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SHEW mercy, Lord, to me, for man

would swallow me outright :
He me oppresseth, while he doth

against me daily fight.
2 They daily would me swallow up,

that hate me spitefully;
For they be many that do fight

against me, O most High.
3 When I'm afraid, I'll trust in theě :
4 In God I'll praise his word :
I will not fear what flesh can do.

my trust is in the Lord.
5 Each day they wrest my words, their

'gainst me, are all for ill. [thoughts 6 They meet, they lurk, they mark my steps, . waiting my soul to kill. i ry But shall they by iniquity

escape thy judgements so ?.
O God, with indignation down

do thou the people throw.
8 My wand'rings all what they have been

thou know'st, their number took ;
Into thy bottle put my tears;

are they not in thy book ? - 9 My foes shall, when I cry, turn back,"

I know't, God is for me.
10 In God his word I'll praise : his word

in God shall praised be.
11 In God I trust, I will not fear

what man can do to me.
12 Thy vows upon me are, O God: .

I'll render praise to thee. 13 Wilt thou not, who from death me sawd,

my feet from falls keep free,

To walk before God in the light

of those that living be ?

: PSALM LVII. Fo the chief Musician, AL-TASCHITH, MICHYAM of Da

vid, when he fled from Saul in the cave. This Psalm was penned by David, when he fled from Saul in the cave; I Sam. xxiy. And contains, (1) David's earnest betaking of himself to God, upon whom all his dependence was fixed ; towards whom all his desires were bent ; and from whom only he expected relief; for mercy amidst his great troubles ; ver. 1, 2. (2) His complaints of the cruelty, malice, and calumnious deceit of his inveterate enemies; ver. 3, 4, 6. (3) His believing triumph in God; in which he prepares himself for praising God; excites himself to it; delights himself in it; and furnisheth himself with matter for it; ver. 7 10. (4) Conscious of his own inability to praise God enough, he leaves it on God, to exalt and glorify hiin. self; ver. 5-ll.

While I sing, let me cry loud for mercy ; let me lay my spiritual and temporal adversities before the Lord ; and let me triumph in the God of my salvation; and em. ploy hien to glorify his name in all the earth. DE merciful to me, O God, D thy mercy unto me Do thou extend ; because my soul

doth put her trust in thee :
Yea, in the shadow of thy wings

my refuge I will place, Until these sad calamities

do wholly overpass.
2 My cry I will cause to ascend

unto the Lord most High :
To God, who doth all things for me

perform most perfectly. 3 From Heav'n he shall send down, and me

from his reproach defend

That would devour me : God his truth

and mercy forth shall send. 4 My soul among fierce lions is,

I fire-brands live among : Men's sons, whose teeth are spears and darts,

a sharp sword is their tongue. 5 Be thou exalted very high

above the heav'ns 0 God; Let thou thy glory be advanc'd

, o'er all the earth abroad. 6 My soul's bow'd down : for they a net

have laid, niy steps to snare: Into the pit which they have digg'd

for me, they fallen are. ng My heart is fix'd, my heart is fix'd,

O God I'll sing and praise, 8 My glory, wake; wake psaltry, harp,

myself I'll early raise. 9 I'll praise thee 'mong the people, Lord,

'mong nations sing will I. . 10 For great to Heav'n thy mercy

thy truth is to the sky.
11 O Lord, exalted be thy names

above the heav'ns to stand
Do thou thy glory far advance
abové both sea and land. G

To the chief Musician, ALTASCHITH. MICHTAM Of.

- DAVID. This Psalın was probably composed by David, when Saul carried on some kind of legal prosecution against him, which is not mentioned in the history of his reign. Here, (1) He describes the corruption of these judgeg?

government, in neglecting to do justice, and in readiness to do injustice; and the corruption of their nature, with malice, falsehood and obstinate untractableness ; 1-5. (2) He prays that God would disable them to perpetrate mischief ; would defeat their projects, and weaken their influence; ver. 6–8. (3) He predicts their ruin, as cal. culated to promote the comfort of the godly, and the conviction of sinners.

While I sing, let me search out my corruptions, and. bewail my obstinate refusals of Jesus Christ, and the counsels of his word. Let me dread the speedy but awful vengeance of God, if I regard iniquity in my heart, or indulge it in my life.

N O ye, O congregation,

indeed speak righteousness? 0 ye that are the sons of men,

judge ye with uprightness ? 2 Yea, ev'n within your very hearts

ye wickedness have done ; And ye the vi’lence of your hands,

do weigh the earth upon.
3 The wicked men estranged are

ev’n from the very womb;
They speaking lies do stray, as soon

as to the world they come. 4. Unto a serpent's poison like

their poison doth appear;
Yea, they are like the adder deaf

that closely stops her ear;
g That so she may not hear the voice,

of one that charm her would, No, not though he most cunning were,

and charm most wisely could. 8 Their teeth, O God, within their mouth

break thou in pieces small :


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The great teeth break thou out, O Lord,

of these young lions all. 7 Let them like waters melt away,

which downward still do flow : In pieces cut his arrows all,

when he shall bend his bow. 8 Like to a snail that melts away,

let each of them be gone :
Like woman's birth untimely, that

they never see the sun.
9 He shall them take away before

your pots the thorns can find, Both living, and in fury great,

as with a stormy wind. 10 The righteous, when he vengeance sees,

' he shall be joyful then ; The rightequs one shall wash his feet.

in blood of wicked men.
11 So men shall say, the righteous man

reward shall never miss ;
And verily upon the earth
a God to judge there is.


10 The with a sind in tus can find

To the chief Musician AL-TASCHITH. MICHYAM of Da

vid, when SAUL sent and they watched the house to kill him.

This Psalm was penned by David, when Saul sent messengers to watch his house in order to kill him ; I Sam. xix. In it, as in the seven immediate preceding, we bave, (1) David's bitter complaints of his enemies, as wicked, barbarous, malicious, and atheistical ; ver, I 7.(2) His predictory prayers that God would expose these enemies to contempt and derision; make them standing monuments of his just indignation ; deal with

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