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2 Ile Judah did his sanctuary,

his kingdom Is’rel make, 3 The sea it saw and quickly fled;

Jordan was driven back. 4 Like rams the mountains, and like lambs

the hills skipp'd to and fro. 3 O sea, why fledd'st thou ? Jordan, back

why wast thou driven so ? 6 Ye mountains great wherefore was it

that ye did skip like rams ? And wherefore was it little hills,

that ye did leap like lambs. 7 0, at the presence of the Lord,

earth, tremble thou for fear, While as the presence of the God

of Jacob doth appear.
3 Who from the hard and stony rock

did standing water bring,
And by his pow'r did turn the flint
into a water-spring.


This Psalm instructs us, (1) To whom glory and praise ought to be ascribed : not to ourselves but to God's mercy and truth ; ver. 1. not to lifeless, senseless idols, but to God, whose throne is in the heavens, and who doeth whatever he pleaseth ; ver. 2-8, 15, 16. (2) How we are to glorify God; 1. By trusting in him, crediting bis promise, and receiving his blessings ; ver. 9-15. 2. By blessing him while we live ; ver. 17, 18.

Learn, my soul, to deny thyself; to take up thy cross and follow Christ; and to keep thyself from idols. But, make JEHOVAH, as reconciled in Christ, thy portion, thy trust, thy help, thy shield, thy blessedness, thy comfort, thy praise ; and consider thine earthly enjoyments as the gracious gifts of thy God, and an earnest of thy fur nore exceeding and eternal weight of glory.

TOT unto us, Lord, not to us,

but do thou glory take
Unto thy name, ev’n for thy truth,

and for thy mercy's sake.
2 0 wherefore should the heathen say,

· Where is their God now gone ? 3 But our God in the heavens is,

what pleas'd him he hath done. 4 Their idols silver are and gold,

work of men's hands they be. · 5 Mouths have they, but they do not speak;

and eyes, but do not see. 6 Fars have they, but they do not hear;

noses, but savour not. rn Hands, feet, but handle not, nor walk;

nor speak they through their throat. 8 Like them their makers are: and all

on them their trust that build. 9 O Isr’el, trust thou in the Lord :

he is their help and shield. 10 0 Aaron's house, trust in the Lord :

Their help and shield is he. 11 Ye that fear God, trust in the Lord :

Their help and shield he'H be. 12 The Lord of us hath mindful been,

and he will bless us still ; . He will the house of Isr’el bless,

bless Aaron's house he will. 13 Both small and great that fear the Lord,

he will them surely bless. 14 The Lord will you, you and your seed,

ay more and more increase. 15 O blessed are ye of the Lord, who made the earth and heav'n,

16 The heav'n, ev’n heav'ns are God's, but he

earth to men's sons hath giv’n. 17 The dead, nor who to silence go,

God's praise do not record. 13 But henceforth we forever will bless God. Praise ye the Lord.

PSALM CXVI. This is a Psalm of thanksgiving, somewhat similar to ilie 18th, 30th, 40th, and 10.,d ; and represents, (1) The Psalmist's great distress and danger, which had almost driven him to despair ; ver. 3, 10, 11. (2) The application he made to God by prayer, for relief; and his experience of God's gracious kindness, in granting his requests ; in hearing, pitying, and delivering him ; ver. 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8. (3) His sincere and hearty resolucions, to make a grateful acknowledgment of God's kindness, by loving him, ver. 1. continuing to call on him and receive from him ; ver. 2, 13, 17. resting in him ; ver. 7. walking before him as his devoted servant : ver. 9, 16. public confession of God's, tender regard to him ; ver. 12, 15. and sincere and public paying of his vows to him; ver. 10-19.

While I sing, let me think, as before God, what of these blessings, I have experienced: what of these duties I have earnestly practised. If God hath redeemed me from the broken law; from the lowest hell; from the mouth of the infernal lion; and from the power of my corrupt lusts; let my soul, and all that is within me, be stirred up to bless his holy name; and let me never lose the heartanimating impressions of his benefits. T LOVE the Lord, because my voice

and prayers he did hear. 2.1, while I live, will call on him,

who bow'd to me his ear.
3 Of death thè cords and sorrows did

about me compass round,
T'he pains of hell took hold on me;

I grief and trouble found.

4 Upon the name of God the Lord

then did I call and say, Deliver thou my soul, O Lord,

I do thee humbly pray. 3 God merciful and righteous is,

yea, gracious is our Lord. 6 God saves the meek: I was brought low,

he did me help afford.
by O thou my soul, do thou return

unto thy quiet rest:
For largely, lo, the Lord to thee

his bounty hath express'd.
8 For Any distressed soul from death

deliver'd was by thee; Thou didst my mourning eyes from tears,

my feet from falling, free. 9 I in the land of those that live

will walk the Lord before. 10 I did believe, therefore I spake:

I was afflicted sore. 11 I said, when I was in my haste,

that all men liars be. 12 What shall I render to the Lord,

for all his gifts to me? 13 I’ll of salvation take the cup,

on God's name will I call. 14 I'll pay my vows now to the Lord

before his people all. 15 Dear in God's sight is his saints' death. 16 Thy servant, Lord, am I.

Thy servant sure, thine handmaid's son:

my bands thou didst untie. 17 Thank-off'rings I to thee will give,

and on God's name will call.

18 I'll pay my vows now to the Lord,

before his people all:
19 Within the courts of God's own house,

within the midst of thee,
O city of Jerusalem.
Praise to the Lord give ye.


This Psalm relates to the gospel church. Here are, (1) A short, but solemn call, to the redeemed of all nations, to praise their God; ver. 1. (2) Rich matter of praise suggested, viz. the unbounded mercy and everlasting faithfulness of God; and hence the fullness, kindDess, and stability of his covenant promises, and the accomplishment thereof; ver. 2.

If the Psalm be short, let me sing it in the full assurance of faith, and with a heart all inflamed with the lov. ing kindness, and all enraptured with admiration of the goodness of God, towards men, towards the Gentiles, and towards my soul.

GIVE ye praise unto the Lord,

all nations that be: Likewise ye people all, accord

his name to magnify. 2 For great to us-ward ever are

his loving kindnesses: His truth endures for evermore. The Lord 0 do ye bless.


This Psalm was probably composed by David, soon after his advancement to, and settlement on his throne; 2 Sam. viii.--and contains (1) His earnest exhortations to persons of all ranks, offices, and states, to praise the Lord, for his everlasting mercy and kindness; ver. 1-4. (2) By a recital of the great and gracious things which God had done for him, he encourageth himself and others to

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