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them according to their sins; consume thein in his wrath; and even render their sin their punishment ; ver. 8, 10, 15. (3) His holy resolutions to wait upon God, till his judgments should be executed upon them, and then to praise him for his favours ; ver. 9, 10, 16, 17.

While I sing, let me think of the opposition made to David's Lord, and of the unrelenting vengeance which hath overtaken his enemies, Jewish and heathen, and shall overtake his antichristian and other opposers. While his honours are trampled under foot, let me wait on, and trust in God, that at last.I may join in the HALLELUJA HS of his people, when the smoke of his enemies torment ascendeth up for ever and ever.

M Y God, deliver me from those
W that are mine enemies ;
And do thou me defend from those

that up against me rise.
2 Do thou deliver me from them

that work iniquity;
And give me safety from the mett

of bloody cruelty.
3 For, lo, they for my soul lay wait :

the mighty do combine
Against me, Lord; not for my fault,

nor any sin of mine.
4 They run, and without fault in me,

themselves do ready make : Awake to meet me with thy help,

and do thou notice take.
5 Awake therefore, Lord God of hosts,

thou God of Israel,
To visit heathen all : spare none

that wickedly rebel,
6. At ev’ning they go to and fro;

they make great noise and sound,

and wiready make helps

Like to a dog, and often walk

about the city round. ✓ Behold, they belch out with their mouth,

and in their lips are swords ; For they do say thus, who is he

that now doth hear our words ? 8 But thou, O Lord, shalt laugh at them,

and all the heathen mock. 9 While he's in pow'r I'll wait on thee ;

for God is my high rock. 10 He of my mercy that is God

betimes shall me prevent : Upon mine en’mies God shall let

me see mine heart's content. 11 Them slay not, lest my folk forget ;

but scatter them abroad By thy strong pow'r; and bring them down,

O thou our shield, and God. 12 For their mouth's sin, and for the words

that from their lips do fly.
Let them be taken in their pride ;

because they curse and lie.
13 In wrath consume them, them consume,

that so they may not be :
And that in Jacob God doth rule,

to the earth’s ends let them see 14 At ev'ning let thou them return,

making great noise and sound, Like to a dog, and often walk

about the city round. 15 And let them wander up and down,

in seeking food to eat; And let them grudge when they shall not

be satisfy'd with meat.

16 But of thy pow'r I'll sing aloud,

at morn thy mercy praise : For thou to me my refuge wast,

and tow'r in troublous days.
17 O God, thou art my strength, I will

sing praises unto thec;
For God is my defence, a God
of mercy unto me.


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To the chief Musician, upon SHUSHAN-EDUTH. Micit

TAM of David, to teach ; when he strove with ARAMNAHARAIM, and with ARAM-ZOBAH, when Joab returned and smote of EDOM, in the valley of SALT, twelve thousand.

This Psalm was penned by David, during his wars with the Syrians and Edomites ; 2 Sam. viii. Here (1) He bewails the tokens of God's displeasure with Israel, in the breaking and disjointing of the nation, under Saul and Ishbosheth ver. I-3. (2) In thankful contemplation of the late revival he had given to their affairs by bis own accession to the throne, and victories over the Philistines, Moabites, &C. He beseeches God to grant them victory over, and rest from all their other enemies; ver. 4, 5. (3) In the confident expectation of God's sulfilment of his promises, and along with importunate supplication he expresseth his triumphant hopes, that God would quickly subdue every enemy, the fortified cities of Edom no: excepted ; ver. 6-12.

In all my distressed cases, let ine rejoice in the BANNER the ENSIGN given and displayed to the nations, and in the faith of God's promise let me firmly expect victory over every spiritual foe, and rejoice in hope of the glory of God, the full enjoyment of the Canaan that is above.

LORD, thou hast rejected us,

and scatter'd us abroad ;
Thou justly hast displeased been ;

return to us, O God.

2 The earth to tremble thou hast made ;

therein didst breaches make :
Do thou thereof the breaches heal,

because the land doth shake.
3 Unto thy people thou hard things

hast shew'd, and on them sent ; And thou hast caused us to drink

wine of astonishment.
4 And yet a banner thou hast giv'n

to them who thee do fear;
That it by them because of truth,

displayed may appear.
5 That thy beloved people may

deliver'd be from thrall ; Save with the pow'r of thy right hand,

. and hear me when I call. 6 God in his holiness hath spoke;

herein I will take pleasure : Shechem I will divide, and forth

will Succoth’s valley measure. ✓ Gilead I claim as mine by right;

Manasseh mine shall be :
Ephra’m is of mine head the strength;

Judah gives laws for me.
8 Moab's my washing-pot, my shoe

I'll over Edom throw :
And over Palestina's land.

I will in triumph go.. 90 who is he will bring me to

the city fortify'd ?
O who is he that to the land

of Edom will me guide ?
10 O God, which hadest us cast off,

this thing wilt thou not do ?

Ev'n thou, O God, which didest not'

. forth with our armies go.
11 Help us from trouble ; for the help

is vain which man supplies.
12 Through God we'll do great acts; he shall
tread down our enemies.

To the chief Musician, upon NEGINOTH. A Psalm Oy

DAVID. Here (1) David, in commemorating what the Lord had formerly done to him, and in the faith of what he had promised, cries to God for comfort and protection, amidst great troubles ; ver. 1-4. (2) In the view of what God had and would for ever do for him, he supplicates necessary mercies, and resolves on everlasting praise and thanksgiving to God as his bound duty ; ver. 5—8.

So may all providences, distressful or smiling, lead my soul to a thankful panting for God, as my ALL and in ALL.

God give ear unto my cry;

unto my pray’r attend :
2 From th’ utmost corner of the land
you my cry to thee I'll send,
What time my heart is overwhelm’d,

and in perplexity :
Do thou me lead unto the rock

that higher is than I.
3 For thou hast for my refuge been

a shelter by thy pow'r;
And, for defence against my foes,

thou hast been a strong tow'r. . 4 Within thy tabernacle I

for ever will abide :

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