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For evermore so let it be.

Amen, yea, and amen.


A prayer of Moses, the man of God.

This Psalın was composed by Moses, the man of God, some time after God had sentenced the Hebrews to wandering and death in the wilderness; Num. xiv. In it, (1) Moses comforts himself, and his people, with the eternal and unchangeable duration of God himself, and their interest in him ; ver. 1, 2. (2) He humbles himself and his people with the consideration of human frailty; ver. 3—6. (3) He submits himself and his people to the righteous sentence of God passed upon them; ver. 7-ll. (4) By prayer he commits himself and his people to their gracious and merciful God : and requests the sanctified use of their awful chastisements; the averting of divine wrath, the bestowal of true comforts and joys; the returns of his favour, and the progress of his work of mercy among their children ; ver. 12-17.

Let me sing this as the tenant of an hour, who hath none assurance of his present life : Sing it as resigned to my lot on earth, however afflicted ; as active in preparation for death ; and committing myself and family to the God of truth as our Redeemer, our God, and our eyerlasting ALL..

T ORD thou hast been our dwelling-place

in generations all. 2 Before thou ever hadst brought forth

the mountains great or small : Ere ever thou hadst form’d the earth,

and all the world abroad, Ev’n thou from everlasting art

to everlasting God. 3 Thou dost unto destruction

man that is mortal turn :

And unto them thou say'st again,
: ye sons of men, return.
4 Because a thousand years appear

no more before thy sight
Than yesterday, when it is past,

or than a watch by night. 5 As with an overflowing flood

thou carriest them away : They like a sleep are ; like the grass

that grows at morn are they. 6 At morn it flourishes and grows,

cut down at ev'n doth fade. hy For by thine anger we're consumid;

thy wrath makes us afraid.
8 Our sins, thou, and iniquities,

dost in thy presence place,
And sett'st our secret faults before

the brightness of thy face,
9 For in thine anger all our days:

do pass on to an end;
And as a tale that hath been told,

so we our years do spend. . 10 Threescore and ten years do sum up:

our days and years, we see :
Or, if by reason of more strength,

in some fourscore they be:
Yet doth the strength of such old men

but grief and labour prove ; For it is soon cut off, and we

fly hence, and soon remove. 11 Who knows the power of thy wrath ?

according to thy fear, 12 So is thy wrath : Lord, teach thou us: our end in mind to bear ;

And so to count our days, that we

our hearts may still apply
To learn thy wisdom and thy truth,

that we may live thereby.
13 Turn yet again to us, O Lord,

how long thus shall it be ?
Let it repent thee now, for those

that servants are to thee.
14 O with thy tender mercies, Lord,

us early satisfy; .
So we rejoice shall all our days,

and still be glad in thee.
15 According as the days have been,

wherein we grief have had,
And years wherein we ill have seen,

so do thou make us glad,
16 O let thy work and pow'r appear

thy servant's face before ;
And shew unto their children dear

thy glory evermore.
17 And let the beauty of the Lord

our God be us upon ;
Our handy-works establish thou,

establish them each one.

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This Psalm was perhaps penned on the occasion of zhe pestilence, inflicted for numbering the people'; % Sam. xxiv. In it, while the Psalmist, by faith, takes God for his own refuge and keeper; ver. 2-9. he for the encouragement of others to do the same, represents, (1) the dignity, extent, and continuance, of their happiness and safety who have God for their residence ; ver. 1 4 . (2) Their preservation from all malice and baleful

Muence of the powers of darkness, while multitudes

are ruined thereby; ver. 3—9. (3) Their enjoyment of angels for their guard ; and their triumph over devils and other opposers; ver. 10–12. (4) Their possession of special favour from, and delightful intimacy with God, here and hereafter; ver. 13-16.

In singing these, let mine eyes be fixed on Jesus, the Man of God's right hand, in whom all these promises were fulfilled to the highest ; and, in his name, let me depend on them to be accomplished in myself. And let all the begun experience I have had thereof, encourage me to rejoice in hope of the more abundant mercies and and glory of God.

TTE that doth in the secret place

1 of the most High reside, Under the shade of him that is

th' Almighty shall abide.
2 I of the Lord my God will say,

he is my refuge still,
He is my fortress, and my God,

and in him trust I will.
3 Assuredly he shall thee save,

and give deliverance
From subtile fowler's snare, and from

the noisome pestilence.
4 His feathers shall thee hide ; thy trust

under his wings shall be :
His faithfulness shall be a shield

and buckler unto thee..
5 Thou shalt not need to be afraid

for terrors of the night; Nor for the arrow that doth fly

by day, while it is light : 6 Nor for the pestilence, that walks . in darkness secretly ; Nor for destruction, that doth waste.

at noon-day openly.

Ý A thousand at thy side shall fall,

on thy right hand shall lie
Ten thousand dead, yet unto thee

it shall not once come nigh.
8 Only thou with thine eyes shalt looky

and a beholder be ;
And thou therein the just reward

of wicked men shalt see.
9 Because the Lord, who constantly

my refuge is alone, Ev’n the most High, is made by thee

thy habitation; 10 No plague shall near thy dwelling come,

no ill shall thee befall : .. 11 For thee to keep in all thy ways

his angels charge he shall. 12 They in their hands shall bear thee up,

still waiting thee upon ;
Lest thou at any time should’st dash.

thy foot against a stone.
13 Upon the adder thou shalt tread,

and on the lion strong :
Thy feet on dragons trample shall,

and on the lions young.
14 Because on me he set his love,

I'll save and set him free :
Because my great name he hath known.

I will him set on high.
15 He'll call on me, I'll answer him ;

I will be with him still
In trouble, to deliver him,

and honour him I will.
16 With length of days unto his mind

I will him satisfy ;

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