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12 For, Lord, unto the righteous man

thou wilt thy blessing yield; With favour thou wilt compass him

about as with a shield.


To the chief Musician on Meginoth, upon Sheminiili,

A Psalm of David. Observe here [1] David, a great saint, under grievous and inanifold troubles, sickness of body, conscience-felt charges of guilt, vexation of mind, attended with desertion from God, and contemptuous insults from his ene. mies, ver. 2, 3, 5, 9, 7. [2] His supplications with strong cries and tours to God for mitigation of trouble, support under it, and deliverance from it, ver. 1, 4, 6. izinio jumphant separation of himself from the wicked, in the fuil assurance of faitii, inut!

chat God had hearit. and would graciously grant his requests, and would either convert or destroy his opposers, ver. 8, 10.

In all my afflictions, let me believe that Jesus was afr Aicted for mc. Let me cail my sin to remembiance, spread my case before him, fill my mouth with arguments; implore his abundant, free, and sovereign mer. cy, as my sole and all comprehensive relief. Nor let me ever expect a comfortable answer to my prayers, while I cultivate an intimacy with profane and wicked


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T ORD, in thy wrath rebuke me not,

nor in thy hot raġe chasten me. 2 Lord, pity me, for I am weak :

Heal me, for my bones vexed be. 3 My soul is also vexed sore;

But, Lord, how long stay wilt thou make ? 4 Return, O Lord, my soul set free :

O save me for thy mercy's sake. 5 Because those that deceased are,

Of thee shall no remembrance have :

And who is he that will to thee, Give praises, lying in the grave? 6 I with my groaning weary am,

I also all the night my bed
Have caused for to swim; and I

With tears my couch haye watered. on Mine eye, consum’d with grief, grows old,

Because of all mine enemies. 3 Hence from me wicked workers all;

For God hath heard my weeping cries. 9 God hath my supplication heard;

My pray’r received graciously.
10 Sham’d and sore vex'd be all my foes
Sham'd and back turned suddenly.

TN thy great indignation,
LO Lord, rebuke me not,
Nor on me lay thy chastning hand

in thy displeasure hot.
2 Lord, I am weak, therefore on me

have mercy, and me spare : Heal me, O Lord, because thou know'st

my bones much vexed are. 3 My soul is vexed sore : but, Lord,

how long stay wilt thou make ? 4 Return, Lord, free my soul, and save

me for thy mercy's sake. 5 Because of thee in death there shall

no more remembrance be: Of those that in the grave do lie,

who shall give thanks to thee? 6 I with my groaning weary am,

and all the night my bed

I caused for to swim : with tears

my couch I watered.
n By reason of my vexing grief,

mine eye consumed is :
It waxeth old, because of all

that be mine enemies.
8 But now depart from me, all ye

that work iniquity;
For why, the Lord hath heard my voice,

when I did mourn and cry. 9 Unto my supplication

the Lord did hearing give : When I to him my prayer make,

the Lord will it receive.
10 Let all be sham’d and troubled sore,

that en’mies are to me ;
Let them turn back, and suddenly

ashamed let them be,

& give

Lord ! my


Shiggaion of David which he sang unto the Lord, con

cerning the words of Cush the Benjamite. Here, accused of traitorous conspiracy against his sovereign by king Saul, or by Cush one of his courtiers, David [1] appeals to God, concerning his innocency of that crime, ver. 3-5. [2] He supplicates, that God, as governor of the world, and king of Israel, would protect him from danger, plead his cause, and give judge ment for him, ver. 1, 2, 6, 9. [3] In the exercise of faith, he depends on God, to protect and deliver him, and to avenge the injuries he had sustained, upon his implacable adversaries, ver. 10, 16. [4] He resolves to ascribe the glory of all his deliverances to God aloney ver. 17.

While I sing, let me contemplate the spotless innocency, the finished righteousness of my Redeemer, to


gether with the injurio:15 usage he received foon his brethren of mankind; and the fearful ruin hal hath befallen or awaits bis incorrigible foes. Let me carefully approve myself in his sight, who searclicth my heart, and tristh my reins, and who must quickly be my final judge. Let me implore the just vengeance of heaven, against my spiritual enemics. And not unto me but to his name be the glory and praise of all iny pretection and deliverance.

n Lor: my God, in thee do I

my confidence repose : Save and deliver me from all

my persecuting foes.
2 Lest that the enemy my soul

should like a lion tear,
In pieces rending it, while there

is no deliverer.
3 O Lord my God, if it be so,

that I committed this ; If it be so, that in my hands

iniquity there is ;
4 If I rewarded ill to him

that was at peace with me;
(Yea, ev’n the men that without cause:

my foe was, I did free :)
5 Then let the foe pursue, and take

my soul, and my life thrust Down to the earth, and let him lay

mine honour in the dust, 6 Rise in thy wrath, Lord, raise thyself,

for my foes raging be: And to the judgment which thou hast

commanded, wake for me. So shall th' assembly of thy folk

about encompass thee :


Thou therefore, for their sakes, return

unto thy place on high. 8. The Lord he shall the people judge :

my judge, JEHOVAH, be, After iny righteousness, and mine

integrity in me.
9 O let the wicked's malice end,

but 'stablish steadfastly
The righteous : for the righteous God

The hearts and reigns doth try. 10 In God, who saves th' upright in heart,

is my defence and stay. '.. 11 God just men judgeth, God is wroth

with ill men every day, 12 If he do not return again,

then he his sword will whets His bow he hath already bent,

And hath it ready set. 13 He also hath for him prepard

the instruments of death : Against the persecutors he

his shafts ordained hath. 14 Behold, he with iniquity

doth travail as in birth :
A mischief he conceived hath

and falsehood shall bring forth, 15 He made a pit and digg'd it deep,

another there to take :
But he is fall'n into the ditch

which he himself did make. 16 Upon his own head his mischief

shall be returned home; His vi’lent dealing also down

on his own pate shall come:

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