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Thou art mine only son ; this day

I have begotten thee. 8 Ask of me, and for heritage

the heathen I'll make thine, And for possession I to thee

will give earth's utmost line.
9 Thou shalt, as with a weighty rod

of iron break them all :
And, as a potter's shred, thou shalt

them dash in pieces small. 10 Now therefore, kings, be wise : be taught,

ye judges of the earth. 11 Serve God in fear, and see that ye

join trembling with your mirth, 12 Kiss ye the Son, lest in his ire

ye perish from the way,
If once his wrath begin to burn :

Bless'd all that on him stay.

PSALM III. A Psalın of David, when he fled from Absalom his son.

Having beheld the royal dignity of my Redeemer, let me here behold the joy, the peace, the safety of the redeemed amidst their distresses innumerable. Here David, driven from his holy capital and high throne, by his rebellious son Absalom, [1] Complains to his God of the number and malice of his enemies, ver. 1. 2. [2] He encourageth himself in his God, as the source and subject matter of his safety, joy, and honor, ver. 3. [3] He recollects how, on former occasions, his troubles had driven him to his prayers ; how he had always found God ready to hear and grant his requests; how safe and easy he had livid under his protection ; and how effectually he had broken the power and restrained the malice of his enemies, ver. 4, 5, 7. [4] Triumphantly trusting in God, as the salvation and blesser of his nennie. he silenceth all his fears, and pours forth his prayers for new protection and deliverance, ver. 6, 8.

Think, my soul, of Jesus, who, when buils of Bashan compassed him about, trusted in God, that he would deliver him. In all my distress, let me pour out my heart before him, believing in him as God, even MY GOD. Let - me always rejoice in the great God my Saviour. Let me trust in him at all times, that as he hath delivered, and doth deliver, so he will deliver me.

O LORD how are my foes increas'd ? U against me many rise. 2 Many say of my soul, for him

in God no succour lies. 3 Yet thou my shield and glory art;

the uplifter of mine head. 4 I cry’d, and, from his holy hill,

the Lord me answer made. 5 I laid me down and slept; I wak’d,

for God sustained me. 6 I will not fear though thousands ten

set round against me be.
✓ Arise, O Lord; save me, my God:

for thou my foes hast stroke
All on the cheek-bone; and the teeth

of wicked men hast broke. 8 Salvation doth appertain

unto the Lord alone.
Thy blessing, Lord, for evermore
thy people is upon.

· PSALM IV. To the chief Musician on Niginoth, a Psalm of David.

This Psalm was perhaps composed on the same occasion as the former, when David fied from Absalom his son. Here [!] David, encouraged by former expe

rience, casts his burden on the Lord, and supplicates a nerciful deliverance, ver. 1. [2] Addressing himself to men, particularly to his peisecutors, he reproves their contempt of God and religio!), their delight in, ard piactice of vanity, fraud and falsehood. He repiesents the happiness of the saints in having God their protector, and ready to hear their requests. He recomiends an holy filiul awe of God, a careful abstinence from sin, a composed trial of and converse with thei. own heart, together with a devoting of themselves, and their conduct and substance to the Lord, ver. 2-5. [3] To ena courage them to the study of practical religion, he remarks what superlative satisfaction and rest himself had found in familiar fellowship with God, and in a believing slependance on him, ver. 6-8,

While I sing, let me have faith in God, as my own God in Christ. Let me ablior that levity of mind. that deceitfuiness, that carthly mindedness proper to the ungodiy, and every remain thereof. Let my soul pant for JEHOVAH, and prefer him to every thing else. Let me, by faith, lay myself down in his arms, bis bosom, as all my salvation and confort.

C IVE ear unto me when I call,

God of my righteousness:
Have mercy, hear my pray’r, thou hast

enlarg’d me in distress.
2 0 ye tle sons of men, how long

will ye love vanities ?
How long my glory turn to shame,

and will ye follow lies?
3 Lut know, that for himself the Lord

The Lord, when I on him do call,

to hear will not refuse. 4 Fear, and sin not; talk with your lieart

on bed, and silent be. 5 Offrirgs present of righteousness;

and in the Lord trust ye.

-6 O who will shew us any good?

is that which many say: ' But of thy countenance the light,

Lord, lift on us alway. o Upon my heart, bestow'd by thee,

more gladness I have found, Than they, ev’n then, when corn and wine

did most with them abound. $ I will both lay me down in peace,

and quiet sleep will take : Because thou only me to dwell

in safety, Lord, dost make.


To the chief Musician upon Nehiloth, a Psalm of David.

Here (17 the man according to God's heart, in the assured faith of God's hearing his prayers and hating his sins, fiseth a daily, an early, an earnest, a steady, a grace-founded correspondence with God, in his ordinances of meditation, prayer, praise, &c. verse 1-7. [2] Be. hold him humbly requesting God's special direction in duties which his enemies had rendered difficult to perform ; supplicating and predicting the ruin of his implicable foes; and, in the assured faith of. obtaining it, imploring comfort and prosperity to his fellow saints, ver. 8-12.

While I sing, let my heart and flesh cry out, and my soul pant and wait for the Lord. In the firm faith of infinite mercy to forgive all my crimes, and wash out all my sinful stains, let me blush at, and detest my own abominations. Let me cultivate the closest familiarity with the Lord my God. Let my prayers correspond with his promises, and with the particular condition of myself or others.

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IVE ear unto my words, O Lord ;

my meditation weigh.



2 Hear my loud cry, my King, my God;

for I to thee will pray. 3 Lord, thou shalt early hear my voice;

I early will direct
My pray’r to thee, and looking up,

an answer will expect.
4 For thou art not a God that doth

in wickedness delight: Neither shall evil dwell with thee: 5 Nor fools stand in thy sight.

All that ill-doers are thou hat’st; 6 Cutt'st off that liars be: The bloody and deceitful man

abhorred is by thee. 7 But I into thy house will come

in thine abundant grace : And I will worship in thy fear

toward thy holy place.
8 Because of those mine enemies,

Lord, in thy righteousness,
Do thou me lead; do thou thy way

make straight before my face.
9. For in their mouth there is no truth,

their inward part is ill ;
Their throat's an open sepulchre,

their tongue doth flatter still.
10 O God, destroy them; let them be

by their own council quell’d: : Them, for their many sins, cast out,

for they 'gainst thee rebell’d. 11 But let all joy that trust in thee,

, and still make shouting noise; For them thou sav'st: let all that love

thy name in thee rejoice.

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