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Which are to me admir'd; and thou

· art God thyself alone.
11 Teach me thy way, and in thy truth,

O Lord, then walk will I ;
Unite my heart, that I thy name

may fear continually.
12 O Lord my God, with all my heart

to thee I will give praise ; And I the glory will ascribe

unto thy name always.
13 Because thy mercy toward me

in greatness doth excel ;
And thou deliver'd hast my soul

out from the lowest hell.
11 O God the proud against me rise ;

and vi’lent men have met, That for my soul have sought ;, and thoe

before them have not set. 15 But thou art full of pity, Lord,

a God most gracious, . Long-suffering, and in thy truth

and mercy plenteous.
16 O turn to me thy countenance,

and mercy on me have :
Thy servant strengthen, and the son

of thine own hand-maid save.
17 Shew me a sign for good, that they

which do me hate may see,
And be asham'd because thou, Lord,
didst help and comfort me.

A Psalm or Song for the song of KORAN.
This Psalm is an encomium upon mount Zion, as typin

Long-suffimost gracio Pity, Lord.

cal of the gospel church, (1) For the sake of the temple, mount Zion is preferred to every other place in Canaan ; as more honoured by God, and more delighted in by him ; ver. 13. (2) In respect of better inhabitants, greater stability, and more important joys and blessings, the church is preferred to all other nations; ver. 4-7. .

While I sing, let me observe the dignity of relation to JEHOVAH as my God. Let me praise him for found. ing his church on Jesus the unmovable Rock of ages, that the gates of hell cannot prevail against her. Let me rejoice in the glorious promises made concerning her, and supplicate the speedy, the remarkable fulfilment thereof. And while I with joy draw water out of her ordinances, her wells of salvation, let me live as an holy, a cheerful member of her society.

T TPON the hills of holiness

he his foundation sets. 2 God, more than Jacob's dwellings all,

delights in Zion's gates. : 3 Things glorious are said of thee,

thou city of the Lord. 4 Rahab and Babel, I, to those

that know me, will record. Behold ev'n Tyrus, and with it

the land of Palestine, And likewise Ethiopia;

this man was born therein. 5 And it of Zion shall be said,

this man and that man there Was born ; and he that is most High

himself shall 'stablish her. 6 When God the people writes, he'll count

that this man born was there.
There be that sing, and play; and all
my well-springs in thee are.

PSALM LXXXVIN, A Psalm or Song for the sons of KQRAH, to the chief Musician upon MAHALATÆ LEANNOTH. Maschil of HEMAN the EZRAHITE,

In this doleful Psalm, after a very short declaration of his faith, we have, (1) Heman's bitter wailing over his distressed case, that his troubles were great ; his body at the point of death; his soul filled with grief ; his God hiding and angry; his mind distressed with terrors; and his friends unkind ver. 3-9. 14—18. (2) His bitter groans to, and expostulations with God, importing that he had long cried for mercy, and that in death nothing could be done for him, &c. ver. 1, 2, 9-14.

While I sing, let me think how dreadful kell must be, when even fatherly chastisements are so severe ; how dreadful the enormity of sin, which proyokes God so grievously to afflict his dearest favourites; and how necessary it is to retain our faith of our relation to God, amidst the worst of troubles. T ORD God my Saviour, day and night

before thee cry'd have I. 2 Before thee let my prayer come,

give ear unto my cry. 3 For troubles great do fill my soul :

my life draws nigh the grave. 4 I'm counted with those that go down

to pit, and no strength have. 5 Ev'n free among the dead, like them

that slain in grave do lie : Cut off from thy hand, whom no more

thou hast in memory.
6 Thou hast me laid in lowest pit,

in deep and darksome caves.
Thy wrath lies hard on me, thou hast

me press'd with all thy waves.
8 Thou hast put far from me my friends,

thou mad'st them to abhor me :

And I am so shut up that I

find no evasion for me. 9 By reason of affliction

mine eye mourns dolefully :
To thee, Lord, do I call, and stretch

my hands continually.
10 Wilt thou shew wonders to the dead?

shall they rise, and thee bless ? 11 Shall in the grave thy love be told ?

in death thy faithfulness? 12 Shall thy great wonders in the dark,

or shall thy rightousness. Be known to any in the land

of deep forgetfulness ? 13 But, Lord, to thee I cry'd, my pray'r

at morn prevent shall thee. · 14 Why, Lord, dost thou cast off my soul ?

and hid'st thy face from me ?
15 Distress'd am I, and from my youth

I ready am to die ;
Thy terrors I have borne, and am

distracted fearfully,
16 The dreadful fierceness of thy wrath

quite over me doth go :
Thy terrors great have cut me off,

they did pursue me so.
17 For round about me ev'ry day

like waters they did roll : And, gathering together, they

have compassed my soul. 18 My friends thou hast put far from me,

and him that did me love ; And those that mine acquaintance were

to darkness didst remove.


Maschil of Ethan the EZRAHITE. This Psalm was perhaps composed on the occasion of Absalom's rebellion ; 2 Sam. xv. or of the revolt of the ten tribes, from their subjection to the family of David ; 1 Kings xii. or it relates to the Chaldean oppression and captivity ; 2 Kings xxiv. xxv. In the first and joyful part, we have, (1) the foundation of all comfort, happiness, honour, and stability, laid in the mercy of God and his covenant with David, enblematic of that made with Jesus Christ for the redemption of mankind ; ver. 1-4. (2) A celebration of the God of the covenant, in his faithfulness, glory, greatness, mercy, and equity; and in his works ; ver. 5-14. And of the glorious dignity, happiness, and safety of the covenant people; ver. 15—18. (3) A bundle of covenant promises, securing proper qualifications, assistance and glory to the head of the covenant; and indefeasible blessings to his covenant seed, notwithstanding their manifold sins and chastisements; ver. 19-37. In the second and mournful part, we have, (0) Grievous lamentations over the dishonour, distress, and danger of David's family ; ver. 38–45. (2) Expostulations with God, concerning the same, drawn from the continuance of trouble ; the shortness of human life, and certainty of death; the withdrawment of former kindness promised in the covenant; and the insolent reproaches of enemies; ver. 46–51. (3) A triumphant conclusion of praise to God; ver. 52.

While I sing, let me chiefly keep mine eyes on David's Lord. Let me with joy behold the covenant made with him, for our redemption. Let me adore my covenant God, as in him, well pleased for his righteousness sake, and rendering him and his seed most blessed forevermore, And as Jesus' sufferings for me purchased my eternal happiness, let never my own, or the church's troubles weaken my faith, or make me drop my songs of praise. T OD's mercies I will ever sing:

T and with my mouth I shall
Thy faithfulness make to be known

to generations all.

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