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6 The heav'ns declare his righteousness,

all men his glory see.
hy All who serve graven images,

confounded let them be.
Who do of idols boast themselves,

let shame upon them fall :
Ye that are called gods, see that

ye do him worship all.
8 Sion did hear and joyful was,

glad Judah's daughters were ; · They much rejoic'd, O Lord, because

thy judgments did appear. 9 For thou, O Lord, art high above

all things on earth that are : Above all other gods thou art

exalted very far.
10 Hate ill, all ye that love the Lord :

his saints' souls keepeth he ;
And from the hands of wicked men

he sets them safe and free. 11 For all those that be righteous

sown is a joyful light,
And gladness sown is for all those

that are in heart upright.
12 Ye righteous, in the Lord rejoice;

express your thankfulness When ye into your memory

do call his holiness.


This Psalm insists on the same subject as the two preceding; and contains, (1) Demands of praise to the Redeemer, for the wonders he hath wrought; the victories he hath won; the discoveries he hath made, and the promises he fulfils; ver. 1, 3.(2) Demands of universal., and high rejoicing at the erection and establishment of his gospel church; and at his coming in the clouds to judge the world; ver. 4–9.

While my lips utter these lofty notes, let my soul according to this time also, say, What hath the Lord wrought? What is Jesus? What is JEHOVAH to my heart? What hath he done for mankind, and what for my soul? What of Jesus? What of JEHOVAH, have mine eyes seen and my heart tasted ? And while I assuredly believe his return to judgment, let me with ardor look for that blessed hope, and glorious appearance of the great God my Saviour. Let my soul with rapture spring forth to meet his burning chariot-wheels, and long to see creation all on flames.

SING a new song to the Lord,

for wonders he hath done : His right hand and his holy arm

him victory hath won.
2 The Lord God his salvation

hath caused to be known :
His justice in the heathens' sight

he openly hath shewn.
3 He mindful of his grace and truth

to Isr'el's house hath been : And the salvation of our God

all ends of the earth have seen. 4 Let all the earth unto the Lord

send forth a joyful noise : Lift up your voice aloud to him,

sing praises and rejoice. 5 With harp, with harp, and voice of psalmsi

unto JEHOVAH sing. . 6 With trumpets, cornets, gladly sound

before the Lord the King. 7 Let seas, and all their fulness roar,

the world, and dwellers there.

And sr els hohis grace

* Let slends of th of our cen:

8 Let floods clap hands, and let the hills

together joy declare. 9 Before the Lord; because he comes,

to judge the earth comes he : He'll judge the world with righteousness, his folk with equity.

PSALM XCIX. This Psalm is of the same general nature with the three preceding, and calls men to revere, worship, and praise the Messiah, and his father, (1) For the glory, greatness, mercy, and equity of his government; ver. 1-5. (2) For the instances of his kindness to Israel, in remarkably regarding and honouring their noted deliverers, and reformers; ver. 6-9.

While I sing this, let my soul stand in awe of Jehovah's greatness and excellency. Let me call on God in every time of need, that he may answer and save me. Let me hope that he will forgive and subdue, but never that he will indulge my transgressions. For the Lord my God is holy.

TH' eternal Lord doth reign as King ;
I let all the people quake :
He sits between the cherubims,

· let th’ earth be mov'd and shake: 2 The Lord in Zion great and high,

above all people is. 3 Thy great and dreadful name (for it

is holy) let them bless. 4 The King's strength also judgment loves ;

thou settlest equity: Just judgment thou dost execute

in Jacob righteously. 5 The Lord our God exalt on high;

and rev'rently do ye

Before his footstool worship him :

the holy One is he.
6 Moses and Aaron ’mong his priests,

Samuel, with them that call
Upon his name : these call’d on Goci,

and he them answer'd all. hy Within the pillar of the cloud

he unto them did speak:
The testimonies he them taught,

and laws, they did not break.' 8 Thou answerd'st them, O Lord our God,

thou wast a God that gave
Pardon to them, though on their deeds

thou wouldest vengeance have. 9 Do ye exalt the Lord our God,

and at his holy hill
Do ye him worship : for the Lord

our God is holy still.


: A Psalm of Praise. This Psalm, (1) Contains a solemn call to the Gentiles to praise God and rejoice in him ; ver. 1-4. (2) Furnisheth us with matter of praise, viz. that he is God, and stands nearly related to us, and that his mercy and truth are everlasting; ver. 3, 5.

Knowing the Lord to be my God, let me approach his ordinances, and enter his heavenly palaces, with an heart ravished with his excellencies and kindness, and a mouth filled with his praise.

LL people, that on earth do dwell,

sing to the Lord with cheerful voice ; Him serve with mirth, his praise forth tell,

Come ye before him and rejoice.

3 Know that the Lord is God indeed;

Without our aid he did us make :
We are his flock, he doth us feed,

And for his sheep he doth us take. 4 O enter then his gates with praise,

Approach with joy his courts unto :
Praise, laud, and bless his name always,

For it is seemly so to do.
5 For why ? the Lord our God is good,

His mercy is for ever sure :
His truth at all times firmly stood,
And shall from age to age endure.

ALL ye lands, unto the Lord

make ye a joyful noise.
2 Serve God with gladness : him before

come with a singing voice. 3 Know ye the Lord, that he is God;

not we, but he us made : We are his people, and the sheep

within his pasture fed. 4 Enter his gates and courts with praise,

to thank him go ye thither : To him express your thankfulness,

and bless his name together. 5 Because the Lord our God is good,

his mercy faileth never ; And to all generations his truth endureth ever.


A Psalm of DAVID. This Psalm was probably composed when David arsa

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