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21 O Let not those that be oppress'd,

return again with shame :
Let those that poor and needy are

give praise unto thy name :
22 Do thou, O God, arise and plead

the cause that is thine own; Remember how thou art reproach'd

still by the foolish one.
23 Do not forget the voice of those

that are thine enemies:
Of those the tumult ever grows
that do against thee rise.


thalose the the enemise of those

To the chief Musician, AL-TASCHITH. A Psalm or song

of ASAPH. Here, (1) David returns thanks to God for advancing him to the throne of Israel, and resolves to act for the public welfare ; ver. 1-3, 9, 10. (2) He rebukes the insolence of such as opposed his advancement, which sprung from the sovereign disposal of God, the judge of the world, and denounceth their destruction ; ver. 4-8.

While I sing, let me think of Jesus, whom God hath crowned with glory and honour, and of the infinite danger of opposing his government. And if he exalt me to the spiritual honours of his kingdom, let it be my care to glorify him, and to profit his people. TO thee, O God, do we give thanks,

we do give thanks to thee : Because thy wondrous works declare

thy great name near to be. 2 I purpose, when I shall receive

the congregation,

IP the coastal

render to ev'ry one.

8 Dissolved is the land, with all

that in the same do dwell; But I the pillars thereof do

bear up and 'stablish well. 4 I to the foolish people said,

do not deal foolishly;
And unto those that wicked are,

lift not your horn on high. 5 Lift not your horn on high, nor speak 6 With stubborn neck. But know, That not from east, nor west, nor south,

promotion doth flow. . ng But God is judge ; he puts down one,

and sets another up.
8 For in the hand of God most high

of red wine is a cup :
'Tis full of mixture, he pours forth,

and makes the wicked all
Wring out the bitter dregs thereof;

yea, and they drink them shall. 9 But I for ever will declare,

I Jacob's God will praise. 10 All horns of lewd men I'll cut off ; but just men's horns will raise.

PSALM LXXVI. "To the chief Musician, on NerinoTH. A Psalm or Song

of ASAPH, This Psalm is like to the 48th, and was penned on occasion of some remarkable victory ; but whether in the days of David, Asa, Jehoshaphat, or Hezekiah, 2 Chron. xiv. xx. xxxii. is uncertain. We have in it, (1) encouraging congratulations of the church's happiness in having God so manifested in her, and so near unto her; and in having his power so employed in her behalf, to


the advancement of his own glory, and the destruction of her enemies; ver. 1-6. (2) Important instructions how to improve this victory, to the terror of enemies, the comfort of saints, and the excitement of all to yow to God, and to obey and revere him; ver. 7-12.

While I sing this Psalm, let my soul bless the Lord, that my lot hath been always cast in a land of gospel light. Let me, with thankful heart, remember what he hath done for this church and land; and give him the praise of every deliverance. Let me never fear the rage of men; but in every danger and doubt commit my way to God, that he may bring it to pass.

the al

TN Judah's land God is well known,

his name's in Isr’el great : 2 In Salem is his tabernacle,

in Zion is his seat. 3 There arrows of the bow he brake,

the shield, the sword, the war. 4 More glorious thou than hills of prey,

more excellent art far. 5 Those that were stout of heart are spoil'd,

they slept their sleep outright ;
And none of those their hands did find

that were the men of might.
6 When thy rebuke, O Jacob's God,

had forth against them past,
Their horses and their chariots both

were in a dead sleep cast. hy Thou, Lord, ev’n thou art he that sliould

be fear'd, and who is he
That may stand up before thy sight,

if once thou angry be ? 8 From heav'n thou judgment caus'd be heard,

the earth was still with fear, 9 When God to judgment rose, to save

al meek on earth that were.

10 Surely the very wrath of man

unto thy praise redounds : Thou to the remnant of his wrath

wilt set restraining bounds.
11 Vow to the Lord your God, and pay,

all ye that near him be ;
Bring gifts and presents unto him :

For to be fear’d is he.
12 By him the sp’rits shall be cut off

of those that princes are: · Unto the kings that are on earth he fearful doth appear.

PSALM LXXVII. To the chief Musician to Fidui han. A Psalm of ASAPIT.

This Psalm relates to, (1) A most afflicted case, in which are remarkable, fervent, and incessant prayers, agoniziog resticssness, heart-overwhelming meditations, melancholy fears, and almost desperate outcries, concerning God; ver. 1-9. (2) The effectual cure of this mournful case, by serious meditation on and solemn ac. knowledgment of the power, greatness, and grace of God, as our God; and of the holiness and mysteriousness of his providential conduct; particuloriy in bringing Is. rael out of Egypt, and leading thein through the wilderness to the promised lard; ver. 10--20.

While I sing, let me stand in awe of that God, who so Chiastiseth his favourite saints. Let me sympathize with men of wounded spirits. If my soul is overwhelmed within me, let me call to mind the gracious character, and great works of my God, for his church, or for my soul.

T INTO the Lord I with my voice,
U I unto God did cry;
Ev'n with my voice, and unto me

his ear he did apply.

2 I in my trouble sought the Lord,

my sore by night did run,
And ceased not : my grieved soul

did consolation shun.
3 1 to remembrance God did call,

yet trouble did remain :
And overwhelm'd my spirit was,

whilst I did sore complain. 4 Mine eyes, debarr'd from rest and sleep,

thou makest still to wake : My trouble is so great, that I

unable am to speak.
5 The days of old to mind I call'd,

and oft did think upon
The times and ages that are past

full many years agone.
6 By night my song I call to mind,

and commune with my heart; My sp'rit did carefully enquire

how I might ease my smart. hy For ever will the Lord cast off,

and gracious be no more? 8 Forever is his mercy gone ?

fails his word evermore ? 9 Is't true, that to be gracious

the Lord forgotten hath ? And that his tender mercies he

hath shut up in his wrath?
10 Then did I say, that surely this

is mine infirmity ;
I'll mind the years of the right hand

of him that is most High.
11 Yea, I remember will the works

performed by the Lord ;

9 Is alls his his me

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