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15 But judgment unto righteousness

shall yet return again ; And all shall follow after it,

that are right-hearted men. 16 Who will rise up for me, against

those that do wickedly? Who will stand up for me, 'gainst those

that work iniquity ?
17 Unless the Lord had been my help,

When I was sore opprest,
Almost my soul had in the house

of silence been at rest.
18 When I had uttered this word,

(my foot doth slip away,)
Thy mercy held me up, O Lord,

thy goodness did me stay.
19 Amidst the multitude of thoughts

which in my heart do fight, My soul, lest it be overcharg'd,

thy comforts do delight. 20 Shall of iniquity the throne

have fellowship with thee, Which mischief, cunningly contriv’d,

doth by a law decree ? 21 Against the righteous souls they join,

they guiltless blood condemn. R2 But of my refuge God's the rock,

and my defence from them. . 23 On them their own iniquity

the Lord shall bring and lay, And cut them off in their own sin ;

our Lord God shall them slay.


This Psalm contains, (1) Sulemn calls to celebrate the praises of Jesus and his father, on account of whạt ho liad done, and what he is to us, and we to him; ver. I -7. (2) Alarming warnings to hear his voice, and not to harden our hearts, as the Israelites in the ciesert, who on that account were debarred from the promised land; ver. 7-il. .

While I sing, let me behold the glories of my Re.deemer, and believe my new covenant relation to him ; and while it is yet called to day, let me be ware of being hardened through the deceitfulness of sin.

Since there is a promise left me of entering into his rest, let me take heed, lest I should seem to come short of it, by unbelief.

COME, let us sing to the Lord :

come, let us ev'ry one
A joyful noise make to the Rock

of our salvation.
2 Let us before his presence come

with praise and thankful voice;
Let us sing psalms to him with grace;

and make a joyful noise.
3 For God, a great God, and great King,

above all gods he is. 4 Depths of the earth are in his hand,

the strength of hills is his.
5 To him the spacious sea belongs,

for he the same did make :
The dry land also from his hands

its form at first did take.
6 O come, and let us.worship him,

let us bow down withal,
And on our knees before the Lord,

our Maker let us fall.

7 For he's our God, the people we

of his own pasture are,
And of his hand the sheep; to-dày,

if ye his voice will hear.
8 Then harden not your hearts, as in

the provocation,
As in the desart, on the day

of the tentation : 9 When me your fathers tempt'd and prov'd,

and did my working see ;
10 Ev’n for the space of forty years

this race hath grieved me :
I said, this people errs in heart,

my ways they do not know :
11 To whom I sware in wrath, that to

my rest they should not go.


This Psalm was part of the hymn sung at the translation of the ark from the house of Obed-edom to the city of David ; 1 Chron. xvi. 1. 22–33, but relates to the calling of the Gentiles to our Redeemer. Here are, (1) Solemn calls to ascribe praises and glory to our high and great Immanuel; ver. 1-9. (2) Loud proclamations of Jesus' establishment of his gospel church, and of his coming to judge the world, to the great joy of his fiends; ver. 10–13.

While these high praises of God are in my mouth, let my heart behold the glory, believe the promises, and burn with desire after the enjoyment of Christ, and of God in him.

SING a new song to the Lord,

sing all the earth to God : 3 To God sing, bless his name, shew still

his saying health abroado

3 Among the heathen nations! ; his glory do declare ; And unto all the people show

his works that wondrous are. 4 For great's the Lord, and greatly he

is to be magnify'd :
Yea, worthy to be fear'd is he

above all gods beside,
5. For all the gods are idols dumb,

which blinded nations fear;
But our God is the Lord, by whom

the heav'ns created were.
6 Great honour is before his face,

; and majesty divine :
Strength is within his holy place,

and there doth beauty shine. 7 Do ye ascribe unto the Lord,

of people ev'ry tribe ; Glory do ye unto the Lord,

and mighty pow'r ascribe. 8 Give ye the glory to the Lord

that to his name is due :
Come ye into his courts, and bring.

an offering with you.
9 In beauty of his holiness,

O do the Lord adore :
Likewise, let all the earth throughout

tremble his face before.. 10 Among the heathen say, God reigns :

the world shall stedfastly Be fix'd from moving: he shall judge

the people righteously. 11 Let heav'ns be glad before the Lord, and let the earth rejoice :

9 In an offerinto his couri

Let seas, and all that is therein,

cry out, and make a noise.
12 Let fields rejoice, and ev'ry thing

that springeth of the earth :
Then woods, and ev'ry tree shall sing

with gladness and with mirth
13 Before the Lord ; because he comes,

to judge the earth comes he : He'll judge the world with righteousness, the people faithfully.


This Psalm is of the same strain with the preceding; and contains, (1) Solemn calls to the Gentile nations to rejoice at the equity and extent of Jesus' new testament kingdom, and at the destruction of hardened Jews and heathen idolaters, occasioned by the establishment thereof; ver. 1-7.(2) Representations of the pure and holy joy of the saints, on account of Jesus' highness, the glory of God manifested therein, and of the care taken for their safety and comfort ; ver. 8–12.

Join the choir, O my soul. Sing praises to thy King; sing praises with understanding.

M oD reigneth ; let the earth be glad,
UT and isles rejoice each one.
2 Dark clouds him compass; and in right

with judgment dwells his throne. 3 Fire goes before him, and his foes

it burns up round about. 4 His lightnings lighten did the world ;

earth saw, and shook throughout 5 Hills at the presence of the Lord,

like wax did melt away :
Ev'n at the presence of the Lord

of all the orth, I say.

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