischief and of ill?
The goodness of Almighty God

endureth ever still.
2 Thy tongue mischievous calumnies

deviseth subtilely:
Like to a razor sharp to cut,

working deceitfully.
3 Ill more than good, and more than truth
- thou lovest to speak wrong :
4 Thou lovest all devouring words,

O thou deceitful tongue.
5 So God shall thee destroy for aye,

remove thee, pluck thee out
Quite from thy house, out of the land

of life he shall thee root.
6 The righteous shall it see, and fear,

and laugh at him they shall: Lo, this the man is, that did not

make God his strength at all:
But he in his abundant wealth

his confidence did place;
And he took strength unto himself

from his own wickedness. . 8 But I am in the house of God

like to an olive green : My confidence for ever hath

upon God's mercy been.
9 And I for ever will thee praise,

because thou hast done this :
I on thy name will wait; for good

before thy saints it is.


To the chief Musician, upon MAHALATH MASCHIL.

A Psalm of DAVID. This Psalm is much the same as the 14th. It speaks, (1) Huinbling convictions to all men, of their sinfulness of nature and practice ; ver. 1-3. (2) Fearful terrors to them who persecute and oppress the people of God; ver. 4, 5. (3) Abundant comfort, in the salvation of God, to his persecuted saints ; ver. 5, 6.

Learn, my soul, frequently to review thy original and contracted filthiness. Admire the patience and mercy of God towards mankind. Trust not in man, for wherein is he to be accounted of! In the the full assurance of faith, wait patiently for God's salvation.

THAT there is not a God, the fool

doth in his heart conclude:
They are corrupt, their works are vile

not one of them do'th good.
2 The Lord upon the sons of men

from Heaven did cast his eyes, To see if any one there was

that sought God, and was wise, 3 They altogether filthy are,

they all are backward gone; - And there is none that doeth good,

no not so much as one.
4 These workers of iniquity

do they not know at all,
That they my people eat as bread, -

and on God do not call ?
5 Ev’n there they were afraid, and stood

with trembling all dismay’d; Whereas there was no cause at all

why they should be afraid :

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