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xxiii. 24. Here are, (1) Solemn exhortations to praise God for what he is to his people ; and for what he hath done for them; ver. 1-7. (2) Instructions concerning God's new covenant grant of himself and his benefits to men ; their ungrateful refusal thereof; and the misery they incur, and happiness they lose thereby ; ver. 8m 16.

While I sing, let my soul consider what God is to, hath done for, and given to MEN-O ME : and let all my inward powers stedfastly believe his declarations, and eagerly embrace his offers. Let my heart be filled with grief, that ever I refused to hear my own gracious God speaking from heaven, and offering to me all the unsearchable riches of Christ. QYING loud to God our strength : with joy

to Jacob's God do sing. 2 Take up a psalm, the pleasant harp,

timbrel and psalt'ry bring. 3 Blow trumpets at new moon, what day

our feast appointed is : . 4 For charge to Isr'el and a law

of Jacob's God was this. 5 To Joseph this a testimony

he made, when Egypt land He travell'd through, where speech I heard

I did not understand. 6 His shoulder I from burdens took,

his hands from pots did free. y Thou didst in trouble on me call;

and I deliver'd thee : In secret place of thundering

I thee did answer make; And at the streams of Meribah

of thee a proof did take.
8 O thou my people, give an ear,

I'll testify to thee :
To thee, O Isr’el, if thou wilt

but harken unto me.

9 In midst of thee there shall not be

any strange god at all; Nor unto any god unknown

thou bowing down shalt fall. :10 I am the Lord thy God, which did

from Egypt land thee guide : I'll fill thy mouth abundantly,

do thou it open wide. 11 But yet my people to my voice

would not attentive be : And ev'n my chosen Israel

he would have none of me.
12 So to the lust of their own hearts

I them delivered :
And then in counsels of their own

they vainly wandered.
13 O that my people had me heard,

Isr'el my ways had chose ! 14 I had their en’mies soon subdu'd :

my hand turn'd on their foes. 15 The haters of the Lord to him

submission should have feign'd: But as for them, their time should have

for evermore remain’d.
16 He should have also fed them with

the finest of the wheat :
Of honey from the rock, thy fill

I should have made thee eat.

15 Thay hand tu mies soon's

p submiers of the on their podud:


A Psalm of Asaph. This Psalm was probably penned for the direction and warning of the Jewish courts of judicature. It represents, (1) The dignity of magistrates, and their dependance on God as their sovereign governor and judge; ver. 1, 6. (2) Their duty ; ver. 3, 4. (3) Their too frequent degeneracy and mischievousness, and the just punishment thereof; ver. 2, 5, 7. (4) The saint's re. quest for the establishment of God's kingdom in the world ; ver. 8.

While I sing, let me stand in awe of Jehovah's authority and presence. Let me remember I must be answerable to him for all my conduct. Let me be affected with my meanness and corruption. Let me revere magistrates as the deputies of God on earth. And in every station in which God hath placed me let my care be, in all things to live honestly, and to cry mightily that the kingdoms of this world may quickly be made the king. doms of iny Lord and of his Christ.

TN gods' assembly God doth stand;
T he judgeth gods among.
3 How long accepting persons vile,

will ye give judgment wrong ? : 3 Defend the poor and fatherless;

to poor oppress'd do right. 4 The poor and needy ones set free ;

rid them from ill men's might. 5 They know not, nor will understand;

in darkness they walk on ; All the foundations of the earth

· out of their course are gone. 6 I said that you are gods, and are

sons of the Highest all : ✓ But ye shall die like men, and as

one of the princes fall. 8 0 God, do thou raise up thyself,

the earth to judgment call ; For thou, as thine inheritance,

shalt take the nations all.


A Song or Psalm of Asaph. This Psalın relates to some combination of the heathens around, against the Hebrews, either in the days of David, 2 Sam. viii. or x. or of Jehosbaphat, 2 Chron. xx. And contains, (1) A solemn remonstrance to God, concerning their malicious designs against his church and honour; ver. 1-8 (2) Fervent supplications to God that he would defeat these attempts ; protect and preserve his church ; humble his enemies, and glorify himself in the world ; ver. 9-18...

While I sing, let me be affected with the inward combinations of my own lusts with Satan and the world, and with the joint endeavours of open enemies and naughty

professors, against the church and interests of Christ; · and commit the cause to God who judgeth righteously.

T EEP not, O God, we thee intreat,
i O keep not silence now :
Do thou not hold thy peace, O God,

and still no more be thou.
2 For lo, thine enemies a noise, .

tumultuously have made :
And they that haters are of thee,

have lifted up the head.
3. Against thy chosen people they

do crafty counsel take;
And they against thy hidden ones

do consultation make.
4 Come, let us cut them off, said they,

from being a nation :
That of the name of Isr'el may

no more be mention.
5 For with joint heart they plot, in league

against thee they combine. 6 The tents of Edom, Ishma’lites, : Moab's and Hagar's line.

in Gebal, and Ammon, Amalek,

Philistines, those of Tyre; 8 And Assur join'd with them; to help

Lot's children they conspire. 9 Do to them as to Midian,

Jabin at Kison strand ; 10 And Sis'ra, which at Endor fell,

as dung to fat the land,
11 Like Oreb and like Zeeb make

their noble men to fall;
Like Zeba and Zalmunna-like,

make thou their princes all : 12 Who said, for our possession

let us God's houses take. 13 My God, them like a wheel, as chaff

before the wind, them make. . 14 As fire consumes the wood, as flame

doth mountains set on fire, 15 Chase and affright them with the storm

and tempest of thine ire. .16 Their faces fill with shame, O Lord,

that they may seek thy name. 17 Let them confounded be, and vex'd,

and perish in their shame : 18 That men may know, that thou to whom

alone doth appertain
The name JEHOVAH, dost most high
o'er all the earth remain.


To the chief Musician, upon Gittith. A Psalm for the

80ns of KORAH. - This Psalm is much like the 27th, 42, 43d, and 63d, and may have been composed on the same occasion with

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