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: Sith waters of so full a cup

to these are poured out. 11 And thus they say, how can it be

that God these things doth know? Or, can there in the Highest be

knowledge of things below ? 12 Behold, these are the wicked ones,

yet prosper at their will In wordly things; they do increase

in wealth and riches still 13 I verily have done in vain

my heart to purify; . To no effect in innocence

washed my hands have I. 14 For daily, and all day throughout,

great plagues I suffer'd have ; Yea, ev'ry morning I of new

did chastisement receive. 15 If in this manner foolishly

to speak I would intend, Thy children's generation,

behold, I should offend. 16. When I this thought to know, it was

too hard a thing for me ; 17 Till to God's sanctuary I went,

then I their end did see.
18 Assuredly thou didst them set,

a slippery place upon ; .
Them suddenly thou castedst down

into destruction.
19 How in a moment suddenly

to ruin brought are they? With fearful terrors utterly

they are consum'd away,

20 Ev'n like unto a dream, when one

from sleeping doth arise ; So thou, O Lord, when thou awak'st

their image shalt despise. 21 Thus grieved was my heart in me,

and me my reins opprest; 22 So rude was I and ignorant,

and in thy sight a beast. 23 Nevertheless continually,

O Lord, I am with thee :
Thou dost me hold by my right hand,

and still upholdest me.. 24 Thou with thy council, while I live,

wilt me conduct and guide ; And to thy glory afterward

receive me to abide.
25 Whom have I in the heavens high,

but thee, O Lord, alone ?
And in the earth, whom I desire

besides thee, there is none. 26 My flesh and heart doth faint and fail,

but God doth fail me never :: For of my heart God is the strength,

and portion for ever.
27 For lo, they that are far from thee,

for ever perish shall;
Them that a whoring from thee go,

thou hast destroyed all.
28 But surely it is good for me,

that I draw near to God:
In God I trust, that all thy works

I may declare abroad,

25 wreceively glory strand guide. I live,

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Maschil of Asaph. This Psalm relates to the destruction of the city and temple of Jerusalem by the. Chaldeans, or to some simifar disaster. In it we have, (1) the church's bitter complaints of God's displeasure ; of the outrage of their enemies; and of the apparent hopelessness of their case ; ver. I-II. (2) Strong and heart-encouraging plead. ings, with God, upon the account of his relation to them, and of the great things he had done for them, and that he was at once their God and the God of nature ; that therefore he would remember to execute just vengeance upon his sworn enemies, and grant help and relief to his covenant people ; ver. 12-23.

While I sing this, let me admire the sovereignty and holiness of God, in so severely correcting his own peo. ple. And let the broken the deserted condition of the church, in this land, deeply affect my heart, and excite my earnest prayers for her restoration,


GOD, why hast thou cast us off ?
U is it for evermore ?
Against thy pasture-sheep why doth

thine anger smoke so sore ? 2 O call to thy rememberance

thy congregation, Which thou hast purchased of old.:

still think the same upon : The rod of thine inheritance,

which thou redeemed hast; This Zion hill, wherein thou had'st

thy dwelling in times past. 3 To these long desolations

thy feet lift, do not tarry : For all the ills thy foes have done

within thy sanctuary,

4 Amidst thy congregations,

thine enemies do roar :.
Their ensigns they set up for signs

of triumph thee before.
5 A man was famous and was had

in estimation, According as he lifted up

his axe thick trees upon.
6 But all at once with axes now,

and hammers they go to, .
And down the carved work thereof,

they break, and quite undo. ✓ They fired have thy sanctuary,

and have defild the same,
By casting down unto the ground

the place where dwelt thy name.
Thus said they in their hearts, let us

destroy them out of hand :
They burnt up all the synagogues

of God within the land.
9 Our signs we do not now behold;

there is not us among
A prophet more, nor any one

that knows the time how long.
10 How long, Lord, shall the enemy

thus in reproach exclaim ? And shall the adversary thus

always blaspheme thy name ? 11 Thy hand, evin thy right hand of might,

why dost thou thus draw back ? . Ofrom thy bosom pluck it out,

for our deliv'rance sake. 12 For certainly God is my king,

ev'n from the times of old,

Working in midst of all the earth

salvation manifold. 13 The sea, by thy great pow'r, to part

asunder thou didst make: And thou the dragons' heads, O Lord,

within the waters brake. . 14 The leviathans' heads thou brak'st

in pieces, and didst give Him to be meat unto the folk

in wilderness that live. 15 Thou clav'st the fountain and the flood,

which did with streams abound : Thou dry’dst the mighty waters up,

unto the very ground.
16 Thine only is the day, O Lord,

thine also is the night :
And thou alone prepared hast

the sun and shining light.
17 By thee the borders of the earth

were settled ev'ry where :
The summer and the winter both

by thee created were.
18 That th’ enemy reproached hath,

O keep it in record ;
And that the foolish people have

blasphem'd thy name, O Lord. 19 Unto the multitude do not

thy turtle's soul deliver : The congregation of thy poor,

do not forget for ever. 20 Unto thy cov’nant have respect :

for earth's dark places be Full of the habitations

of horrid cruelty.

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